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Off the Record (June 2, 2021)

THE MEDIA are never more shameless than in the aftermath of a mass shooting. The Bay Area stations have presented pretty much the same info for 48 hours now, but were a full day behind the Daily Mail of London in their interview with the lunatic's former girlfriend and the basic facts of his loner life, such as his divorce and his relations, such as they were, with his neighbors. 

RED BEARD has been identified as William Allan Evers, 40, wanted for parole violation prior to his Mendo adventures. He was identified via some savvy forensics work by the Sheriff's Department. There is speculation that Evers may have been wounded two weeks ago when a deputy, pursuing Evers on foot after dark off Cameron Road, exchanged gunfire with the fugitive at a distance of about 12 feet. The deputy was not hit,  and does not know if he hit Evers. Evers kept on running and deputies lost sight of him. He is assumed to have shaved his distinctive red beard and, assuming he wasn't injured in the exchange of gunfire, may be out of the area by now. (Every other Mendo guy under the age of fifty seems to resemble the guy’s basic grunge-and-backpack sartorial style.)

William Allan Evers

FORT BRAGG CITY COUNCILMAN BERNIE NORVELL writes re possible desalinization plant plans in Fort Bragg:

“Desal and wastewater not related. The desal plant public works is talking about is a small unit most likely mounted on a skid. What it WILL allow us to do is to pump water on a high tide out of the Noyo. Something we cannot currently do because we don’t have the ability to treat brackish or saltwater. The water would be pumped to the treatment plant into a settling pond then transferred via the desal plant to another settling pond where it then could be treated by the city, it has nothing to do with combatting the wastewater smell

The smell is a result of the new treatment plant being far more efficient than expected. Producing more solids than the old system. These solids need to be spread out on concrete and routinely turned over to dry. This is the smell. What the city IS doing to remedy the situation is to buy a drying shed that will house all of the solids and presumably the smell that goes with it. The cost is roughly $600K for the shed. The much drier solids the shed will produce will drastically reduce our tonnage of solids being trucked out of town to the tune of roughly $180K a year Thus paying for itself in close to four years and relieving the community of the smell.”

JAMES BROWNEAGLE WRITES: Re: “The Klan in Mendocino County by Katy Tahja.” Good historical article, unfortunately there are no names of the KKK members and I hope people realize why. Because they were the local Judges, law enforcement, business owners, and ranchers, school teachers in each county; they also were lifelong members of their local Masonic Lodges, Granges and Freemason societies. They had the perfect “Jim Crow” townships operating as the only people of color were the local tribes, who were already segregated on the Indian Reservations and it was illegal for Indian children to attend the local public schools. The others Native families were slave laborers of the local ranchers and businessmen. (James Browneagle is Tribal Historian, Lake County. Every Tuesday 5-6 PM, he hosts a live radio program on 88.1 FM called Tribal Voices Radio where "I discuss past and present tribal affairs and history."

MR. BROWNEAGLE nails it. When Ms. Tahja's article on the Klan in this county floated down out of the ethers and into our Boonville office, we were joking that we would probably recognize most of the surnames among the membership. Not surprising that the local papers didn't print the names of the white sheets and pointy hat boys; their editors were probably members, and if they weren't actual card carriers, the newspapers of the 1920s were heavily dependent on the good will of the Mendo establishment for the ads that kept them in business. Yesterday's Mendo Klan would be Trumpers today.

ON THE SUBJECT of local history, a fellow named Dave Giusti, presently awaiting trial on murder charges at the County Jail, regularly writes to the Boonville weekly. Giusti’s a good, clear writer, and obviously a smart guy, a smart guy who, unfortunately, has been in and out of the Mendo jail for many years, apparently all the way back to Reno Bartlomei's reign as Sheriff when the jail was located on the top floor of the County Courthouse. Mr. Giusti usually has an interesting historical tidbit or two scattered among his severe (and often very funny) denunciations of local authorities. 

