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Lawsuit Alleges Mendo Officials Conspired to Rob Pot Dealers

Filed in Mendocino County Superior Court on August 9, 2021 by The Scott Law Firm of San Francisco and the Gearinger Law Group in Santa Rosa

Case Number 21CV00588

Ezekiel Flatten, William Knight, Chris Burr and Anne-Marie Borges, plaintiffs, versus Bruce Smith, Steve White and Does 1 through 50 inclusive. 

Complaint for Damages


“The complaint alleges a long-standing and continuing RICO conspiracy involving law enforcement officers in Mendocino County and surrounding jurisdictions conducting the affairs of an enterprise including the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department and the Mendocino County District Attorney's Office through a pattern of racketeering activity consisting of extortion to obtain marijuana, guns and cash from victims in possession of marijuana by unlawfully searching their residences, stopping, detaining plaintiffs and hundreds of other victims, committing robbery, obstruction of justice, money laundering, tax evasion and structuring currency transactions to evade the currency transaction reporting requirements. . . .

“Defendants Bruce Smith and Steve White and their co-conspirators Tom Allman -- Sheriff of Mendocino County, Randy Johnson -- under Sheriff of Mendocino County, David Eyster -- District Attorney of Mendocino County, and Rohnert Park police officers Jason Tatum and Joseph Huffaker conducted and conspired to conduct the affairs of the Mendocino County District Attorney's Office and Sheriffs office through a pattern of racketeering activity including hundreds of acts of extortion, theft and robbery of marijuana, guns and cash, obstruction of justice, money laundering and tax evasion. In the guise of enforcing the law defendants and their co-conspirators extorted tons of marijuana, stole millions of dollars and hundreds of guns in laundered proceeds, committing tax evasion and structuring currency transactions to evade detection. They obtained hundreds of search warrants and destroyed and impounded some of the marijuana, cash and guns to maintain the facade  that they were enforcing the law to conceal their ongoing pattern of racketeering activity. . . .

“On information and belief co-conspirator Tom Allman's family members have been cannabis growers in Humboldt County for decades. Co-conspirator Undersheriff Randy Johnson's brother and father were raided by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2012 and 500 cannabis plants were seized from their property located next door to Randy Johnson's residents in Mendocino County. But no charges were ever filed. . . .

“… At the behest of co-conspirator Mendocino County Sheriff Allman on February 13, 2018, Tatum published a press release purportedly exonerating Mendocino County law enforcement -- an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy alleged herein as part of a cover-up.

“Plaintiff Flatten was formerly a police officer and was the first among hundreds of victims of Mendocino County’s corrupt cannabis law enforcement cabal to publicly accuse law enforcement officers of stealing his cannabis.”

Listed as co-conspirators in addition to officers Tatum and Huffaker are co-conspirators Tom Allman, co-conspirator Undersheriff Randy Johnson and co-conspirator David Eyster, Mendocino County District Attorney.

After providing a list of a half-dozen men who were victims of the alleged conspiracy, towards the end of the lawsuit the plaintiffs contend that “when plaintiff Flatten came forward publicly, co-conspirator Tom Allman contacted co-conspirator Tatum to quash Flatten’s accusations by issuing a press release. But Tatum’s statement to the press was too hastily contrived and his involvement in the illegal seizures too prolific. As a result his press release defended the wrong illegal seizure and instead of diffusing the scrutiny the plaintiff's allegations had brought, it confirmed the existence of a more expansive, continuing criminal conspiracy."



  1. Irv Sutley August 10, 2021

    Sounds lie the Mendocino County deputies have been taking lessons from and working with their southern cousins down in Sonoma County – the infamous Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety personnel who ranged Highway 101 from Willits to Petaluma playing the asset forfeiture salary supplement, no taxable revenue enhancement game. They ought all end up a little farther down 101 at Point San Quentin

    • A guy August 10, 2021

      Exactly the opposite. The southern brothers learned from the mendo boys.

  2. Rye N Flint August 10, 2021
  3. Rye N Flint August 10, 2021

    I had a local friend, that has since moved out of the area from the fear of retribution, that once paid $20k in cash to DA David Eyster, in a meeting set up by his lawyer. When my friend asked for a receipt for the transaction, so that the Sherriff couldn’t claim he didn’t pay his fees, his lawyer laughed and told my friend he would have to “Trust in the system”.

