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Off the Record (September 2, 2020)

CHRIS SKYHAWK NOTES: "I find it interesting that Marbut ended up working for the Trump administration. I doubt it has any significance but just interesting."

MARBUT was the outside consultant hired by Mendocino County to suggest strategies for an effective plan to deal with the homeless.  As presented to our unhearing Supervisors prior to his Trumpian elevation, Marbut’s advice was/is: "Take care of the local homeless population first, give the transients a sandwich or two then boot them down the road. Which seems from here not unreasonable looked at objectively as transient deadbeats overwhelm Mendo's capacity to provide "services" for them. I think it was Marbut's bluntness in describing professional moochers as professional moochers that "shocked" local helping professionals whose jobs, after all, derive from "serving" this population as it grows ever larger, not only bumming out Fort Bragg and Ukiah but also overcrowding the County Jail because a large sector of the homeless population includes drug addicts, drunks and free range crazy people not quite crazy enough to warrant permanent sequestration but do get arrested a lot. As our fair land continues to implode, and more and more people say to themselves, "Wot the hell? No hope in sight so it's dope and/or the bottle for me.” As the severely estranged grow in number, with no viable or adequately funded strategies to cope with them from our limousine-ed political class of both parties, Marbut's give 'em a couple of chokers (peanut and butter sandwiches) and kick 'em in the arse outtahere seems quaintly optimistic. 

I WAS SO startled at reading a New Yorker filler that poetically moved me — first one in a coupla years — I'm posting it for whatever comrade poetasters there may be out there:

WHISK by Anna Scotti 

I told my grandmother I am afraid and she made that little wave, each plump finger brushing away my worries just the way she'd brush crumbs from around the toaster tray, the way she'd sweep the dog's dry tracks from the trailer floor. Oh, now, it's not so bad here, she said, but I am afraid that when I'm gone no one will remember her, her dimpled knuckles, the way her mouth turned down at the corners in a sweet prim frown. No  one will put flowers on her grave; even I don't do that now, but what I mean is, no one will intend to. I told my mother I am afraid she'll die alone and she laughed out loud: Let's hope that's the worst thing coming. I looked down at my own hands, knotted in the dog's fur, and saw that they are like my father's, blue-veined and broad, and I stroked my hair, my cheek, with the hand that is most like his, until the dog struggled to get down, until the kettle whistled; then I sat alone at the kitchen table and stirred a cup of tea. 

SOCIALISM. The Republicans are brandishing the term like everyday Americans should be afraid of gramp’s and gram’s social security and ought to be absolutely terrified of single-payer health insurance. As if the Democrats intend to bring US a few federal amenities to take some of the sting out of life, particularly life now, as crises multiply and intensify for most people. I wonder if “socialism” scares anyone other than millionaires and billionaires, and even the savvier plutocrats among them understand that if they don’t get up off a few bucks for life’s necessities for the rest of us, their heads could wind up on pikes, their perfect teeth grinning from their severed heads. 

THE TRUMPS of the Roosevelt era also brandished socialism as a boogeyman that Americans should fear, that if Roosevelt, a plutocrat himself, guaranteed a few of the basics for his fellow Americans and taxed the rich 90 percent to pay for them, we’d be finished as a country. We got jobs and social security and hope, and the only people who complained were the very rich compelled to pay their fair share to support the country that made them rich.

IT ANNOYS me no end to hear the Trumpian yobbos scream “socialism” without the slightest notion of what they’re screaming about. And it’s simply sad to watch working people support Trump, a man who would do a George Floyd on them without a second thought if it were in his interests to do it. 

SO, CLASS, if you’re going to talk socialism, and you have even a grain of integrity, you’d study up at least enough to have some idea what you’re talking about. A simple guide to the isms is Edmund Wilson’s “To the Finland Station.” There’s also even simpler texts around like “The Idiot’s Guides” to the various isms. The idiot’s guides are funny, but even funnier is George Bernard Shaw's “The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism” which, as you can see from its title, assumes that women, being smarter than men, are also generally more educable. 

BUT THIS IS WHAT we’re getting and what we’re going to get from the Trump Republicans — fear of socialism, a term most Americans would be hard pressed to distinguish from a peanut butter sandwich, and the fear of “socialist” civil disorder at a time when millions of people have the much more immediate fear of being out on the street, jobless, no income.