FOR INSTANCE: “Used to be there was a fairly comfortable jail to contend with. There were less C.O''s (correctional officers) and a lot less unnecessary rules, and less inconvenience for both staff and prisoners. Before the reign of Leone (now retired) there weren't limits on what a prisoner could buy on commissary. We all filled out orders and they were sent to the Walberger's (sic) corner store at Standley and School streets. You could order nearly everything they had in stock except the alcoholic beverages…"

AND: "When Reno Bartlomei was Sheriff and ran the jail, we'd nearly always get seconds at meals. Reno would even share his own cigarettes with poor prisoners, and we had a prisoner road crew that got a dollar a day…"

I WOULDN'T presume to describe the context of the murder Mr. Giusti is accused of committing, but from the scant accounts I've read and heard it was somewhat of a bum fight that went terribly wrong when several homeless men, all drunk, including Mr. G, got into fight over a sleeping spot behind a Ukiah market. Anything the accused might say about it would undoubtedly "be used against him in a court of law," and from the temper of Mr. G's remarks about the local courts, they're already coming after him hard.

THE MSM was tut-tutting the youth riot last week in Huntington Beach. It was mostly harmless it seems, just your basic mindless mob playing tag with the cops as they took pictures of themselves and their hijinks. My theory about young people's drop-fall drinking heedless hard drug use and mob jubilation? They're so thoroughly and relentlessly programmed all the way through high school that as soon as they're unsupervised, whoopie! Little kids armor up every time they're out their front door, and these days, at least with the young ones I see, they also carry water bottles and backpacks stuffed with emergency supplies. The other day I heard a little kid yell, "Hey, coach, time out. I need to re-hydrate!"

USED TO BE, back in the Ice Age when I was a kid, we were out the door early, home for lunch of a couple of chokers — peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Wonder Bread. Then back to the ballpark or wherever until six or so for dinner. That regimen applied to children from about 8 to14. We could go wherever and do whatever short of law-breaking. There were definite consequences for rock fights, window breaking, bothering adults in any way that annoyed them enough to call your house and complain. We knew if we got outta line we would be reported, and the neighborhood always knew which kid belonged to whom. One of my brothers was chased right to our front door for lobbing a jolly and purely recreational F-bomb at a man three blocks away.

OF COURSE there wasn't the large roster of lurks, freelance pervs, criminals, and not to mention the many unhinged persons floating around who seem to terrorize young parents with the remote but real possibility that their little one could suffer some awful intrusion if left alone for even a minute or so. Fears that would have been irrational in 1950 are now reality-based. Even in a small town like Ukiah, I can't remember seeing an unescorted child, and the teens one sees occasionally seem to run in packs, peering more at their phones than their peers. Parents are certainly more cosseting than they used to be. It's not unusual to see a whole urban or suburban family padding up, police whistles and mace at the ready, for a trip to the mall or the park. The mass upshot, I'd say, of years of close supervision of our nation's future, is a lot of wild behavior as soon as the kid is away from the suffocating surveillance of his first 18 years.

SPEAKING of Ukiah, I just saw for the first time the spiffy new black lamp posts now installed on the core blocks of State Street, the town's main drag. The lamp posts are a tiny aesthetic step forward somewhere between lipstick on a pig and lipstick on a couple dozen pigs. There are so many bad buildings on that stretch of main drag that an occasional piece of ocular uplift won't make much difference. And what's the point of spiffing up central Ukiah if its anchor, the County Courthouse, is moved three blocks away? If the existing County Courthouse were restored to a semblance of its 19th century splendor — Americans were struck blind in 1945, prior to taking great pride in the beauty of their towns and cities —and if the old Palace Hotel were also restored, Ukiah might not be the dispiriting destination it is now.

I WAS KICKING Ukiah around with a despairing friend of mine, a resident of our county's lead community, both of us nostalgic, lamenting what the town had lost. I mentioned Wildburger's Market. He corrected me. "Ward & Wildberger’s Market. Mr. Ward was the butcher; Rick and Bonnie Wildberger ran the little grocery store. Rick died of cancer maybe 12 or 15 years ago and I ran into Bonnie this afternoon in front of her house on Highland Avenue." I said, "I still miss that little store, and the great newsstand down the street on West Standley and City Bakery on South State a block away, the best-ever brownies. And Fitzgerald's Sporting Goods, and Brad Shear, and and and…"

DEPARTING from his usual staccato auto-rhetoric, a visibly anguished Governor Newsom called for more gun control Wednesday, hours after a gunman fatally shot nine people at a San Jose rail yard. “What the hell is going on in the United States of America? When are we going to come to grips with this? When are we going to put down our arms – literally and figuratively – our politics, stale rhetoric, finger pointing, all the hand wringing, consternation that produces nothing except more fury and frustration... over and over and over again.”

