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Road Naming

[Feb 4]

I'm sending this to all interested persons including key stakeholders and property owners who have expressed interest in attending the Board of Supervisors meeting where the issue of Road Naming will be heard.

We are on the agenda for the Feb. 4th meeting at 3 PM.

I'm suggesting that we meet in the hallway outside of the Board Room at 2:15 to organize ourselves and how we want to present the issue.

Please respond to this message to confirm you or your agency will be attending and can make the 2:15 pre-event hallway meeting.

This is principally an attempt to get the Board to give this issue the priority it deserves. Everyone seems to agree that the proposal to streamline the process of either naming unnamed roads or renaming roads with duplicate or confusing names is a good idea but Building and Planning has successfully deferred the issue by saying they are already understaffed and under budgeted so it becomes an issue of priorities. Our mission is to impress the Board with the importance of the issue and the need to give it a high enough priority that some movement towards mitigation can occur. 

Please try to make time in your busy schedule to attend this meeting.

(Retired AV Fire Chief Colin Wilson)

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  1. Marco McClean February 1, 2020

    I would like very much to be put in charge of renaming roads. Imagine how wonderful for people to wake up one day and find they live on Wiggly Piggy Lane, or Vale of Wails and Moans, or at the corner of Cthulhu and Poe Streets. With modern computerization and GPS the post office and sheriff’s deputies and fire protection people would have no trouble keeping up. New signage could employ local artists in a dozen art media. For Flamingo Road, or Duck Decoy Road, the signs could be wordless brightly colored plastic flamingos or real antique duck decoys! Signs could spin, or flash like the sequins on an Alhambra truck or flap like flags in the wind. And it wouldn’t cost any more than it costs now just replacing drab ordinary signs anyway when drunken lunatics shoot them with their shotguns. Except: Good Guy With A Gun Road, or Thoughts And Prayers Road, or Dang It Mike You Shot Me Road– you’d just leave those signs shot full of holes and it’d be perfect. Joad Road. Awreet Street. Rich Wino Hill. Homeless Culvert Shelter Road. One Percent No Through Road. Not A Step Parkway. The Magic Rainbow Road sign could could be a solar-battery-powered spray of lasers through mist from a little terrarium-type mist generator and blow confetti when cars pass. Alley of Hoors. Big Box Backside Beltway. Come Back Lillian. Left At The Barn. Bumpy. There, two minutes, for free, that easy.

    Seriously. Why not?

    Marco McClean

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