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This is about the Clinton Smith case farce.

How is it that a 38-year old grown man and school teacher is considered not be in control of the situation with a 15 year old I? How is it that the adult is made out to be the victim in this case? The girl is still a child. He took advantage of her in ways that are worthy of a long prison term. Yet, esteemed Judge Clayton Brennan doesn't see it that way. Judge Brennan is telling the public it is okay to molest a child numerous times, and even to go find a drug (Viagra) to help you molest this child.

Yet, says the judge, We feel sorry for you, Mr. Smith. Let me (Judge Brennan) slap your hand, give you 180 days in the county jail, four years suspended sentence, and you don't have to register as a sex offender. You have been a bad boy. Say you're sorry and we (Judge Brennan and Dr. Kevin Kelly) forgive you.

This is wrong — way wrong. The man is a [bleep]ing child molester in every sense of the word. He has scarred her for life. He is sick in the head, and so is anyone who thinks he is not to be held responsible for this. They then need to have their heads examined.

I am in B-Tank at the Mendocino County Jail. If Clinton Smith was housed in B-Tank he would be punished for his crimes in ways the judge never could imagine. Instead he will be housed in protective custody. So he will be safe from the violent predators in B-Tank. Yet he is a sexual predator. (He can only take advantage of little girls.) We would mop the floor with his child molesting ass.


David Rogers

Mendocino County Jail, B-Mod

PS. God help his ass if that had been my daughter.

PPS. In a non-related manner, poor Dan Fox should have been out of here by now.

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