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Letters (January 6, 2021)

* * *


To the AVA,

You put a lot of space into making me look worse than I really am even though you did not print The Stagnation of Human Evolution or the Domestic Enemies of the Manifest Tenor of the Ratified Constitution.

I probably deserved some of that since I did kill my dishonest stepson. But you are bearing false witness too. I no longer expect you to print the truth, but this is for your information.

The closest I came to anti-gay speech was when I submitted an argument to the Supreme Court as speaker for the United States People's Sphere of Action claiming that America judges had made the gay god Pan the sovereign God in our land when they used force of arms to make the Christian bikers bow down and bake his servants a cake. Getting them to reverse those decisions and telling the judge that it is not within their authority to interfere with religions. Freedom of religion is for all of the gods, even the biblical God and even for the most powerful god on earth called money.

Okay, on my side of this story: In 2010 I had my first heart attack. In March 2011 my wife Barbara Wilcox died from a heart attack. This was Jamie's mother. Later that year I made my Oregon property into a family property putting Shawn Wilcox, Logan Kerr and Brandon Jones on the deed. Shawn was with us and we raised Logan, our daughter's son. I encumbered that property with a clause that the two city lots could not be divided: and all property decisions require a 100% approval from the owners. Jamie was not put on that property because at that time he was a registered sex offender and always in trouble with his parole officer. My daughter was buying her own house.

In 2012 I got my job as a welder for a subcontractor for the Fleetwood company, building travel trailers and moved back to Ukiah to help take care of my mother as she died from Alzheimer's. Soon after that I started a project called R.O.C.K, the Religious Order of Christ the King, and filed a claim on the long forgotten People’s Check in Congress to promote the United States People's Sphere of Action and the biblical God. Both can be found on facebook as a photo album. Thomas Jones, Western Oregon. 

I believe in letting the dead bury their dead in peace with a little rebuke: I preach that freedom of religion is for all of the other gods of men too. I never used the word "fag.” My vocabulary is better than that. If I was homophobic I would not have convinced my sister that the Jamies were family who could be trusted after my mother died.

However I digress. As a king's man, nothing on or made out of this planet actually belongs to me under the rule of kingdoms or corporations; everything is community property. When my mother died she left the California property to my sister Jeanine. My parents had already given the Oregon property left to them by my father's grandmother to me. I was executor of my mother’s estate, though. My sister is disabled, never married or had children, so I talked her into doing something with their property as I did, making it a family property bringing three of my kids on to help her keep the property. However, she chose to go to legal aid to get the deed redone and this person rejected encumbering the property. In place of that she convinced my sister that giving the kids resident tenancy was better at protecting her from greedy people.

The Jamies agreed to this quickly and came down promising that they were both here to work so that I would not have to. They were not very good at doing this however, not having very much money themselves and having two cars already which did not run very well and broke down. Right off the bat they took and sold the wheelchair-converted Dodge Ram van with a 459 engine that we got for mom for $17,000 they sold for $1000 and when I found out we had unhappy words.

They also did not want mom’s old car so that was put in my name because Jamie needed rides to and from his job. Little Jamie refused to work for quite awhile, not even helping with yard work or reroofing the main house they were living in. He was too busy playing computer games with his online friends.

I soon came to refer to it as the hormonally imbalanced id-ridden child who was prone to raging to get his own way. An abused child who became a well-trained abuser. He has no respect for himself or honor for his words.

As anyone looking through my facebook pages can see, I preach freedom of religion for all of the gods created by man. Pan and Daphine, the gay and adulterous gods have been served since even before the apostate’s Bible was created in 320 A.D..

As for the Jews I got upset at facebook for suspending me for 30 days when I made the comment that the God of the Jews who killed 3000 of them for taking one extra Quarl, had set Hitler on them after they became renowned worldwide for Jewing people out of their earthly treasures. A well known fact to many older people Hitler even mentions this in his book.

Logan Kerr was living with me in the A-frame cabin. The Jamies were paying the power, but sometime in May the Jamies said something that made him decide to go back to Oregon. Around this same time I found out Mike had lost the house he was buying in Brooktrails due to a divorce. Since I would be the only one in the A-frame, I thought I should move to the motorhome and let him have the house since he is also a resident tenant. I asked Jamie about it and about using the main house for food and a toilet and got his approval even before I asked Mike if he wanted to move in there.

