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Leggett Homicide Investigation

On 07-23-2021 at 1:30 AM the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center received a call of a potential shooting at a property located in the 50000 block of Bell Springs Road in Leggett, California.

While Deputies were responding to the location, the caller reported hearing gunshots and subsequently found an adult male with an apparent gunshot wound.  It was also reported the adult male was not breathing.

Deputies arrived at the location at approximately 2:54 AM and located a deceased Hispanic adult male who appeared to have a gunshot wound to the leg.

Deputies also noticed the presence of growing marijuana in greenhouses and in outdoor settings on the property.

A protective sweep of the property was conducted in an attempt to locate any additional victim(s) of the shooting.  Deputies requested the assistance of air resources from the California Highway Patrol.

At approximately 3:57 AM a Deputy noticed the presence of an individual running downhill on the property which prompted a search for this individual.

At approximately 6:00 AM, CHP Helicopter H14 from Redding (CA) was able to arrive on scene and assist with the search efforts.  During this time H14 was able to locate two individuals who then were detained by Deputies on the ground.

During this search effort a Deputy sustained a leg injury from a fall and had to be evacuated by ambulance to a local hospital for medical evaluation/treatment for a significant but non-life threatening injury.

Sheriff's Detectives were summoned to the scene and are conducting follow-up investigations into the incident.

Personnel from the County of Mendocino Marijuana Enforcement Team (COMMET) and Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force (MMCTF) were also summoned to the scene to investigation the legality of the marijuana growing operation found on the property.

No additional information is available at this time due to the active ongoing investigations.

Another press release will be issued when additional information becomes available that can be releasable to the public.

(Mendocino County Sheriff's Office press release)


  1. Marmon July 23, 2021

    Another reason the sheriff’s office needs to be defunded. Workman’s Comp Insurance is too expensive for the County as it is.


  2. Kurt July 23, 2021

    Captain Matthew Kendall had a long history of covering up his nephews violent assaults on women including two pregnant women two ladies over 50 a young lady and three attacks on John Simmons.
    Then Kendall tampered with evidence in Marlins case, framing him for murder by tampering with evidence 2 days after shooting,Kendall went into the evidence room,got rid of a bloody t-shirt and camouflage pants so that Michael Marlin could not gunshot residue test them and prove his innocence.

    3 Falsified REPORTS

    Tampered with audio.

    Falsified evidence property report.

    Where is the MENDOCINO COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY in this case?

    We need to clean up our backyard and get some real officers that are not criminals. Not saying that they all are. But there’s evidence that Mathew Kendall frames Michael Marlin for murder, covered up a bunch of us holds on pregnant women. Come on.

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