    • Jade August 11, 2021

      Same thing happened to me. $43,000 in a brown paper bag. My lawyer walked it down to Eysters office while I waited. A tiny register receipt came back with no identification of a business/recipient anywhere on it. Basically worthless. Shady shit for sure!

      • Marmon August 11, 2021

        I wonder what your lawyer’s cut was?


      • Black markets matter August 13, 2021

        Same. 35k gone poof asked for it to be in a new purse and waited down road while the money was gave to them never any proof pay to play in was called thay threatened pay or prison.

        • Marmon August 13, 2021

          Contact the attorney’s on this case.


    • Marmon August 11, 2021

      I have a friend who paid Eyster off twice for a misdemeanor, that wasn’t suppose to happen. It was sold as a one time opportunity, but oh well, at least my friend stayed out of prison.


  4. Professor Cosmos August 10, 2021

    The court pleading, as reported on here, doesn’t seem to have any reference to documented incidents suggestive of Allman, Eyster, etc being involved in racketeering. The DEA 2012 raid, the press release, and Allman’s family enterprises are what is identified as evidence of racketeering. Is there more in that document, or is this a sign of more imaginative conspiracy-thinking?

    • Stephen Rosenthal August 10, 2021

      LOL. Of all people to insinuate “imaginative conspiracy-thinking”.

      • Professor Cosmos August 10, 2021

        Inaccurate ad hominem. I am well known in ufoland as a critic of govt coverup conspiracy notions and for redirecting the focus on where the real Intel and insight arise, from ordinary people experiencing close encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind.

        I believe that the standards of academic research and investigative journalism are important as do a few others in Ufology. This can be confirmed by the content at
        and postings on twitter. Check @ufo_classes

        Another thing: the ridicule/denial mo jo is dying. Have you not noticed this?

        • Stephen Rosenthal August 10, 2021

          “ I am well known in ufoland”.

          I’m sure you are. And btw, it’s easy to post your “intel” when hiding behind an Internet pseudonym.

          • Professor Cosmos August 10, 2021

            My twitter account is under my actual name with an added parenthesis stating “slide 9 focus”.
            I identify myself on my website.
            At FB I am Michael Cosmos for reasons that are nobody’s business. But, all my real friends and the groups I am in know who Mr Cosmos is.

            • Bruce McEwen August 10, 2021

              Wasn’t it somebody on this comment page who gave you the Professor Cosmos moniker? Before that, you went by the nick-name I gave you, “Private Shit=bird,” a common euphemism reserved for revered, scholarly gents, among US Marines of a certain vintage…

              • Professor Cosmos August 10, 2021

                My friends enjoyed the Shitbird. I can be undisciplined and sloppy, so they laughed.
                It was Lazarus who suggested a change.
                Do you know if there are more itemized incidents in that pleading suggestive of law people here engaged in racketeering, or is just speculative based on the 3 causes of action identified in the AVA report?

      • Professor Cosmos August 10, 2021

        Rather than dismiss my voice with a stupid ad hominem, how about addressing the point I made?

    • David King August 11, 2021

      That’s the whole point of RICO. You don’t have to be caught doing anything. You have to be deemed as one who conspired.. It has worked against the Catholic Church on multiple occasions, la sheriff, individual foresters, ect. RICO is no joke. They have a list of pine box offenses that are easy to do.

  5. Marmon August 10, 2021

    RE: Last paragraph correction

    “Allman contacted co-conspirator Tatum to quash Tatum’s accusations by issuing a press release”

    Should read

    Allman contacted co-conspirator Tatum to quash Flatten’s accusations by issuing a press release.


  6. Marmon August 10, 2021

    Eyster the Shyster has a habit of protecting Mendocino County departments. I provided him with evidence that sworn testimony was being altered in CPS investigation documents. He promised me he would have his investigator look into it, that’s the last I heard from him or anyone else. I was subsequently terminated from my employment. My career was over. At my State Personnel Board hearing Doug Losak successfully objected to my submitting evidence and testimony regarding those accusations.

    I kept copies of mine and Eyster’s back and forth regarding those events.