ONCE UPON a time in America there really were socialists organized as a Socialist Party of millions of registered voters. Their standard bearer was the great Eugene Debs, a railroad worker from Terre Haute. Debs once threatened to free the popular labor leader Big Bill Haywood, imprisoned on a false murder charge in Idaho, by bringing armed sympathizers to Idaho to free Haywood by force, and right there’s your contrast with the “socialist” Bernie Sanders.

A REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN named Matt Gaetz of Florida said of the Democrats: “They’ll disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home and invite MS-13 to live next door.”

GOT THAT AMERICA? All that stands between you and MS-13 next door is… Joe Biden. (If that’s true, learn Spanish as fast as you can.)

JEFFREY AARON, Mendo Public Defender, has been in court twice, and is apparently going to court for a third time, with complaints about the DA's press releases on case outcomes. Aaron says the press releases mis-characterize courtroom events, almost all of them inevitably “won” by the prosecution because, and I hope the County's defendant community will forgive me, the defendant community is, before God and the rest of us, almost always straight-up guilty.

OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM, as anybody knows who's been on the receiving end of it, isn't fair, reflecting, as it does, only the bottom tier of our class system from which the defendant community is drawn. Offhand, in my fifty years in the County, I can't remember a single person of means being found guilty of anything. Or even charged. But that's the case everywhere. The point? Tell your public defender to get your case into the media, and since the only media likely to be interested is the Boonville weekly, tell your public defender to talk to us about your matter. What do you have to lose? And with your lawyer talking to the media, you might even be helped by the attention drawn to your case. Hell, look at OJ. His lawyers were climbing over each other to get in front of the tv cameras.

THE PREVIOUS Mendo Public Defender, the late Ms. Mumbles-Twitch, refused to speak to us and, I understand, also swore her tongue-tied staffers to omerta on pain of, I dunno, no happy hour at Appleby's?

MR. AARON, Mendo's present Public Defender, has lost twice in court with his complaint about the DA's write-ups, and is probably headed for a third loss on basically the same complaint that has previously begged our question: Why doesn't the Public Defender write up his own versions? What's stopping him? We're all ears.

I'VE GOT a call in to Jan Cole-Wilson whose lawyerly abilities I've always admired. (Seriously. I'm not just buttering her up to get a call-back, which I don’t expect.) She's second in command to Mr. Aaron. I called her this afternoon (Wednesday), having never once in forty years ever getting a call back from the Public Defender's office — on the off chance she would talk to me about The People vs. Joseph Phillip Hart. I have the DA's presser notifying the public that Hart was found guilty of a "knife attack" which occurred under a Willits overpass back in early March. Hart got a jury trial that lasted 7 days, which means Cole-Wilson really went to bat for the guy. I want to know what her defense was. Simple question. I assume Hart pled self-defense, and I doubt the fight was with a vegetarian Gandhian. If she doesn't call back, I'll drive over the hill to have a look at the case file and let you know what I find.

"A JOG DOWN MEMORY LANE" is former Mendo distance runner Jim Gibbons’ fast paced, fascinating personal history of running in 56 stand-alone stories that will hold the interest of current runners, former runners and even non-runners alike. Checking out on under the title. Please download onto Kindle Tablet, Phone or Ereader. It is anticipated that this will be available in print sometime this fall.

FOR THOSE of you worried about voter fraud on top of your worries about global warming, civil insurrection, unemployment, and shelter, rest assured that our Mendocino County all-in-one Clerk, Recorder, Assessor, Katrina Bartolomie, has your back. Your front, too, for that matter. If there's any place in the country where voter fraud is less likely than Mendocino County, name it! Ms. B has even arranged for those of you who don't trust the Post Office — another unfairly maligned American institution — to deliver your ballot: Ms. B has arranged for a ballot drop-off at the Boonville Fairgrounds. If you don't trust the Fairgrounds, well, my condolences. These are especially rough times for paranoids.

SO THIS GUY says, “I'm glad that the new Willits Police Chief is a woman, and a black woman, a twofer for Mendo— first female police chief, first black female police chief. But is she qualified to handle Willits?”

