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Letters (February 12, 2020)

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Two weeks ago this paper vilified the former Buckhorn owners, Jean and Tom. It was not an opinion piece, they were false allegations. The following week it published a fake retraction, as if it came from Tom, but said nothing like what Tom said, and was twisted back on him to boot. 

This is our statement. 

We closed the Buckhorn because it was losing money. Though summer might have been profitable, we still chose to close in May, when we knew our good employees could get jobs, rather than after the summer, when it would be so much more difficult. We paid every last bill to every last vendor. We paid the various taxes and withholding taxes when due, mostly monthly. We sent out the W-2s in January before the due date. The liquor license is still for sale. An out-of-Valley buyer was turned away. The license is unencumbered, a fact which is easily discovered by a search which shows it as “Surrendered,” which is the proper status since it is not operational, or by a quick phone call. None of what was published herein was true. 

We know who passed these lies around and we know who put them in her little “magic” head. But truly, it was all just a bunch of Bn’S. True to form, the AVA has fanned the flames of discontent. 

Jean Condon


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“It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.” — Peter Arnett quoting a US Army source, Vietnam, 1968

We were worried that an unintended consequence of the projects would be a net loss of housing in Boonville. Well, scratch that. It’s clear that loss of housing is an intended consequence of the plan. 

The neighborhoods that were to be saved by the clean drinking water and sanitary sewer plan will be destroyed by it. Consider the Haehl St. neighborhood. Most of the lots in the neighborhood have an original single family house and one or more additional housing structures such as double-wide trailers and other temporary structures that many families call home. Under the plan, only the original legal structure will be eligible for hookups. Worse, the plan will bring scrutiny from the County that will lead to the removal of the additional structures and will limit occupancy of the original legal structure to a single family. 

Proponents of the plan readily acknowledge the truth of this. They shield themselves from responsibility by saying that they will not be the ones carrying out the evictions, that the evictions will be a consequence of enforcement of existing codes. 

Proponents of the plan also tell us that once the illegal structures are cleared, the hookups will allow construction of new granny units on eligible parcels, never mind that most of the parcels in the Haehl St. neighborhood are too small to be eligible. Even for the one or two that might be large enough, construction of a new granny unit will cost in excess of $300,000, putting that option well outside of the modest budgets of most parcel owners. 

Some might celebrate this forced gentrification, but it will come at the cost of untold suffering brought upon the families whose homes will be lost. And their loss will be our loss as a community. These are families that work and contribute. Their children attend our schools. They are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. If this comes to pass, what will those who remain of our shattered community do for them? Hold a bake sale? Take up a collection? Or will we turn our backs and tell ourselves that it was for the greater good? 

Bob Abeles


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Dear Editor,

Lake County’s “Continuum of Care” organization released a quick report on the results of the homeless 2020 “Point in Time” count, at its February 6 meeting. 

Last year’s count has not produced any such report, so there is no way of knowing what changes may have occurred (other than in the selection of coordinators to conduct the 2020 exercise). 

Please note that in my comments on your editorial titled “Credibility Problems” I mentioned the age of the eldest unhoused resident — 94 years old — that inflames my soul, adding a “last straw” sense of ire to the stack of cold kindling that rests at the bottom of social/civic “slash” pile for which able bodied people solicit “participation” from the victims of this civic failure. 

Betsy Cawn

Upper Lake

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Mendocino County has a problem keeping their roads in shape, or worse than decent shape because they're terrible, but they cut some brush on Flynn Creek Road and it looks better. 

Mendocino County used to have six or eight trappers. They kept animal predators under control. We don't have any now. None. We had Gary Johnson, he was good. But Mendocino County got rid of him. About two years ago I had a mountain lion problem killing my calves. I lost three calves before I found out what the problem was. I found the tracks. I called Gary and he said I had to have a carcass but I didn't have a carcass because the cat was packing them off. The calves were two or three days old. Gary said he couldn't come out unless I had proof of a kill and he would have to charge me for it. I said never mind I'll take care of it myself. And I did. I solved the problem. I did not go and get on my knees and beg the cat not to kill my calves. I didn't say I would give the cat catnip to keep them off my calves to satisfy the god damn environmentalists. I shot the son of a bitch. Problem solved. 