    • Marmon August 10, 2021

      Eyster later slandered me here on the AVA calling my accusations against CPS as being “nonsensical”. No one ever contacted me for clarification. If and when the FBI ever contacts me, I’ll be happy to share my thoughts and evidence with them.

      What I sent him was clear, he chose to dismiss me in public as a nut.


      • Lauren vier August 10, 2021

        Accusations against “cps” And BOS are more then legitimately backed by evidence I have and the insane case I have against county is huge anyone know of a lawyer who would help me finish my already filed lawsuit against Tammy Chandler former director of hhs mendocino county and finish my demand letter for mental health CEO of rqmc Dan Anderson Camille shrader I have already both started and ALL EVIDENCE TO PROOF MY SUITS AVAILABLE SOME one help me please even Tim turner knows our case personal spoken with him and he says I have a HUGE LAWSUITs just need a lawyer

        • Marmon August 11, 2021

          I’m retired. good luck.


        • Mark Laszlo August 16, 2021

          I don’t know you or your case Lauren, but Michael Shambrook won concessions for me when no-one else did. He busted his ass for me and saved mine. He takes MJ cases and some others. Worth what he charges!

    • Rye N Flint August 10, 2021

      I always wondered why Eyster never responded to why Joseph Hart was never tried for Arson for burning my house down on Spyrock after stabbing my caretaker. I guess when your caretaker lives… Joe Hart only gets 4 years in prison. Think he will come back for me when he gets out in 3 years on good behavior? Was he one of their informants? Wonder why NO MENDOCINO NEWS organization reported on this story? Happy April fools day 2020 to me!! It was such a fantastic kickoff to my pandemic.

      “Joseph Phillip Hart, 46. He was living in the Spy Rock area of northern Mendocino County when arrested. Hart was sentenced Friday to five year in state prison after he was convicted by a jury of assault with a knife, a felony. The defendant’s base sentence of 36 months was doubled because he admitted to having a prior Strike conviction.”

      P.s.- He was living in Covelo, not Laytonville.

  7. Friends of Spyrock August 10, 2021

    Ian Haynes, a possible witness to the Chris Giauque murder was SCARED TOO DEATH OF DRUG COPS. He was set to help find Chris’ remains.
    He said, the ex- Ukiah Drug Cop threatened to kill him. Went into hiding.
    I can just hear this conversation now
    ( Sheriff) BILLY to (Ex- Sheriff);
    TOMMY, what have you done?
    How dare you bring this up to my
    Department! ” Sorry Billy, my friends from South Fork High School said this would never happen; you know my friends from Frost lane & Little Red Mountain rd in Leggett”. Not to mention all my buds in Whale Gulch.
    The ones that used to Take the ex-D.A. from Humboldt, down to Mexico on fishing & golfing trips.
    Now, can we have some real cops
    Work on this without any fear?
    You have the file from Humboldt, nothing to be scared of now. It’s all out in the open. Makes you wonder now on ” Suicide” cases, were they
    Really Suicide?

    • Marmon August 10, 2021

      Are you talking about the two suicide cops that was once assigned to the North County under Allman? Where’s former Sheriff Kevin Broin when you need him?


      • Marmon August 10, 2021

        Broin, Allman lean opposite directions at pot debate

        “Playing to the audience with a winning personality and all the right moves, Allman stressed his willingness to communicate and listen. He defended the legacy of former Sheriff Tony Craver and blamed Broin for the fact sheriff”s deputies operating in the north county have been accused of interfering with or pulling plants being grown by legitimate medical marijuana growers.”


        • Marmon August 10, 2021

          I remember Kevin’s first day at the Mendocino County Jail (up stairs). We were all joking about the County bringing in the “Boy Scouts” to guard us.


  8. John Sakowicz August 10, 2021


  9. Friends of Spyrock August 10, 2021

    Yes all of them, & the ones in Southern Humboldt.

    • Marmon August 10, 2021

      You mean the suicides right?


  10. John Sakowicz August 10, 2021

    DEA Corruption Report

    Nationwide, law enforcement is riddled with corrupt, war-damaged (Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans), and psychologically unstable officers. Their abuse under the color of authority is commonplace. Black lives don’t matter to them. But their abuse of the local marijuana industry is something special. Here is just one such example.