However, shortly after Logan left, the first of July, and I started moving to the motorhome. I ran afoul of Jamie's hormonal raging by coming into the house while he was masturbating in the front room too many times and he told me he was going to get rid of me. He cut the food supply, hiding the salt and complaining about me even using the coffee and creamer dumping full containers out because I opened them. He took the toilet paper out of the bathroom and when I brought a new roll over he soaked it. Several other petty little things. I ignored all of this even though I lost 20 pounds. They started breaking community property when the electric bill went up blaming me when I only had a lamp, a TV, and PlayStation in the motorhome. We later found out that a pipe sitting on top of the pump fitting on top of the well had cracked and then broke all the way off. But it was still all my fault according to them.

I never woke them up at 5 AM but sometimes their dogs would bark when I went to take a shit. I peed outside so as not to disturb them too much. Jamie started kicking and hitting his dog and trying to sic it on me, but the dog was not aggressive and I was the one who played with it, throwing sticks and balls for it to chase. So all he did was confuse it and make it think he was going to rage at it every time it saw me. 

Then they tried to get a restraining order to keep me off the property but found out they could sell their resident tenancy for $86,000 and screw my sister too. However, I was responsible for them being there. So I sacrificed my life and Jamie’s to stop it.

Thomas Jones

Mendocino County Jail, Ukiah

* * *



Unlike Jonah Raskin, we have a tender place in our hearts for Canada, the Queen and the Commonwealth.

Canada took in thousands of the sweet and sour cream of United States of America’s youth fleeing from the disaster of the Vietnam tragedy. The world will honor the “Brits” for ever -- remembering 1940 when they stood alone against the Hitler monster.

The British Empire has done some terrible deeds. However, let's give them their due for their shining deeds.

Alan ‘Captain Fathom’ Graham


* * *



I have chosen the Director of the Mendocino County chapter of "Friends of the Biden administration." His name is Marques. The timeslot in which Mendocino is to report is the third Friday of each month from 4:45 to 5 PM. Report to Kristina Van den Huevel. God knows Biden is going to need all the support he can get. Residents of Mendocino County who have comments for the Biden administration should be aware of the deadline: 4:45 PM the third Friday.

The first order of the Friends is to get Kamala out on her listening tour. Remember Hillary’s listening tour? Very productive. Kamala wants to hear from Trump voters as well as Democrats. Especially those in Kentucky who voted for McConnell. 

Advocating "socialism" is the worst thing especially in specially those in Kentucky who voted for McConnell. Advocating socialism is the worst thing you can do in this country. We must be careful not to "out" Joe Biden. He is a dedicated socialist who hasn't come out of the closet. He will try to inject socialism into the government wherever he can. Microsoft, Google, Standard Oil, Quaker Oats, Budweiser are candidates for nationalism wherever we can find an opening. Here, Friends will send socialist spies into Mendo Mill, Wal-Mart and the Mosswood Market in order to spread the ideology.

There are still a good many Trump voters in the country. A shift of a very few votes in the states of Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia and Trump would have had enough electoral votes to win. The easiest way to flip the election is by using sex of course. See Marques for details.

Friends will come up with examples of strategy for overturning distasteful results. Every voter between the ages of 21 and 30 will be given a ticket which will entitle them to an all expenses paid three-day trip to Sin City. (Actually paid for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau). Those voters under 21 will receive a free trip to Disneyland.

Requiring immediate attention is the exchange of two stinking states, Oklahoma and Texas, for two more civilized places, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. As a bonus we will throw in Alito and Thomas. They both should be shredded, headfirst.

The president will be encouraged to read A People's History by Howard Zinn, two chapters a week during his time in office. The 126 members of the House who signed off on the Texas sedition plan will not be seated. If their states want representation they will have to hold another election. Joe Biden is quite well qualified to be president. Let's see if he can attract candidates for the 2022 election that people want to vote for who are secret socialists who will satisfy the editor.