I wanted to take it down to Yountville and hang it by the tail in front of the Fish and Game office, but my wife would not let me. So Mendocino County people, get your heads out of your ass and bring the trappers back. 

Thanks to the Sheriff's department. They do a great job grabbing the bad people who come to this county even though we have an idiot for a governor who made this a sanctuary state. My wife reads the police logs every day and we see what's going on. I don't know what happens after they get arrested. They probably get let right back out of jail. But the sheriffs are trying to do their job and doing it very well. Thank you. 

Congratulations to Matt Kendall for becoming Sheriff. I will miss old Tom Allman. I liked him. I know Matt will do a great job. A good man. Good luck, Matt. I wish you my best. 

God bless Donald Trump, kick some ass. 

Jerry Philbrick


PS. I hope President Trump enjoys tearing up the Democrats running around crying like a bunch of baby goats. They deserve everything they get. Thank you. Good job.

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The nonpartisan federal watchdog agency, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said that Trump broke the law that limits power to withhold money allocated by Congress, exactly what he was impeached for. So it's not that the Democrats are lying or obstructing it's honestly been the Republicans and Trump. 

The Impoundment Control Act is the actual law that Trump broke. Fact! 

Also the nonpartisan group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, found "unprecedented corruption" in the Trump Administration in a recent report. They found 2,310 conflicts of interest. So if Trump was honestly trying to "drain the swamp," he should start with himself first! That's at

The Republicans who voted against having witnesses at Trump's "trial" all violated their oaths to God, "impartial justice", the Constitution and all of us US citizens. No witnesses allowed is a fraud trial. 80% of Americans wanted witnesses in a recent poll! 

Trump looks and talks like the devil himself at the prayer breakfast when he says he disagrees with what the minister had just said who was quoting Jesus's own words! Who else but Satan would disagree with Jesus’s central teachings on forgiveness? Trump, who has a beam of wood in his own eye, but yet points out the speck of wood in Pelosi's and Romney's. 

Trump is a lying criminal psychopath. True! 

Best Regards,

Rob Mahon 


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The degree to which we are battering the Earth we are also battering the human psyche.

The root cause for both disasters can be found in free market, self-interest capitalism.

Bernie Sanders! For President! Please!

David Severn


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Dear Last Newspaper:

I have missed the too few impeachment charges debacle, the so-called peace deal that pushed the Palestinians out, the Shadow ap that Hillary helped with and who funded and is trying to slow down Bernie after the Des Moines Register wouldn't tell us what's next. This morning the news was that China probably didn't reveal the coronavirus when first known and that every statistic is over double the amount of sick, or dead; and the possibility that one can catch it more than once because our immune systems have trouble overcoming this one. And what about the accurate and ready nuclear-outfitted submarine positioned presumably to get Iran or…?

Why doesn't the Tom Hartmann show ever highlight the plight of the Palestinians and whistleblower journalists like Julian Assange, etc. It's hard to hear that old gas plants are going to be replaced in Southern California. I wish we could get a full swing effort with green power and jobs and a bullet train revival. 

Things are grim. No wonder I can't throw off the remnants of sickness. What we are dealing with now is worse than just being hungry.


Susan Knopka


PS. Looking for a single healthy, nonaddicted, easy to live with, grounded, financially stable senior with house who can fix things joyfully, take care of a car, help with a garden who likes physical science (but not data), classical music especially early music, camping on the Lost Coast, sledding, skating in some quiet place near Tahoe in a rustic cabin. Bonus if dyslexic. I have met some measure of success, I'm in my late 60s, not bad looking, brunette, shapely, similar to above but not a fixer upper. Also no money and no car.

* * *


To the Editor:

It occurs to me, we are not putting our hard-earned tax dollars in the right place to solve this problem:

A large portion of these homeless people are not thinking straight and really need mental health evaluations. Forget about building housing facilities for them, spend the money on getting them mental health care.

There are a number that clearly have an addiction that prevents them from being productive citizens. Some them may well have mental issues as well.

And then there are the folks that are just down on their luck that are capable of working and being productive. We need to provide them with job opportunities, perhaps similar to the “Works Programs” when we came out of the Great Depression, and make their Social Services check dependent on their demonstrating they are making the attempt.

Providing housing is an important step, but it is not the absolute solution for these urban campers. Remember in 2017 when we passed Measure B Mental Health Treatment Act? That was a good start.