    Yuba County Sheriff, California – NET-5 Transporting Apprehension (2015)
    Christopher Heath
    Deputy Christopher Mark Heath

    A case that epitomizes the corruption within policing today: Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher ‘Mark’ Heath, a veteran narcotics officer of the Yuba County Sheriff’s NET-5 drug and gang task force, was caught transporting 200 pounds of medical-grade marijuana, taken from NET-5 raids, in Pennsylvania by a local anti-narcotics task force.

    Heath was en route to New York, where the medical marijuana could fetch a price anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 a pound.

    Heath was looking at anywhere from $1 million to $1.6 million in stolen marijuana profits. Whether other NET-5 or Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputies conspired to assist Heath in transporting is still pending investigation but industry insiders know that this is most certainly the case.

    NET-5 is a notoriously corrupt anti-marijuana trafficking task force that has been known to ‘tax’ marijuana transporters and local growers alike for several years now, by conducting raids and seizures in violation of California’s Medical Marijuana Law if growers fail to pay or supply them. Yuba County itself is a sparsely populated farming county with most high paying jobs coming from government work with the local air force base or the county itself. The per capita income rate is about 40% less than the California average and like many parts of California, lower income populations have turned to medical marijuana to relieve the financial stress produced by the outfall of the ongoing financial crisis. Yuba County also sponsors FACT, an anti-marijuana group in the area that documents and publicizes police raids and seizures in the county.

    Heard enough about Yuba County?

    There’s also lots to say about Mendocino County. Just go back 20 years ago to the era of Sheriff Tony Craver and DA Norm Vroman. They were two private militia-types who wrote the book on shaking down local pot growers.

    A good starting point?

    Leslie Charles Crane, a reverend with the Mendo Spiritual Remedies and Hemp Plus Ministry, who wouldn’t pay “protection money” to local cops. He was murdered by a masked tactical team in Laytonville. It’s still a cold case.

  11. Gabriel Ferreira August 10, 2021

    Pot dealers? Nice try. Cannabis farmers.

  12. Lazarus August 10, 2021

    These stories and worse have been floating around Mendocino County for years.
    I guess the plaintiffs have money and or attorneys with the guts or moxie to take on the most powerful in Mendocino County, past and present.
    Before anyone is sized for an orange jumpsuit, it is said, “you can sue a ham sandwich…”
    But, if the Feds get or are involved, everything could change.
    Be well and very careful.

    • Marmon August 10, 2021


      I love you Laz, the feds are involved, I’m sure.


  13. Harvey Reading August 10, 2021

    Ahhhhh, life in rural NoCal, a place with a fair number of folks who wanna secede from CA and call the place “Jefferson”, after the slave raper. Y’all make the high plains seem tranquil and serene…and law abiding. I’ll be curious to see how current law enforcement and the courts handle this one. Will Eyster have to recuse himself from the court proceeding? Or will the court appoint a prosecutor from outside the county? Or…will this case even get off the ground in terms of court action? Given what I’ve read here about y’all’s county government, nothing would surprise me.

    • Mark Laszlo August 16, 2021

      Harvey, have you read the Declaration of Independence? The Republic of Plato?
      Ancient Greeks and Romans had slaves,
      but also many of the best ideas underpinning
      Western civilization. Slavery is atrocious, so why don’t you protest all the forms that exist today instead of insulting such a high-minded man and the revolutionary ideals of his colleagues that lead the movement for democracy in the world? No person or society is perfect. Don’t insult the best ideas along with bad ideas. Cherish the rights you still have before they are taken from you. Rights are so hard to win and easy to lose. The USA’s founders were so clear about that. Even with injustices against non-whites, Jefferson and friends progressed civilization and still inspire the world, that it is possible for Peoples to govern themselves. Jefferson and Washington grew cannabis and tried it for medicine and fiber to
      heal, prosper and protect the Nation. Few now
      imagine what true liberty is like, since some have done their damndest to cheat and steal life liberty and the pursuit of happiness from people. Warning: They are finishing that process now.
      If you dis the USA’s founders, you better say who gives a better example of how to win and keep liberty. With savants like Thomas Jefferson insulted, free speech is under attack from both right and left. Don’t be casual about your rights.
      Like wisdom, they cost blood. And you’d have fewer w/o Jefferson.