WELL, GOVERNOR, we've got mass social atomization in a country seemingly organized to promote mental illness, soooooo, the miracle is that there isn't more violence, and guns are so prevalent that tightening the regs might help a little to keep the deranged away from them but not much — too many of both. Today's San Jose shooter, from preliminary news accounts by people who knew him, was your standard issue angry, middle-aged white man living by himself in explosive isolation. He apparently had a union grievance that he knew he was going to lose and took the evil way out, multiplying his personal misery to include X-number of the uninvolved.

DR. FAUCI is getting rolled by Trumpers, of course, and also much of the mainstream media who claim he's a flip-flopper. The Trumpers say their orange oracle, knower of all things, correctly blamed covid on China at the plague's outset, a charge resulting in street attacks on elderly Asians and the ongoing vilification of China, a totalitarian country fully deserving of vilification given its government, but whose vilification ought to be based on facts, right compadres? Orange Man also recommended shots of bleach as a cure but his mesmerized legions aren't about to turn in their prayer rugs any time soon.

FAUCI, like honest people everywhere, adjusts his opinions in keeping with new information, a character trait that used to be honored, not insulted. And new facts seem to point to a Chinese government lab as the accidental source of the outbreak, the kind of lab we also maintain, as do many countries.

SHERIFF KENDALL says the Crisis Van is on the way:

As we move out of the Covid-19 restrictions we are getting back on course with plans for better service to the public. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office in a partnership with Behavioral Health is continuing to build the mobile response teams which were previously discussed with the residents of Mendocino County. Currently we have one person hired who has been in training with deputies at the Sheriff’s Office. We are continuing to recruit for the other two positions, one of which will be housed with the Ukiah Police Department. One of the things we are looking at is a suitable space to house the teams and their vehicles. With the purchase of the Redwood Valley Property of which Behavioral Health owns the training center, and the Sheriff’s Office owns the house, we believe there will be a suitable space in the residence for these teams to have an office. Sheriff’s Office IT was able to get a data connection at the location which will allow the offices to have the needed infrastructure for computers and report preparation. Also with the office sharing space with the training center we are certain we will be providing the latest training for both public safety and behavioral health professionals. This will also allow a more central location for units to serve the North, Coast and Central areas of Mendocino County based on the daily needs. 

Matthew C. Kendall, Sheriff-Coroner

(707) 463-4085


The Supervisors were told of this significant management appointment after the fact; Board Chair Dan Gjerde praises appointment even though the Supervisors had no role in it.

Darcie Antle is Mendocino County’s New Assistant Chief Executive Officer. “Ms. Antle has served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Mendocino since 2017. She is also the Mendocino County Disaster Recovery Finance Director and the COVID-19 Vaccine Coordinator. Prior to onboarding with the County of Mendocino, Ms. Antle served as the Regional Director of Operations for the Northern California Network of Adventist Health and the California Medical Group where she managed the revenue cycle and oversaw strategic operations for physician groups across Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma counties. In addition to experience, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco and a Master of Science Degree in Health Care Services from St. Mary’s College. Antle has been an instructor for both Mendocino College and Mendocino County Office of Education. Antle is an active member of the community and has served on numerous boards and commissions, and is a past president of the Rotary Club of South Ukiah.

Regarding her appointment, Ms. Antle stated “I look forward to working more closely with CEO Angelo and the Board of Supervisors on initiatives and priorities that will move the County of Mendocino into the best position for the future.”

“Ms. Antle has built a small finance team inside the CEO's office that has proven to be nimble and effective. This promotion is good news for the people of Mendocino County,” stated Mendocino County Board of Supervisor’s Chair, Dan Gjerde. 

“The Executive Office staff and I look forward to Ms. Antle taking on a greater leadership role in Mendocino County,” expressed CEO Angelo. Released by: Carmel J. Angelo, Chief Executive Officer.

BIDEN'S 2022 BUDGET will cost $6 trillion if Congress swallows it whole, which the Trump wing will not do. The existing deficit is around $24 trillion which, economists tell us, is greater than our annual production of stuff. Which seems to mean at some point bad things will begin to happen, among them painful inflation — grocery shoppers know right now prices are up 10-15 percent on lots of food items, meat higher yet.

