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2011 Paul Bunyan Parade Highlights

The parade begins. The little man is excited. We all are.
The protectors.
Old time fire truck with garland to remember Jere Melo.
Beware of the Kort.
The littlest engine that could.
The most adorable girl in the parade and an equally cute lamb.
Fort Bragg High School marching band. Let's hear it for that horn player!
Otsuchi support.
The goat with the most.
The little man's favorite float.
The Skunk.
Pretty. Shiny. Mmmm.
Fancy dancing horses.
Praise Jah for the Shriners!
Political incorrectness.
A very nice Shriner clown that made the little man laugh.
Paul's bike.
I want one of these.
Best marching band ever.

It was a good show this year, albeit excessively slow. The day was banked in with fog which made for nice photos but it was chilly! The sun did finally peak out after the parade as we walked home from our little perch on the curb of Main Street, Fort Bragg. It dawned on me while sitting there that it is my 27th year watching that dang parade. Oh, I suppose I probably missed a couple of them in my anti-establishment phase, but in general I have been here for it. My pops and I used to watch the parade when the Company Store was called "Daly's". I remember we wore our matching fleece jackets. Mine was pink, his was grey. We bought them of course, at Daly's.

Ah, memories. Lots of drama around here these days but it's a good town none the less. It's a lot like Cheers. Everyone knows your name and if they aren't glad you came, their mom or sister or brother's cousin is. It evens out.

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