I STAGGERED BACKWARDS a few steps in stunned disbelief. Three decades of experience in San Diego and the new chief can't handle a few rural tweakers and miscellaneous incompetents, throw in the usual drunks and marital brawlers? Please. The only prob Chief Blaylock might have in Willits is getting paid. The town's broke but looking to raise its sales tax to be less broke.

LAST WEEK, we ran a photo of the Brinks Truck on our website that was robbed back in 1984 on Highway 20, complete with conspicuous bullet holes in the truck’s front windshield. For those who came in late, here’s the backstory:

THE BRINKS ROBBERY occurred on Highway 20 just north of Ukiah, and it was the work of neo-nazis led by Robert Mathews, a lapsed Mormon who'd begun his career in rightwing extremism at age 11 when he joined the John Birch Society. (If the Mormons had instead handed the kid the Communist Manifesto, he would have grown up to be, ah, Starhawk?) One of Boonville's resident deputies at the time, Dennis Miller, was backed up in what he thought was a traffic accident on Highway 20, but it was Mathews and ten or so other rightwing commandos who'd stopped a Brinks truck in the middle of the road by pulling a pick-up in front of it, out of which a man with an automatic rifle then leaped onto the hood of the Brinks truck, spraying gunfire at the unreinforced windshield. The two Brinks workers, both young black men, having survived the gunfire uninjured, surrendered the cash amounting to $3.6 million. The money first was driven to Lake Mendocino where it was loaded into another vehicle; the robbers then drove it west to the dependably vacant Armstrong State Park where they spent the night. The money was split among them and, with the exception of uber-fanatic Mathews, the gang went on careless spending sprees that alerted law enforcement that a bunch of guys who had no money suddenly had lots and lots. Mathews himself shot it out with the FBI on Whidby Island, Washington, dying in the burning house he was barricaded in of smoke inhalation and gunshots. 

THE GOVERNOR has announced a cockamamie four-tier, color coded covid process whereby businesses in certain colors could do certain kinds of business with certain kinds of restrictions on how they do it. We can only hope that Mendo's new Health Officer, Dr. Coren, a long-time resident of and medical practitioner in Mendocino County, will lighten up on the many suffering small enterprises nearly put out of business (or destroyed) by overbroad application of plague rules.

BOONVILLE PUNDITRY is inadequate to describe Trump's acceptance speech last night, but it bore no relation to what we recognize as reality. Millions of our fellow Americans sensibly didn't bother to tune in, and I was still stunned by the screechingly 5150 address by Kimberly Guilfoyle, Newsom's former love interest, which came off as a combination of Mommy Dearest and a high decibel bag lady. Trump's cretinous sons also should be suppressed, but the whole array of loons who spoke were consistent with an objectively insane overall Trumpian presentation, but logical as a lead up to blustering El Blimpo himself.

WHO SAID, among other delusional things, "Despite all of our greatness as a nation, everything we have achieved is now endangered. This is the most important election in the history of our country. At no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies, or two agendas. This election will decide whether we save the American Dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny." Talk about Big Lies. "Socialist agenda?" No agenda is more like it unless you think a lot of windy uplift rhetoric about being nicer represents a Democrat "agenda."

IN A WAY, Trump is correct. Four more years of him and the expanding chaos he's kicked off might just finish US off as a coherent nation-state, assuming the destruction already underway can be rolled back by whomever. Neither group of hot air artists — apology to artists; the rhetoric was consistently moronic from both sides — even mentioned climate change, nevermind mass unemployment and the rest of the rolling catastrophes accumulating by the day. Unfortunately, the organized limo-lib opposition to Trump-ism that has been foisted-off-on-us by undemocratic Democrats is making it easy for the fascist impulse Trump represents. 

I'M SURE I wasn't the only one watching the Trump show Thursday night who could hear the mob howling outside the event, and whenever the camera scanned the plump, simple pusses of the Trumpian live audience, few of them masked, I wondered how much security there was outside the White House grounds to protect these sitting ducks. Sure enough, Rand Paul claimed he got roughed up outside, a claim belied by video tape of the episode that showed Paul well protected from the mob by a phalanx of cops, but still the kind of ugly mob action that will help get Trump re-elected.

WOLF BLITZER has given me more laffs over the years than the rest of CNN-MSNBC gangs put together. When an alarmed Wolfie scoots around "The Situation Room" in his big chair, grabbing a pointer to highlight some disaster area on his world map… I shout, "Go, Wolfie! Go!" The other night, following Melania's bizarre appearance and Lady Dracula presentation, with her togged out in a kind of World War One khaki doughboy outfit, Wolfie said he'd been "very moved" by her "positive" speech. 