Ralph Bostrom


PS. There are anti-vaxxers in Willits. They are counterproductive. They should be isolated and quarantined. Did you read Tom Friedman's column in Thursday's paper? How Democrats can take the rural voters away from the Republicans. Times reporters and columnists should be read daily. Dowd, Collins, Krugman, Gruden, Bruni, Brooks who is supposed to represent the conservative viewpoint, but what he writes makes perfect sense. The most interesting writer in the PD is Jonah Goldberg. Once in awhile TWK does a good column. Where is Rex G.? Flynn? McEwen?

* * *



My driver’s license expired on the day I turned 90. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Department of Motor Vehicles has made changes to expedite the renewal of licenses. While this is a good idea, and I was pleased to learn I didn’t have to spend time and angst taking a test, I was surprised and dismayed to learn that by just filling out a form, having a thumb print taken, passing an eye-chart test and having my picture taken, my license was renewed for five years. I will be 95 when my license next expires.

I think that after age 90, licenses should be renewed for only a couple years, and a driving test should be required. In addition to reflexes declining, so does the ability to keep traffic moving, because driving well under the speed limit can be just as dangerous as speeding.

Right now I would welcome taking a driving test. But when I’m 95? Will I still be safe on the road? Should I have demonstrated that I am still a safe driver at 92 and beyond? I think so.

Martina Lewis

Santa Rosa

* * *



I noticed that you printed my letter about San Anselmo traffic in the AVA a few weeks ago. I had figured Anderson Valley residents wouldn't be interested in the topic but after reflection it occurred to me they might read my letter and say to themselves, "Thank God I don't have to deal with the nightmare of Bay Area traffic even in toney San Anselmo!"

I was in the even more toney town of Mill Valley a few days ago where the traffic is even worse than in San Anselmo, especially where I was at Tam Junction. (I have read that there are no stoplights on Highway 1 from Tam Junction to the village of Mendocino, and as far as I can recall that is accurate.)

Most of Marin was developed in the railroad and streetcar era before in World War II. (Terra Linda and Novato are exceptions.)

These older places were not laid out with the automobile and 21st-century traffic volumes in mind. Most of Sonoma County on the other hand was developed in the automobile era, therefore there is an abundance of cities, towns and neighborhoods planned around automobile use. Also, urbanized Marin has a lot more varied topography, for example hills and mountains, than urbanized Sonoma counties.

It's a lot easier to build subdivisions and wide thoroughfares in a large flat plane like the one that Santa Rosa, Windsor and Rohnert Park lies on.

Enjoy your rual traffic volume!

Keith Bramstedt

San Anselmo

* * *



End the drilling

Regarding "Newsom OKs big jump in drilling permits," I read with dismay your recent article about the new drilling permits being issued by the state. If it’s a “climate damn emergency” as Gov. Gavin Newsom has said, why are new drilling and fracking permits being issued? We have to take real action, not go ahead with business as usual. We should put a stop to fossil fuel extraction completely.

I am supportive of the new rule requiring electric cars, but it is going to take many, many more steps in the right direction to get on the road to ameliorating climate change. Granting more drilling permits sends us in absolutely the wrong direction. Our governor and legislators must have the courage and foresight to do the right thing!

Anne McClain

Forest Knolls

* * *



Pick up the Poop!

Henry, Herman (my dogs) and I walk the trails nearly every day. We go anywhere from the Haul Road off Ward Avenue to the Highway 1 trail off Cypress and nearly all in between. If there is an ocean view, we are there.

One constant we see everywhere, even on the MacKerricher Boardwalk. Dog feces. Fresh, dried, squished, plump, piled or scattered, there is evidence of someone’s dog’s undigested food fiber just lying there.

No matter what you call it: waste, feces, turd, dodo, stool, etc. If it is ejected from your dog’s digestive system and lands on the Earth, it now belongs to YOU. Don’t pretend you don’t see it happening. You do.

Be a responsible pet parent, owner or whatever you call yourself, bend down pick it up and dispose of it properly. No, that doesn’t mean leaving it in the bag right where you scooped it up. It isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to handle your dog’s business. Find the nearest garbage can (not recycle) and throw it away or pack it home.

