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Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Dino!

This is Dino from somewhere in Mendocino. I might be nuts but I'm no dummy. I'm sure you've seen the Daily Journal of October 10 where the Board of Supervisors gets up to date on the mental health privatization transition.

Let's be real. The reality is the Board of Supervisors outsourced our mental health services to a private mental-health company that doesn't even know how to bill Medi-Cal. Ho Lee Fuk! It's not the news reporters that are putting spin in the mix. It's the corrosive information we get. For every word the board of supervisors says there is 50 that they don't say or pretend they don't know. The town Cryer, HHSA director Stacey Cryer and her crew, Tom Pinozzotto, Dan Gjerde, Dr. Mark Montgomery, Susan Winn-Novatny, Ortner of Manzanita subcontract agency. Would you trust a subcontractor to build your house? Hell no. So why trust a MediCal subcontractor? Anyway Cryer and Crew of the Santa Rosa Wellness bilked Medi-Cal for millions if not billions, and you can bet your last dollar that they know how to bill Medi-Cal, Blue Cross, Medicare. And Jim Shaw and Mrs. Shaw and her crew just talked about billing Medi-cal. That's all a private for-profit group gives a damn about, not treating us, which they have to do before the billing starts. It may take days, it may take months to treat a person. I'm no expert as I said, but I've been to Napa-Metro and Patton state hospitals because Sonoma county and Mendocino county, judicial counsel, county bar, board of supervisors, doctors association, psych doctors association, are attempting to shut me up. But it's a little late. Kathleen Colleen forged my name on a false document in a capital punishment case and was sent to prison for five years. It's public information. So the powers that be must be attempting to cover up their involvement. That being said you can't stop these people when the attorneys and DA Ester and judge Behnke say you are 1368 PC incompetent to stand trial and you lose all your civil rights. So they order you to Napa. You can't stop it. So I made the best of a bad bad situation. I said I would study like I'm in medical school so I did. Let me explain, I've had fellow patients in Napa and unlimited doctors to ask me questions. In fact, I have so many questions that I drove them crazy. They tried to say I was crazy so I turned it around. I even told Judge Ann Moormon that PD Linda Thompson was incompetent and that federal appellate attorneys had said so and it's in black and white and she didn't exclude the knife in the Elliott case. Moormon started yelling, Mr. Stevens, you have no right to say that, and I said, And you have no right to say I'm incompetent, and out the door I went.

Anyway back to my forced medical schooling, I went through. Here it goes: schizophrenia has paranoid delusions, anger, happy, sad mood swings, crying, depression, and bipolar has the same exact symptoms. So I say to Dr. Magner, I've seen the same symptoms in both patients, so how can you say one is bipolar and the other is schizophrenic? He threw his papers in the air and walked out.

Let's talk about drugs, psychotropics. The new atypical psychotropics: Haldol, Prolix and, Clozapine, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Risperdal, and Ability. Although not a placebo, they could be considered as such if it weren't for the side effects which are worse than crank, ecstsy, meth, Molly, KJ, PCP put together. The new drugs are used now in Napa and the staff documents everything for the big pharmaceutical companies. It's a $1 trillion business in America, the good old USA. But the state hospitals don't pay a penny as long as the state hospitals report every little side effect or every big side effect like death. So, yes, we are the monkeys for the big pharmaceuticals. I'm not saying some of the new atypical drugs won't help some people. But you cannot take them long term. They will kill you. Mental illness could be as simple as a protein imbalance to self-induced psychosis from drug use, to long-term solitary confinement psychosis induced by jailers or prison guards, or home abuse.

Psychology is a guessing game at best. That's why ill people must try different psychotropic drugs to see what works best for them. Then there's the question of how much to take. It's best to take a high-dose and work down until the patient is on an even functioning level and this needs to be closely watched by trained staff who have the authority to treat the patient without some overlord saying don't give too much medication, it costs too much, or don't give that kind of medication, it's too expensive. Don't do this, don't do that. You have to understand the nature of the illness so you must work with the patient over time. Doctors and staff should pay close attention to what the family says and/or the patient's advocate. And staff must understand the nature of the psychotropic medication.

I would say that you should ask a doctor and a pharmacist if they are well informed on psychotropics. The new psych meds are called atypical and the older psychotropic medications are the typical thorazine, mellaril, cogentin, diazepam, aka valium. Speaking of barbiturates, phenobarbital might be all you need and side effects are less damaging to your health.

So, as I was saying, the old psychotropics are still on the pharmaceutical market. But the big pharmaceuticals are pushing the new atypicals on the United States. And no one wants to do the thorazine shuffle anyway.

I will have to say though it's been a been seven months and the board of supervisors should have had the new mental health program set up completely before shutting down the old one, right Ms. Stacey Cryer and Ms. Shaw? I will put in a second request form to join in your new jail wellness program. Maybe you can stop my Napa transfer and save the taxpayers a handful of money for a few government- paid patients rights advocates who will monitor your corrosive actions such as closing down one mental health system before starting a new one. By the way, I called many times down to the Ford Street patient's rights advocate. No answer. Someone please call the AMA patient rights advocates. I sent a letter to Napa and requested a patient rights complaint form. No response. Well don't give up people. Peace, wellness and longevity to you all. Don't let the bastards get you down.

Dean Stevens

Mendocino County Jail, Ukiah

PS. I was arrested for vandalism and declared incompetent due to mental health issues.

PPS. Inmate Grievance Form for Dean Michael Stephens. August 6, 2013

Grievance: Sheriff Allman changed my booking number from A50184 to A02415. I would like to know why. You say it's due to a new system/computer. I'm a programmer. I would put the original booking number/inmate number in the new system saving time and money in tax dollars and paper and staff time. It seems to be conspiratorial, scandalous, corrosive corruption on its face. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not change the people's driver's license numbers when they put in an upgraded computer. Even if staff and elected officials are unaware that if any person in a government office is found guilty of a felony they lose their pension fund and any future office benefits. So please do let me know why the Sheriff changed my booking number and thwarted justice or was it just to create unnecessary work? I don't think Governor Brown likes wasting paper or wasting tax money. I must now change legal documents, court records, medical records, department of justice reports, medical records, mental health records, federal court records, and I will need to add a new number to the old number. This grievance is not satisfied, please take it to the next level.

Reply to Inmate Grievance: Mr. Stevens, your inmate number changed and you were informed of the change. Lots of inmate numbers change. So make note of the change and make the necessary changes to your paperwork. As far as an explanation, you only need to know we found it necessary to make the changes. Sorry that has inconvenienced you. Sergeant Knapp.

Level 2: Your inmate number is used internally for identification purposes and is not used by the court, either superior or federal court, or the Department of Justice. This number is unique to Mendocino County. Changes were necessary in order to facilitate new computer systems that will increase efficiency. minimize errors and decrease time in dealing with commissary and money transactions.

Stevens: I'm not satisfied as you changed my ID on medical and past history. You could have put my old number in the new computer more efficiently. Next level, please. This is corrosive.

PPPS. There was no problem with commissary or money problems unless you count not having any.

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