  14. Sick of lies. August 10, 2021

    Oh just the tip of the EYSBERG!!! Allman’s girlfriend too. She bolted with a lot.
    Personally know folks had pay to play shoved down their throats. Repeated requests from DA pay x and it will all get dropped. Folks couldnt pay sent to jail over 10# of weed.
    The Johnson thing you bet yer bippy! 100% Get ahold of some canna records for those years every deputy was permitted to have a garden. But have guns? ABOUT TIME OUTSIDERS LISTENED. FEDS NEED TO SQUASH MENDOSHITSHOW CORRUPTION ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  15. Friends of Spyrock August 10, 2021

    Read “Black”
    Scroll down. Start reading after
    Bill Cosby. Brings you to Mendocino
    County Sheriffs Dept. 2 Top dog(s) (ggy) style. Sex ring, sex club, wife swapping, weed growing, “suicides”,
    Lawsuits. Then I know! We’ll move him to Ukiah and promote him from
    Sgt. To Lt. 👏 bravo, Hoogie Coogie
    Man. Real Cops reports get shut down. Hey Matt, why don’t you call the F.B.I. in on these guys?
    Or didn’t you go to school with their
    ” Lay down & do everything the nice Deputy tells you”.

  16. Friends of Spyrock August 10, 2021

    Does Laura Reynolds know Tom had a girlfriend? Or was She the girlfriend?
    If different than Laura,; please post name. She’s probably one of Mendocino’s Missing. Was it Barbara Norton or Tellie Simmons, or maybe Katherine ” the horse lady”? No wonder kids are always embarrassed by their parents. Does he have his girlfriend stashed up in Shelter Cove?
    Everybody step-up. Give up where they hid
    Chris Giauque’s remains. Don’t be scared anymore. $ 400,000 reward.

    • Heard and seen some things August 11, 2021

      friends of spy rock. I’m really happy someone else is on the same page as me. I was depressed believing that I was just alone. They do need to give it up.
      But not Barbera. They wanna find her they need to go talk to her little cracked out niece. That’s who drove off with her . From David’ A’s house and he died now. But she’s still around and she is always blabbing maybe she can get to a place in life where she can build up some kind of conscience.

  17. Heard and seen some things but forgot to mention above. August 11, 2021

    But let’s do one better and not forget to put Old Clarence Holmes in with the rest where he most definitely belongs. Him and Brucie are tight. Always have been. Even in the dark on the side of highway 101 from what I have been told . Let’s just say that there’s at least one homicide that is probably labeled suicide and that weed was removed and not noted and maybe a guy I know might have seen it go down from the bushes on the hillside where he was camped guarding his crop many many years ago. Also I think kym Kemp should check out this particular article. As should the families of the guy on east hill road in willits, and the guy off the side of 101 south of Laytonville that lived by the don’t forget the magic sign and , well too many more to list hopefully people are paying attention

  18. Mendocino Mamma August 11, 2021

    A girl named Sue.

  19. Friends of Spyrock August 11, 2021

    Regarding Barbara Norton.
    Last saw her hanging with people at 1111 Eel Rock Rd.
    Myers Flat, Ca ( Fruitland Ridge)
    Interestingly, Ken Estes used to be associated with that piece of property
    And “The Double”. “Double D”
    Daniel Dobbs. Teflon Dan. Was there.

  20. David Lampach August 11, 2021

    I’ve never seen anything but the opposite of what this complaint alleges from Randy Johnson.

  21. Marmon August 11, 2021

    I think this whole Allman/Eyster thing just shows how stupid Mendocino County Voters are.


  22. Professor Cosmos August 11, 2021

    Go down to the Eyster section on this Oxford U paper, related to Eyster’s payment program. Extremely detailed:
    That program seems to be the basis for the extortion charge in this civil suit.
    I read the whole pleading.
    Eyster and Allman may have a basis for a cause of action to file a defamation suit. There’s no evidence of wrongdoing presented! Not sure about those involved in some specific cases involving COMMET agents, wildlife agents, and possible bogus basis for search warrants claiming illegal water diversion.

  23. Professor Cosmos August 11, 2021

    There are various posts here saying all sorts of things about missing people, suicides, murders, girlfriends, etc but I can’t make heads or tails out of it. Can someone please post a coherent post with characters and narrative more clear?