AS ONE MORE of the AVA's many community services, here's an annotated list of what Biden is asking for:

Non-defense spending of $769 billion, a 16% increase. Contains plenty of boondoggles, like the high speed train to nowhere in the Central Valley; education, which is always heavy on blah-blah as Americans vie with African failed states as the worst educated people in the world: pots of money shoveled at “homeland security”; and some defensible spending on vet's health.

$6.5 billion to launch ARPA-H, to boost advanced federal R&D spending in health. Rather than adopt universal health care, the Biden budget shores up existing programs, many of which directly benefit private insurers.

$861 million in assistance to Central American countries “to address the root causes” of immigration. Not defensible unless it means placing the trapped, abused citizens of those countries on a modest guaranteed annual income to stay where they are. Huge fraud potential in this one, and where there's potential, the crooks swarm.

Defense increased to $756 billion in 2022, a 1.7% increase — with emphasis on competing with China by ditching older weapons and investing in new technology. O yea. More toys for the generals. As always, despite the great general's warning about the military-industrial complex. It's here. It's been here since Eisenhower's warning 70 years ago.

$36 billion for a series of climate investments. Not enough. We need to go solar and wind on a mass scale to avoid catastrophe, but catastrophe is already here and we seem more and more doomed as a species.

$2.1 billion for gun violence prevention. Massive room for grotesque fraud here, with lots of blah-blah seminars lamenting the apparently irreversible fact of American life that the armed beast is loose and beyond all rational control.

$36.5 billion into Title 1 schools, a $20 billion increase. Public ed needs to be thoroughly re-thought before any more spending on it.

$110 million for “transportation equity.” Accessible, affordable transportation for everyone. Not nearly enough money to accomplish that worthy goal.

$225 billion to subsidize child care; Yes, absolutely. Millions of women had to stop working to stay home with the kids because of covid, which further impoverished millions of families. Universal childcare is long overdue, and should be available round-the-clock, especially given our social habits.

BIDEN'S already backed off his campaign promises, most notably his promise to forgive student debt. And he himself is clearly past it, inspiring no confidence whatsoever, let alone ability to lead. 

OF EVERY dollar spent, fifty cents will be borrowed.

BIDEN says he'll pay for all this with a tax raise on corporations from 21 percent to 28 percent, much lower than corporations pay in most countries. 

AND he wants to raise taxes on incomes over $400,000.

THE RICH and their Republican congressional gofers are throwing around words like “confiscatory” to describe these tiny bumps in tax rates, already the lowest in the world among the haves.

IT’S BEEN SAID MANY TIMES but unfortunately can’t be said often enough that the conflation of criticism of Israeli atrocities with anti-semitism is a deliberate tactic even though it demeans the toxicity of real anti-semitism. You almost get the sense that if anti-semitism didn’t exist, it would serve Israel’s strategic interest to bomb it into being, as a kind of permanent shield against popular outrage over its human rights crimes. 

— Jeff St. Clair

IMAGINE YOURSELF as Sheriff Kendall, the very soul of accessibility, a guy who will meet with anybody who wants to meet with him, and suddenly total strangers zoom into a Supervisor's meeting claiming to represent local racial justice organizations that don't exist beyond their vague acronyms, demanding that his department submit to an audit, the auditor to be all the way woke. Like them, Mendo's very own Red Guard.

IF THERE'S A NEED for an audit in this county it would be the money pit known variously as Redwood Community Services, Redwood Quality Management Company, Redwood Children's Service, owned by an enterprising up-from-hippie couple named Schraeder, organized as a private company, into which over $20 annual millions disappear every year. 

AUDITS, incidentally, find what the people who hire the auditors want them to find. I always got a few strangled laughs at Boonville's annual school audit, same guy for years who unfailingly reported that the Boonville schools were a model of fiscal probity. He was paid by AV Unified. There's little room for theft in a rural school district operation; most of the money goes to staff. The one time our tiny district was looked askance upon occurred when a certifiably insane man functioned as superintendent. I still miss him. Phil Crawford, aka Wobbling Eagle, assisted by a smarmy little nuzzlebum we dubbed Mr. Burble Gurble. Crawford became something of a legend in state education circles when he inspired mass student-faculty walkouts at the two subsequent school districts that hired him. During Wob's year in Boonville the state bean counters wanted to know how it was possible that no child, K-12, was absent for an entire fiscal year. A hundred percent attendance for an entire school year simplified the annual accounting but was a little too implausible even by edu-crat standards. Prior to Mr. Eagle's reign, the Boonville superintendent was a guy who locked himself in his office every day while he dove into the bottle. Can't say as I blamed him. That was the year the high school veered completely out of control, with students on the roof drenching their peers in classrooms with fire hoses aimed through the rooftop vents. A delegation of administrators from the County Office of Education hustled over the hill from their remote koffee klatch at Talmage to restore order, probably the first time in years any of them had encountered an actual young person. Ah, those were the days. 