Please do your fellow trail users and the planet a favor. Pick up your dog’s droppings. Make sure you have plenty of bags, too. Recently I admonished a woman because she picked up her dog’s poop and threw it over the cliff into the ocean. Really. “I only have one bag and he always s—ts twice,” she explained. Oh my.

Thank you for being conscientious about your dog’s cr-p. We appreciate it.

LeeAnn Dickson

Fort Bragg

* * *



Enough of this search for purity in our history. Who in our past was pure of heart? Why not put efforts into putting up statues that celebrate Black history (or any other ignored group of people) to balance what has already been celebrated? If you want to take the angry mob’s argument to its fullest conclusion: Why not destroy all the Christian churches? Look what has been done in the name of Christianity over the last 2,000 years? Why not do this? Because Christianity also brought goodness and hope to millions of people. Nothing is pure and no one is perfect. Stop this witch hunt, start learning history and help to reteach our history so that everyone knows the truth. But tearing it down and destroying it won’t make it go away.

Margaret Flaherty


* * *


To the Editor:

I am writing this op ed on behalf of the 74 million plus American citizens that voted legally, and mostly in person, for Donald Trump for President. I wanted to clarify to those who have the Biden/Harris or Bernie signs in their front yard and promoted the “Stop Racism” We Can Do Better signs, or the “United not Divided” signs.

First, as a prior law enforcement officer and firefighter paramedic, there is not systemic racism in law enforcement. That is a left wing Democratic and news media propaganda campaign used to divide our country and it is doing a great job of it. There is systemic criminal behavior and a total lack of respect for law and order. When mayors and governors allow left wing, criminals to take over blocks of their cities or state, allow wanton burning and looting, and put a collar on the ability of law enforcement to protect people and property it pretty much guarantees the loss of interest or concern in any of their complaints. When domestic terrorists’ groups like BLM and ANTIFA are raised up on media platforms and applauded, you lose credibility. Not only do black lives matter, ALL lives matter. To raise one racial group above others, is racism.

I watched the recent Presidential campaign and voting with absolute disbelief. The left-wing news media covered for Joe Biden, protected him as if he were their favorite Grandfather, while willingly broadcasting lies and misinformation about President Trump, used social media platforms to present blatant misinformation, and on the other end, muted the voice of the right. Joe Biden cannot get through a press conference without some blatant loss of memory or outburst that makes no sense. He is mentally and physically incapable of being President of the United States, he was never tested by the media, in fact he was protected by them. On the other hand, Trump was subjected to vicious cross examinations in town halls and press briefings. He sustained 5 years of false charges, expensive and empty investigations, and a media that ensured nothing he accomplished ever made the air waves.

So here we sit, several weeks out from election day. The left-wing press has hailed Joe Biden as our next President and so the 74 million of us should shut up and move on. We are now “United not Divided”. Everything is now hunky dory?

Unfortunately, 74 million of us, are not buying it. 80 percent of all GOP members believe the election was a total fraud and stolen. Now, 30 percent of Democrats, who apparently watch something other than CNN and MSNBC, also believe there was fraud in the Presidential election.

I just wanted to prepare you. You may wake up one morning and your favorite one-sided news outlet might have “Breaking News” SCOTUS gives Trump all four or five fraud filled state’s electors. Then will see how “united and not divided” we will be.

If that does not happen, at least you can rest assured that we won’t run downtown, shoot some cops, burn buildings, or loot stores for the latest big screen TV’s. We will not take over a few city blocks and call it “social justice”. No, we will go back to work and work through our law makers to make sure you must have ID to vote and mail in ballots are for the sick and elderly and hope that the corrupt left doesn’t totally gut the US Constitution in their climb for absolute power.

Joe Biden said it best himself, “I have the best voter fraud team.” He was right. At least that day he remembered he was running for President and not the Senate.

Dave Oncale


* * *



Starting next August 542 acres of Jackson Demonstration State Forest bordering Mitchel Creek, Mitchel Creek Drive, and Caspar Creek, is slated to be logged. This is just one of seven Timber Harvest Plans scheduled for our coastal forests over the next couple of years — 3000 acres.