  24. Marmon August 12, 2021

    I don’t believe Eyster and Allman’s “Mendocino Shakedown” program was ever really litigated fully due to corrupt County Judges and the passage of Prop. 64. A cash only program with no receipts?


    • Bruce Anderson August 12, 2021

      In fact, Eyster’s sensible pot prosecution — a fine in exchange for a misdemeanor or take yer chances in court — not only saved a lot of money, it made money for the county.

      • Marmon August 12, 2021

        yeah but was it legal?


        • Bruce Anderson August 12, 2021

          Yes. Eyster did his homework and his policy not only went unchallenged, it was celebrated.

          • Marmon August 14, 2021

            It went unchallenged until now. If it was so celebrated how come no other County used it?


            • Bruce Anderson August 14, 2021

              Ask other counties. And ask all the people who settled for misdemeanors rather than risk a lot more money in lawyers and likely felonies.

              • Marmon August 14, 2021

                I thought your newspaper had no friends.


                • Bruce Anderson August 14, 2021

                  Trust but verify. Quick, who said that?

            • Marmon August 14, 2021

              The only reason it was never challenged is because U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag of Northern California resigned before any action could be taken.


              • Bruce Anderson August 14, 2021

                And quickly replaced by another political hack who also didn’t challenge it.

        • Professor Cosmos August 12, 2021

          Yes, read the Oxford paper I linked above. He used a statute, in the Welfare code I think.

    • George Hollister August 14, 2021

      From my layman perspective, the restitution program originating with Eyster is no different than any other program that collects penalties for bad behavior, and provides carrots for good behavior. The restitution money went directly onto the county general fund, and at budget time was put into the Sheriff’s Department. That program kept a lid on things, until pot was decriminalized, and an unprepared and uncaring county invited everyone in the world to come here to participate in the black market for a fee. If there was ever an irresponsible policy driven by county greed, to profit from cannabis, the latter is it. The unintended consequences of that are an increase in the county violent crime rate, and the cannabis referendum we now see.

      I didn’t see where the downside of the cannabis restitution was, and did not hear anyone complain about it at the time. An amazing number of cannabis growers learned to count to 25, which is an amazing accomplishment by itself.

      • Marmon August 14, 2021

        We’ll see, the plaintiff ‘s attorney specializes in asset forfeiture laws.


        • George Hollister August 14, 2021

          What was done was not assist forfeiture. The money coming in from cannabis defendants was to cover costs of arresting and prosecuting them for breaking the law.

          • Mark Laszlo August 22, 2021

            If it wasn’t criminal asset forfeiture or civil asset forfeiture, what law was used?

            • Marmon August 22, 2021

              Eyster sells it as “Restitution”. That asset forfeiture attorney the plaintiffs have hired sees it as something else.


              • Bruce Anderson August 22, 2021

                To repeat, Eyster’s strategy was to offer bustees charged with felony violations a fine and a misdemeanor and probation or take their chances of serious jail time in court. If I were looking at several years in the state pen this would look like a very good offer. It looked that way to all the people who took it, too, because it was your basic win-win for the failed state of Mendo who got the cash to squan…. well, I’ll leave it there

                • Harvey Reading August 22, 2021

                  Kinda like the way prosecutors and judges treat dark-skinned people, with no funds to hire a real attorney, and who then cop a plea of guilty for a crime they never committed. What a different world is the real one…nothing like what the dimwiit, flag-waving coach taught us about in the so-called “civics” class in high school…

                • been there November 23, 2021

                  keep in mind he charged them sometimes 10 times the cost of the is that legal. This is a federal hobbs act violation..It is not restitution.It is supposed to be “recovery of expenses” AB 11470.2 .you cant charge 10 x the cost of a raid.

      • John McCowen August 14, 2021

        George Hollister:

        DA Eyster’s restitution program was a positive in many ways. I agree with you there. It was also legal with the conditions of every single case disposition laid out on the record and in open court with the defendant or their attorney confirming their agreement to a stipulated statement of facts and resolution of the case. I believe the DA’s door was also open to every defense attorney to hear their explanation of why their client should not be charged or at least not charged with a felony. No one had to agree to a stipulated resolution. Like any other plea deal the defendants had the option to go to trial.

