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Good Night Radio all night tonight, live from Franklin Street again!

Deadline to email your writing for tonight's (Friday night's) MOTA show is a little earlier than usual, around 6pm. After that, send it whenever it's ready, up to 6pm Friday next week, and I'll take care of it then. There's always another time. There's no pressure. Especially tonight there's no pressure because my phone service in Albion is fizzingly inadequate today and you know I'm on dialup; I may not be able to get what you send. But try. Gamble with nothing to lose. Put out your hand and boop the nose of fate.

I'll be in the Franklin Street studio again for tonight's show. The phone works great there. If you want to call and read your work in your own voice, the number is (707) 962-3022. Songwriter/philosopher Douglas Wayne Coulter is winter-camping on the coast and might call tonight.

Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio is every Friday, 9pm to 5am on 107.7fm KNYO-LP Fort Bragg as well as anywhere else via (That's the regular link to hear what's on KNYO in real time, any time.)

And any time of any day or night you can go to and hear last week's MOTA show. By Saturday night the recording of tonight's show will also be there, in the latest post, right on top.

Also, at there's a comforting go-bag of links to odd things to comfort yourself with until showtime, not to mention between shows, such as:

Train encounters Ultracat.

Pexachu vs. Godzilla. (via EverlasatingBlort)

Things that fit.

And a short film about the end of rural Irish public telephone boxes.

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