I HAD HEARD of nitrous oxide — I knew an adventurous dentist back in the happy haze day who occasionally had "nitrous parties" — but it was recent news to me that young people snort it out of those little canisters used in whipped cream dispensers. A facebook photo showed a Covelo neighborhood clean-up crew posed with a whole pile of the one-inch metal things. Years ago, presiding loosely over a collection of juvenile delinquents, I was awakened one night by a jostling line of them at the gasoline tank of my car. It took me a while to grasp that they were sniffing the fumes from the tank, and trying to dip pieces of cloth in it to ensure the destruction of even more brain cells. 

THE MASS HOUSE ARREST we suffer, or enjoy, these days is an opportunity for us book readers to get to the long stuff, and here's a couple of recommends for fellow captives: "Thomas Paine and the Clarion Call for American Independence" by Harlow Giles Unger. Without Paine's brilliant agitation there might not have been an American Revolution. George Washington himself said Paine's Rights of Man pamphlet was crucial to the rebellion. An admirable fellow in every way, Paine's Common Sense was a little too sensible for the times, and probably still is among the more primitive sectors of the God-fearing, but the old boy never gave an inch although it nearly cost him his life when the Jacobins simultaneously celebrated him and darn near killed him when Robespierre decided that Paine was a monarchist spy.

SIMILAR to Paine in steadfastness, George Orwell is still controversial on the left. Why? The arguments are interestingly compiled, along with new biographical information, new to me anyway, in "Orwell: A Man of Our Time" by Richard Bradford. My late friend Alexander Cockburn would jump my bones whenever an Orwell quote appeared in the ava, and if I really wanted to get Cockburn fired up, I'd cite ‘Homage To Catalonia’ as the only honest book I'd read on the Spanish Civil War. Always a generous soul, and never a man to hold a grudge, he'd concede that Orwell's literary essays were indisputably great but if he'd lived, Orwell would have wound up a Tory. This book is a good summary of the arguments, plus interesting contemporary parallels with ‘1984,’ ‘Animal Farm’ and his essays, along with biographical sketches Orwell fans will find interesting. 

I'VE JUST FINISHED, "Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945" by Max Hastings and highly recommend it as the most interesting history of the period I've read. Replete with anecdotes from the people suffering the war's multiplicity of effects, Hastings' history is that rare history you can't put down.

HASTINGS' "Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy, 1945-1975" I've recommended before as the best account of that horrendous interlude you'll read.

ONE OF THE DOZENS of photos from my new book Mendocino Inspirations

Each photograph is partnered with relatively brief text relating to some aspect of the picture. From history to whimsy, locals and those from far away are sure to enjoy this new collection of photographs of familiar sights and some scenes never before captured. This limited edition book is only being sold through my favorite independent bookstore, Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino. Visit them at 319 Kasten Street. Phone orders are accepted at 707-937-2665 or order at Just put Mendocino Inspirations in the search box and the rest is as easy, if not easier, than the corporate giant online system. You'll feel better about yourself for supporting a truly independent, locally run book store. All profits go to the Little Scottish Orphan Fund.

— Malcolm Macdonald

THE SMART TRAIN debacle is three years old. (Rail “service” began in 2017; the District was formed way back in 2002.) $653 million for a train that goes from lightly populated to nowhere, avoiding areas whose commuters might actually welcome a train that got them out of their cars. While other countries build rail networks for high speed trains, we build this thing that isn't even popular with weekend tourists. It’s broke of course because the windy predictions that it would be heavily patronized haven’t materialized. And with the plague having put huge dents in sales tax revenues, that forlorn train station erected at Cloverdale thirty years ago will remain your basic symbol of giddy optimism. Now a high speed train running up and down the middle of 101 between SF and Cloverdale…..