        But you are wrong on several counts when you say the county “invited everyone in the world to come here to participate in the black market for a fee.” To this day, the only people who were allowed to apply for permits had to show proof of cultivation in Mendocino County prior to 2016. And no new applications have been accepted since October of 2019. That’s the opposite of throwing the doors wide open. And if the referendum passes it will make legal cannabis in this county almost extinct while doing nothing to suppress the illegal market. A vote for the referendum will be a vote in favor of everything that people don’t like now about cannabis.

        • Marmon August 14, 2021

          You should let your attorney speak for you John.

          DOES 1-50

          jus sayin


          • John McCowen August 14, 2021


            The lawsuit confirms without a doubt what was already known – there were a couple of crooked cops in Sonoma County. Beyond that, the lawsuit offers zero facts in support of it’s attention grabbing allegations. The lawsuit will generate some billable hours for the attorneys involved but like the first Gurr/Borges lawsuit that’ll probably be about it.

        • George Hollister August 14, 2021

          “To this day, the only people who were allowed to apply for permits had to show proof of cultivation in Mendocino County prior to 2016.”

          My impression has been that proof of cultivation was not required to be substantive. Anyone could show proof. There was also an on going problem of accepting applications from people who would never be able to get a license, but the money was taken anyway, and they grew. Of course there was also the biggest problem, no code enforcement. People came from all over to take advantage of that. There was certainly enough money for code enforcement, but it was deliberately never funded. Of course there was no attempt to fill needed staff positions to administer the program, in order to get applicants processed, either. All the county was interested in was getting their cannabis money, which I understand was $5 million a year. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks for responding.

        • been there November 23, 2021


          stay off the kool aid…lol

  25. Marmon August 14, 2021


    I’m not one to call 911 myself but, there are concerns about what’s been happening here in Mendocino coming from the highest of law enforcement entities, such as the FBI and DOJ. Mendocino County has been under surveillance for quite some time. If you been ripped off by a Public Official, give them a call. Especially those of you who were victims of Eyster and Allman’s “Mendocino Shakedown”.

    FBI, This Week: Public Corruption Threat Emerges in Marijuana Industry

    Audio Transcript

    Mollie Halpern: As an increasing number of states change their marijuana legislation, the FBI is seeing a public corruption threat emerge in the expanding cannabis industry.

    States require licenses to grow and sell the drug—opening the possibility for public officials to become susceptible to bribes in exchange for those licenses.

    Supervisory Special Agent Regino Chavez…

    Regino Chavez: We’ve seen in some states the price go as high as $500,000 for a license to sell marijuana. So, we see people willing to pay large amounts of money to get in to the industry.

    Halpern: The corruption is more prevalent in western states where the licensing is decentralized—meaning the level of corruption can span from the highest to the lowest level of public officials.

    As recreational marijuana becomes more widespread, Intelligence Analyst David Kirschner says states should expect the corruption problem to increase.

    David Kirschner: It’s our role as the FBI to help to ensure that the corruption doesn’t spread in this new industry.

    Halpern: If you suspect a dispensary is operating with an illegally obtained license, or suspect public corruption in the marijuana industry, contact your local FBI field office. With FBI, This Week, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau.


  26. Mendocino County’s Finest August 17, 2021

    I wonder if Fort Bragg Police Department has a hand in any of this? Former police officer Chris Awad was on the Mendocino county task force no longer employed due to corruption and being a sexual predator

  27. K Mac August 20, 2021

    Captain Matthew Kendall, Shannon Barney, Noe, detective caudillo, Verdot, Jacob Donahue, Brixie, Schofield or involved in covering up the assaults on eight people including two pregnant women and then framing Michael Marlin who is murder by Kendall going intothe evidence room two days after the shooting and tampering with seized corners property a bloody black T-shirt, camouflage pants so that Marlin could not prove his innocence.

    FBI, attorney general, please look into Mendocino county sheriff-coroner coro7 – 390 decedent’s James Redenius

    Officers falsified 3 reports, tampered with evidence, tampered with an audio recording, tampered with transcript in Marlin’s case where they actually got the court reporter to erase officers statements where Verdot was caught lying about being on duty the night of the shooting!

    FBI please intervene

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