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Local Food Sources

  • AV Market is still open daily from 10-6.
  • Boont Berry is open for take out food from their deli, curbside delivery and regular shopping. They can also do special orders, and there has been a pop-up "Love Table" there in recent weeks offering free homemade bread and other items. (707) 895-3576
  • Lemons Market is still open daily for groceries, meat, fish and deli.
  • Yorkville Market still open for take-out and groceries. (707) 894-9456


  • 4 Bar K Ranch is still taking orders for local beef. contact Dave Kooyers at (707) 895-2325
  • Boonville Barn Collective still selling olive oil, chile powders and salts.
  • Natural Products of Boonville still has mushrooms and more each week, plus veggie starts! (707) 684-0182 or
  • Petit Teton remains open, selling a wide selection of produce, meat, eggs, plants, and canned food. They can prepare a grocery bag in advance. (707) 684-4146 or

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