WHAT I like about DA Eyster is his willingness, nay eagerness, to engage. Criticize him and standby for the counter-blast sure to come. Criticize the Public Defender and you can hear the whimpers clear over in Boonville. “Why do they hate us?”goes the typical whine. Most people occupying our public positions are incapable of adult give and take, and wholly unable to defend the actions they take theoretically on our behalf. Be that as it is, the other day we made the obvious point that wealthy people seldom get prosecuted in the county. Or anywhere else. The DA quickly pointed to his prosecution of a well-to-do Ukiah kulak named Nix, and to his prosecution of the late Dr. Keegan for murdering his wife, Susan. And there was another prosecution of an outback tycoon whose name I can't remember. (Nix never did any jail time, natch.) Three out of hundreds, which only proves the original statement of the obvious. But I'll also say this for Eyster: He won't duck a fight as his predecessors invariably did, and he works hard, prosecuting a lot of cases himself where most DA’s are content with merely administering their offices. Note to the Defendant Community: If Eyster himself prosecutes you it means he takes you personally, and you're probably going to soon be on the southbound bus to San Quentin. Note: He prosecuted me once for his then-boss Susan Massini who wanted me on that southbound bus. But all he could get out of that righteous jury of my peers was a bunch of misdemeanors and a month at Low Gap.

NOW THAT the shooting has started in Portland and Kenosha, I predict a lot more lone wolf gun violence before it escalates to running gun battles in the streets between organized groups. It’s clear from internet chat that a lot of people have group combat as their intention. The drift of events is ominous indeed, and with the orange bellerer cheering them on, the magas will strike first, the downed maga in Portland their first martyr, that 17-year-old shooter in Kenosha, their hero.

IRV SUTLEY LOOKS BACK: I was able to find the film I had often heard about but never seen before by going to youtube and entering the subject: The Oberg Color Film Footage Of Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

Hal and Eda Oberg were living about a mile and a half from Pearl Harbor's Battleship Row in Army Air Corps housing. Much of this is explained in the video moderated by a military historian who kept calling her "ada" (a-dah) instead of ("e-duh) which is the correct pronunciation. On Dec. 7 my father had already been in the Air Corps for several years and was stationed with the 95th Medium Bombardment group up in Oregon which supplied most of the crews and planes for the Doolittle Raid. Not sure when my parents and the Oberg's meet but Hal and Eda were to become my "godparents" when I was “churched” without my consent when I was one year old in 1945. I assume that this is when Hal and my dad were probably stationed together at Hamilton Field. I would see the Obergs from time to time over the years. Hal who by the late 1950s had become a Chief Warrant Officer in the USAF and had served at the US embassy after Batista had a discussion with me about Fidel Castro. Oberg told me that Fidel Castro was the best thing that ever happened to the Cuban people and cited the elimination of prostitution, the closing of the mob run gambling industries, and the goal of universal education. By the fall of 1962 while still enjoying a 12 week holiday in the San Diego resort known as MCRD and fresh off my administrative victory against mandatory religious observances, the Cuban Missile Crisis came down. We the attendees were asked who spoke Spanish, and that the Spanish speakers would be distributed among the various squads because we might be going to Cuba. The resort counselors said we were going to have a free and open discussion about the Cuban situation. I repeated my take on Oberg's arguments and positions giving his credentials and the free and open discussion suddenly came to an end.


[1] One thing I find incredibly funny in all of this is that no matter what one thinks of Trump, the Uniparty cannot come up with a single candidate that appears more convincing. And, to rub salt in the wound, this analysis takes into account the fact that the Trump Biden is running against is the absurd McMedia-created character that lives rent free in the heads of wokesters and those of the lowest of IQ. They can’t even find someone to take on THAT. There are not enough LOLs in the word for this level of failure.

[2] Got arrested in my second floor apartment as a 19 year old GI on a drunk and disorderly charge in Wahiawa HI in 1977. We were jammin’ to Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo on a shitty period boom box fueled by copious amounts of alcohol and youthful exuberance when the Korean neighbors had finally had enough and called the cops. As the cops pulled just below the windows we were all singing and shouting out of, Terrible Ted launched into “Stranglehold,” easily the most bitchin’ song on the entire album, a key musical phrase of which was the lyric “come on, come on up.” Such an unfortunate turn of phrase for our particular circumstance! One thing led to another and of course HPD followed our musical injunction by comin’ on up and delivering one of their own. “Shut this shit down, youngster” they demanded on their first request. I said OK and politely shut the door and rejoined the festivities. The second request a few seconds later was not nearly so pleasant. The cuffs behind the back and bouncing around the paddy wagon defenseless to prevent forward falls on the way to the drunk tank was surely unpleasant enough, but the technique that stuck with me most was the simple application of the nightstick under the jaw every time I opened my mouth to say a word. Not even hard, mind you, but MOST effective all the same! Surprisingly, the 1st Sgt was mostly bemused by the whole incident when he came to bail me out several hours later. No ass chewings or nothing! Needless to say, when the cops showed up at court for me to plead out and pay my fine a few days later I was nothing but respectful. Learnt my lesson with that little adventure, I did.