The Forest management has been enigmatic about these THPs, only notifying residents within 300 feet of a cut and allowing a small window of time for public comment. That window for public comment closed December 23, but all is not lost.

A team of scientists recently surveyed the August fire. Most of the old-growth trees survived. What burned were the young, smaller trees without dense, protective bark. A large percentage of the (valuable) old trees in each of these harvests are marked for removal, leaving the young trees and the resulting slash to dry out and become fuel for the next fire season. These THPs put us all at risk, especially those of us living in the neighborhoods adjacent to the cuts: those of us with only one way out in the event of a fire.

A walk in any of the zones logged in Caspar and Hare Creek as long ago as 10-30 years reveals choked stands of small trees, volatile scotch broom, and generally unhealthy forests and combustible understory. In addition to the amplified fire danger there is the risk of increased siltation of our rivers and creeks, possible herbicide contamination of the groundwater and our wells.

Perhaps by changing their name from California Department of Forestry to Calfire they would like us to believe that thinning of the forest would reduce the risk of fire. Instead, it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy eventually costing us our homes, perhaps even our lives. 

For maps and photos of recent cuts please visit:

Ginny Rorby

Fort Bragg

* * *



Now that the despicable con-man-in-chief appears to be leaving, I can go back to writing letters in my usual mode as a political centrist. I hope my progressive friends don’t take offense.

I abhor identity politics, including racial. It seems most of the country is being subdivided into (often) more than one “identity,” each of which sees the advancement of another as a disadvantage to themselves.

Kamala Harris is considered by race to be Black and East Indian. Her ancestry includes at least one white person, and, as with the rest of us, perhaps others. Alex Padilla is Latino (whatever that means). He appears to be eminently qualified to be a senator and will represent a state with a large Latino population. Many Blacks are outraged at his nomination, as if Harris’ seat has become a Black seat (see Mayor London Breed of San Francisco, etc.).

This is divisive and makes no sense. Biologically, there are no such things as human races. We all have nearly exactly the same DNA. Moreover, why is Harris considered Black when she is also East Indian and white?

All Senate seats should be reserved for mutts.

Jeffrey A. Rapp


* * *


Letter to the Editor:

Let's show that we care — not.

On the evening news we were told that the Marin School District brain-trust/seated board membership put out new revelations/blasts of ignorance: "We are considering putting the new Sir Francis Drake high school name change up for public vote" — "perhaps."

Yeah, right. You didn't put it up for vote to remove it. Why?

What? Just what if a public vote was allowed and the vast majority of voters (former graduates) wanted Sir Francis Drake High School back in harness. My, my! That would surely "throw a cat in the pigeon coop."

Knowing the goings-on of big business and government as it exists today, we the people will never know the truth (outcome) of actual vote results. Sad state of reality! It's hard to imagine what flimflam excuse the utopian braindead could muster up.

Boy oh boy, if that doesn't take the rag off the bush. What a bunch of unadulterated crap!

In any event I'm hanging on to Manila folders.

One must wonder if these mentally bankrupt people had considered a time and place for book and document burnings. Will gas accelerant be allowed with my grade school sweater?

Can this travesty be accomplished without a public vote?

The fuhrer would be proud. How did that nasty book burning workout for that brain trust? Parallelism? You bet! Just take another look at our current direction. Pissed off? I cannot express the level at your "excusation" that's burning inside along with hundreds of others Sir Francis Drake disgruntled grads. I overflow with anguish and helplessness that just will not go away. Get over it? I think not!

Gram says, "Those poor children who are pushing the Drake High name change must have been dropped on their heads after falling off the turnip truck. I will make up a special batch of peanut butter cookies for those mentally challenged board members. Perhaps with a jag Pa's special cold medicine. May not solve their problem, but they won't give a damn! Not that they do."

Feed the hogs Gran. Change Gramps's diaper. I sense a need for change and that ain't Sir Francis Drake high school's name. I'll roll that new batch.

Love you Gran!

God bless our American president, special peanut butter cookies, Jerry Philbrick.