INCIDENCES is not a word. The plural of incident is incidents. Please pass the bad news along to your fave visual media. Party isn't a verb either, but we lost on that one.

SPY ROCK POT RAID. The presser begins, “On Wednesday, May 26, wildlife officers with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) served a search warrant on the 9000 block of Spyrock Road in Laytonville. Support was provided by a CDFW Environmental Scientist, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and the State Water Resources Control Board….

A READER COMMENTED: “Remember when CAMP was rolling and would knock out like a dozen of these scenes a day? Good times. Now we have many agencies driving all the way out and getting one a day. Sure- they are putting huge fines on the property but those fines will never be collected and the busted properties just keep replanting. I guess when the LLC on the Deed of Trust dissolves someday then maybe these kind of properties will somehow change hands and then maybe somebody will do something besides grow on them? I don’t think the regular folks know how intractable the problem really is…The agency press releases keep pushing the idea that they are “winning.” The only full solution is to crash the market hard for a few years and drive everybody out. But now that we have these “legal” corporate mega-grows they won’t allow that to happen… Eternal War… Always revolving and evolving but never resolving…"

AND ANOTHER READER: "What really burns me up about these grows are not only the disrespect for our environment but the diversion of water from sources that other families need for their ability to continue to live in their homes during the dry summer months that are predicted once again this year. People who have worked very hard their entire lifetimes to provide shelter and a nice home for themselves and their families only to have the ability to remain there stripped from them due to the greed of others. This is the kind of greed that can never be satiated, no matter what the consequences to anyone living nearby or downriver. It is sickening and disgusting."

CHRIS CASTLEMAN, the owner of Fiddleheads Cafe in Mendocino, posted signs on Fiddleheads windows last week announcing he would fine guests $5 for placing orders while wearing a mask. Castleman has been a vocal critic of the coronavirus restrictions since early in the pandemic, often making the news for his controversial stances. In mid-March, Castleman posted a sign that read: “Throw your mask(s) in our trash bin and receive 50% off your order.” Last June, Mendocino County officials fined him $10,000 for his defiance of a countywide health order. 

GOTTA CONFESS I have a sneaking admiration for this guy. Yeah, yeah, he's totally wrong and totally indefensible, but to bring off this in-your-facer in, of all places, the most correct, woke little town in America takes some nerve, especially by a guy trying to make a living there. Funny thing is, Caslteman says a lot of masked people have paid the five dollar fine!

MY MARINE CORPS buddy, John Gomez of Willits, stopped in last week on his way to Noyo Harbor. He and Mrs. Gomez hadn't been away from Willits since covid hit, and they were going to treat themselves to a seafood dinner. John also wanted to share an unintentionally hilarious document he received from the county called, "Mendocino County's Cannabis Local Equity Grant Program," a little more than two million dollar state grant “to provide funding and services for those hardest hit by the War On Drugs....” Among those eligible? Applicants must have “lived within a 5-mile radius of the location of raids conducted by the Campaign against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) program.” Which, in this county, is everyone.

SOHUM OLD TIMER ERNIE BRANSCOMB: “Nope, not always rain on [Memorial weekend], but I have seen it rain so much that it went over the Benbow Lake Park bridge and it took the flashboards out of the dam. They had to build an emergency road out of the park to get the campers out.

Sometimes we would get thunder showers in July with an inch or more of rain.

I’ll start worrying about this drought when I figure out what caused the ice to melt in Greenland in the 1400s, and, the drought that wiped out the Anasazi Indians of Arizona in the same time period. 

We should have the knowledge and technology today to get through a drought. The ghost of Darwin is laughing at us.”