[3] Anybody else seen video of events in DC last night, BLM mob of about 50, surrounding diners in a restaurant, shouting in their faces “White Silence is Violence”, and “Black Lives Matter”, insisting these poor people raise their fist in solidarity? I mean they were screaming at one woman who wouldn’t comply for 5 solid minutes … It’s hard to watch, she was surrounded, reminded me of boot camp when DIs focus their wrath on one beleaguered recruit, you had to feel sorry for her just sitting there looking down, she was merely eating dinner, then this. They surrounded the table of one little boy of about 8, looking confused and frightened, he raised his little fist; he won’t be forgetting this incident anytime soon.

And in Kenosha, an elderly man rushes to his burning package store with a fire extinguisher, Community Members streaming out with arms full of bottles, looted goods; a young Community Member suddenly coldcocks the old man, knocking him out. He was down when the video ended. Needless to say, don’t expect to see anything about these incidents on CNN. No matter, tens of thousands of people are aware of them. And it means tens of thousands of more votes for Trump.

[4] I live and work in the Tetons of Wyoming. The town of Jackson Hole and the immediate environs are one of the most liberal enclaves in America – set down in the middle of an endless Ruby Red Sea on all sides. In the town of Jackson Hole – and all around it – are Trump signs and car stickers and branding everywhere – I have yet to see a Biden sign, banner, car sticker or anything of any kind – NOT ONE. The electoral votes of Wyoming are in the bag for Trump – that is a foregone conclusion. But this lack of a sign of life for the Dem campaign in any way in THIS town is breathtaking.

[5] Until my freshman year of college I never knew there was such a thing as alliteration. Then poetry professor, Dr. George pointed out the following: The Lady Of The Lake. XXXI. A various scene the clansmen made: Some sat, some stood, some slowly strayed; But most, with mantles folded round, Were couched to rest upon the ground, Scarce to be known by curious eye From the deep heather where they lie, So well was matched the tartan screen With heath-bell dark and brackens green; Unless where, here and there, a blade Or lances point a glimmer made, Like glow-worm twinkling through the shade. But when, advancing through the gloom, They saw the Chieftains eagle plume, Their shout of welcome, shrill and wide. Shook the steep mountains steady side. Thrice it arose, and lake and fell Three times returned the martial yell; It died upon Bochastles plain, And Silence claimed her evening reign.

[6] Not that it gives any comfort for it shows the collective ability of people to lie to themselves, but who really believes that the current festivities in all those cities is really about Black lives mattering, especially as most of the rioters are White? 

Do you think that Black lives matter to those White kids acting out and busting things up? Do you think that Black lives matter, or EVER mattered, to the legions of legislators that manned those august chambers all through US history including the present day, or to the state governors or city mayors, or state assemblymen who act as if they really give a shit about Black people? They don’t because if anybody in power ever gave a damn, it sure isn’t evident in the conditions that Blacks live in considering that for a good forty years, things have been getting worse for them.  And it’s been getting worse for most Whites, for who really believes this notion that wages have “stagnated” since the 1970s? They haven’t “stagnated”, they’ve plummeted, California construction workers being one example, for in the 1970s construction work provided a living wage. No more though. 

Which is what all this violence is really about, the severe compression of life prospects for ordinary citizens. The only lives that matter are those of the thin upper crust, typically college educated, that comprise either the Donor Class or those in the managerial clerisy that minister to Donor Class needs and interests. But times they are a changin’, people are onto the con, Republican voters twice nominating for the presidency a non-Republican if I ever saw one, and one that doesn’t abide by the usual Republican nostrums, people in Democrat states taking to the streets in nightly rock pitching competitions. I wonder if those in power recognize the peril that’s brewing. There’s a saying in Old Blighty, before you enter the yellow box make sure your exit is clear. Have the anointed made sure the exit is clear? 

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