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Property Tax Due

No Changes To Property Tax Payments Due To Covid-19:

As Mendocino County Tax Collector, I understand and share in the public's anxiety and concern about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So the pubic is aware, County Tax Collectors cannot change the April 10 deadline for the second Installment of secured property taxes because the delinquency date of Friday, April 10, 2020 is established by State law. Furthermore, critical County services, such as emergency response, public health, schools and other local financial obligations are dependent on these scheduled revenues. 

However, the County does have authority to waive penalties, costs, or other charges resulting from tax delinquency due to reasonable cause and circumstances related to this crisis. To obtain the Request for Penalty Cancellation form please visit Please read the instructions for this process carefully. 

Due to this crisis, the County Administration Building is closed to the public. All taxes, assessments, penalties, fines or fees must be remitted as follows: 

  • Mailed through the US Postal Service; 
  • Electronically online or by phone (see below for more information); or 
  • Drop box in front of the County Administration Building. 

Cash must be converted to money orders or cashiers checks. 

Full staffing will be available by telephone to deal with urgent matters. 

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this crisis! 

Electronic Payment Information 

To pay your Current Year Secured 19-20 tax bills please visit and have your parcel number ready. This portal allows for direct payments to the property system and will look up the amount due on your single parcel for the current secured tax year only. If you have multiple parcels/bills to pay, you can enter it as one transaction and incur one fee by going to the miscellaneous tax payment page below. 

To pay any other tax bill such as Unsecured, Supplemental, Multiple Current Year Secured Tax, Transient Occupancy Tax, or Business Licenses, please visit You must have your bill number available and the amount due. 

To pay Cannabis business tax please call our office at 707-234-6848 to obtain the correct payment amount and information regarding electronic payments. 

(Press release from Mendocino County Tax Collector)

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