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Memo Of The Week: Mendolib, Par Excellence


It was definitely stupid for me to mutter at the council meeting that the seven protest letters that we received were “not very compelling.” I absolutely own that. It was a comment that could only be correctly interpreted by someone who had seen the letters. So it is not surprising that I'm getting criticized. However, I wish SOMEONE would have wondered, and then asked, “Why would Mari, who we generally know to be a fair, kind, and sensitive person, say something so callus [sic] and dismissive?” If someone had, I would have told them that the seven letters were actually written by only two individuals. One person wrote six letters; one for each of the properties he owns. The second person was at the council meeting. She has never been interested in rational dialogue, no matter what the city council does. Therefore, her letter did not hold a lot of weight with me. There were no other letters from the public.

Mari Rodin

Ukiah City Councilmember

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