UFO'S: With all the times the media has been fooled into thinking ETs are in the sky over our heads, coming down occasionally to stick probes in our various orifices (not to mention lizard-men posing as politicians and generals), wouldn’t you think the producers of a program with a reputation to uphold would have done their homework? 60 Minutes has the resources of several roomfuls of fact-checkers, editors and professional newshounds. It took me, with virtually no background in this, using an ancient Dell PC, just an hour or so to find prosaic, non-alien rationales for all their Amazing Stories. Couldn’t they have shown just a little curiosity faced with such far-fetched tales? Or at the very least had a skeptic — there are many — on the program to counter the easily debunked claims of the show’s “experts”? I guess it’s all about ratings. The big reveal of the program was the showing of four brief, fuzzy videos of UFOs that have been available for years (one for over a decade) on YouTube. These have been analyzed to death by folks who understand night vision cameras, gimbal camera mounts, bokeh (blur produced by out-of-focus objects) and other imaging artifacts. And, um, trigonometry. — Barry Evans

ON-LINE COMMENT re Covelo and why Khadijah Britton has not been found: “It’s this deeply embedded counterculture [in Covelo]. Many of the tribal populations still hold to hold grudges. Why can’t you access Services? Well, my cousins aunt slept with her best friend’s uncle 40 years ago and so no one in the family can talk anymore. Or the lady that runs the daycare is my cousin from the other side but she don’t like me so my kids can’t get access . They will not rat or snitch on each other and allow each other to do horrible things. But at the same time they protest any other ill-treatment. Yet they treat themselves worse than any other outside enemy. Protecting the perpetrators of violence against your own women, children and the future of your communities is the worst thing that anyone can do for their soul. If you truly love your communities and hope for their future to survive you must embrace them, not abuse them. The mural is absolutely beautiful. I pray something good comes of it.”


[1] Anybody that does not believe in a creator denies reality. Keep going back in time, everything came from somewhere, t=0.  Mr. Tekapo does not have a clue about origins, and is missing much without faith that something created it all. Call it God, the Creator, whatever.

The leading physicists believe in a scientific God, because they cannot explain the origin. How do you explain a singularity which is impossible?

Not in the workings of God. Who knows maybe the singularity is God.

I feel for folks that have no purpose. People whose egos are so large and fixed that they cannot acknowledge that something or someone is bigger than themselves.

[2] What’s really fascinating to me is this notion that everybody alive shares a common ancestry from two individuals, a man and a woman, Adam and Eve in the Bible, a topic that’s been bandied about for a while by scientists. No idea where it stands now but some geneticists said a while back that the most likely place for these ancestral people was somewhere in east Africa, maybe 150,000 years ago. 

And this idea also, that humanity didn’t always struggle to scratch a living out of the dirt, a time before farming, idealized as the Garden of Eden. The Bible talks about a transformation of human consciousness before the expulsion from the Garden. Not an exact parallel but archeologists refer to a Great Leap Forward, a huge transformation when people became behaviorally modern, evidenced by an enormous flowering of technological innovation and artistry around 50,000 years ago, maybe the time when modern language took shape..... 

[3] Last week, I saw a family at a state park popular with the young urban types looking for an escape from the added 20 degrees from asphalt and poured concrete.

Four with dog. 2 parents, 2 small children. Mom had the obligatory “curated” arm tattoos and 80’s era plastic framed glasses.

Dad had the obligatory beard and the careful but modish eyeglasses one typically finds on an architect or fashion house haunter. 

The dog, of course, was a French bulldog.

They were masking up between bites and sips.

Nobody around them.


Everything about them is a carefully crafted message of conformity.

The slavishly stylish brand.

[4] I have been sick 4 times since the start of the pandemic, the first time was covid so after that we returned our kids to daycare. And everyone knows that if you have kids in society you’re gonna get sick. It does kinda make me wish I was able to hide at my house with them because I wouldn’t have got sick at all. But then again I would have lost my house to the bank so it’s a Catch 22. Although this year I’m gonna get the flu shot for the first time ever, nothing to do with covid, just kids are germ bags 

[5] The tragedy of European settlement in America is not what happened to facilitate it (rather than a gruesome genocide it was primarily importation of smallpox, large livestock, gunpowder and steel weapons to the hemisphere that made it happen). The tragedy is what Europeans have turned the Americas into since… tragedy is comparing many native American cultures to the present one. 

We’ve trashed the place during our stewardship period, and all our precious, precarious edifices are teetering just 500 years on, to the point that health of the land and many human lives upon it are in question.

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