Old and Exceedingly Angry


* * *



Am I a voice crying in the Berkeley desert, or do other places also have a law that if a neighbor takes over your property long enough it becomes his?

I have owned my home for 40 years. However, when having my daughter 30 years ago a contractor took the little house to my south and pushed it forward and spread it out like a cake without a pan and put a second story on it, taking my light (who cares about artists?), my view, and sense of space and my land! The city advised that they would do nothing but if I had $20,000 to sue him I would win! Since I was going through a divorce with an infant and three teens, friends advised against borrowing to do this especially since my thyroid had shut down entirely which took 15 months to diagnose. I accepted it, nice neighbors, pick your battles, etc.

Twelve years ago a new neighbor! I was under my house and he said I was actually on his priority now. I didn't respond and foolishly let it go. There have been two or more features he's put in to narrow the space (what was left of it) between the houses. Now after cutting ruefully my magnolia, he claims he's going to do more, just not now. He has a tag number but the city does not say what it’s for either. Another neighbor claims it will be a drainage ditch under my windows, deck and nose as it runs the whole side of the property.

A real estate lawyer says he cannot help. No survey, no sharing of info of my house, and in the slide zone it would cost $10,000 for a survey. Is there a genius with an answer? A pro bono angel?

After teaching art for over 30 years part-time and raising four kids alone on SSI which pays $879 a month, after each assault on my property I complained with appropriate paperwork but the city let it go. How can a city penalize a senior with extensive learning disabilities as well as health problems who is still grappling with the death of her son at age 43? 

I have attempted a move, but a condo to get near the beach and be close to home does not replace my extensive bay view and space for my art and garden. I will not go into all the control issues this man has but I feel like I am being attacked by predatory wasps and the city sits back counting additional revenue. I still pay all my taxes on all that has been swiped. I am so burnt out and it seems you are my last hope for reaching any wisdom with kindness since I am unable to use the Internet or any digital media.

Too many sleepless nights to be any more coherent, sorry.


Susan Knopka


PS. The house is paid off. I won't touch it with any money or take out any programs for the cost of moving. All my savings was stolen eight years ago from a safe. To move I would incur sellers costs, taxes and other hidden costs. And I would need a car plus insurance, gas, special moving crates and over $1000 for the many art pieces, canvases and paper. Plus a moving van and movers. There would also be an SSI transfer or reapplication plus all the myriad of low income programs to register for such as utilities and phone.

* * *


Dear AVA,

I used to live in Albion as a bratty run-away and I was befriended by Dory Dan and Shadow. They were wonderful and I had no idea they were still in the area until I read about Dan's death.

I moved to Fort Bragg about three years ago with my husband who had had Asberger’s (ASD) and was not at all social. Then he got cancer and passed last January. I want to get back in touch with Shadow. I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling. Marco McLean wrote the piece and I looked in the phone book and found a number for him but it just rings, no voicemail or anything.

I would be very appreciative if someone could give me Shadow’s or Marco’s number or if they’d give her my phone number and asked her to call me.

My name is Diana Barrett and my number is 530-554-0220. I am grateful in advance for any kindness.

Diana Barrett

Fort Bragg

PS. Great newspaper, keep up the good work!

* * *



I am writing this letter because of the poor level of care and neglect I am being given. I tested positive for the covid-19 virus on December 21, 2020. Since then I have been locked down in my cell 24 hours a day with my two other cellmates who also tested positive for covid-19.

We are not allowed to come out to have a shower or use the phone to tell our family that we are sick with the deadly virus. It has been eight days since me or my cell mates are taken a shower. We have been given baby wipes and no-rinse shampoo every other day starting on December 24, 2020. Our laundry was not picked up to be washed on wash day, so me and my comrades have been wearing the same dirty clothes for over a week now. We are not able to clean our cell either. 

Also my cellmates and I have not been given any proper medical treatment, just cruel and inhumane treatment for having covid-19. They are also not following any guidelines by having four people in a three-man cell. We are overcrowded. They have people sleeping on blue plastic things called “boats” on the ground. I am writing this letter so that people know how they are running this jail and how they are treating us inmates with covid-19.

Georgie Hoaglin

Mendocino County Jail


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