John B Moon



  1. Merideth C. (Pen name for confidentiality) February 12, 2020

    Hello Mr. Moon,
    My name is Ms. Homeless. I drive a $16,000 vehicle, am almost finished with my A.A., and plan to pursue a Juris Doctorate and plan to practice advocacy and family law some day. I am 50 years old. I just moved away from Ukiah. Why? Because even with all those wonderful “productive member of society” things I listed above; I lived in my car for 5 months in the parking lot beside Jack n the Box. I have a mental health issue, I am in recovery from a drug addiction, however, neither of them caused my homelessness. I had made some pretty stupid choices about 6 years ago, and those choices left me homeless and no where to go. I went to every single agency and asked for help, I had a job, I had a car, and every single time I asked, I walked away empty handed. I left Mendocino County, and within about 2 months my life flourished. I stayed gone for 4 years and a family crisis came up and I had to come back. 3 months then; in my car. Walmart parking lot. Finally was able to save enough money to get into a place only to be there for 18 months and served with a notice to vacate. Why? Owner wanted to do renovations on apartment so he get increase the rent. (Lots of fire victims still homeless at this point with lots of money to spend) homeless again. Lived in studios behind a local motel full of cockroaches and mice! Dealt with it because I didn’t want to have to live in my car again. Reported owner to health department and low n behold; he somehow caught wind of it and literally had the police escort me off the property! (Civil tenant-landlord laws applied, yet sheriff’s deputies were right there telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about) To avoid arrest, I took some of my belongings and my dogs and left. Yes, strong arming with arrest is a common practice among the “law enforcement” agencies around Mendocino County. I italicized law enforcement because there really is a much more appropriate phrase for what is really going on! Well, 3 weeks ago, I left the Jack n the Box parking lot once and for all! I am in another county now. 1st week; I found a place to rent and was assisted financially with the move in costs. End of 2nd week; I have obtained a $50,000 a year job that will sustain me financially. So is it really the homeless people and their hang ups that they have? Or is it the lack of empathy, compassion, funding and resources that keep them where they are at. I know that while living jn my car, I just about lost all hope. Many nights I laid fetal position crying my eyes out because now matter how hard I tried, how many hoops I jumped through and asked for help over and over again, I never saw any “real help” that would’ve bounced me back up. (Dint forget, county just got 3 million dollar CoC grant for the homeless) There comes a point in time where you just give up, just stop trying, resolve to not caring about ourselves because really, no one else does either. It may look that way to an outsider, but trust me it is one of the greatest facades I have ever seen!! Please look closer before you judge. When did being homeless make people unworthy of compassion? When did homeless people stop being human beings? Why is being homeless vilified when statistics show that 6 out of 10 people fall into homelessness not from mental health or addiction, but the poor economy, unrealistic rent costs vs. wage earnings and out of those 6 people, 3 of them stay homeless and wind up with mental health issues or addiction issues because of the way we are treated and looked upon by society. I say “WE” because I was one of them, strike that, I WILL always be one of them! Truth be told Mr. Moon, it only takes one major life altering situation where you could find yourself there too. Money only lasts so long, any kind of assistance is going to be a pick and choose qualification, and even then, if all those things were present when your money ran out, there isn’t enough of it to actually meet the high rent costs within the county. Its an all around loosing situation period! Perhaps looking on the other side of the coin as to where the money really is going instead of what your suggesting here, it may bring a different perspective to the “sheen” that the County Government has placed over your eyes.
    Homelessnhelpless in Mendocino County (past tense)
    (Unrealistic expectations of people only end up leaving the human connection broken and damaged. Without kindness, empathy and compassion, our society will continue to break down until the true definition of it not longer exists. The true definition of society both historically and culturally goes beyond logistics. Rather it derives from a group of people who have learned to interact and sustain one another through their own offerings. How is it that we even have a homeless population if we are actually living within the true definition of a society?) Just food for thought.

  2. Professor Cosmos February 14, 2020

    Re: first things first:

    What is the foundation for Abraham Maslow’s pyramid graphic of our needs?

    Shelter for the human body first, you clueless freaks with tendencies that are suspiciously authoritarian and a gaze that is cross eyed from looking down one’s nose.

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