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The non-profit North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council (NCRC&DC) in cooperation with the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District is hosting a pollinator workshop on Friday March 21st in the Anderson Valley, the third in a series for the County. The afternoon workshop will be at the River's Bend Retreat Center, 18450 Rays Rd, Philo, from 1:00-4:00, followed by a garden/walk/tour along with a wine & cheese tasting from 4:00-5:00 pm. Later in the evening at 7:30 pm, we will be showing the film "More Than Honey" at The Shed (Behind the Ice Cream Shop) in Boonville. The afternoon program includes:

•Jessa Guisse, Xerces Society, Native Pollinators

•Kate Frey, Good Pollinator Plants for Anderson Valley and Pollinators in the Vineyard Setting

•Linda MacElwee, MCRCD, Installing and Maintaining Pollinator Hedgerows

•Michael Thiele, Gaia Bees, “A New Approach to Living With Honey Bees”

•Carol Mandel, NRCS, USDA Pollinator programs

For More Information, Contact the

Navarro River Resource Center, Boonville

(707) 895-3230

Pollinators are critical to agriculture, and bees are among the most active of pollinators. Seventy-five percent of all crop species depend on animal pollinators like bees to produce fruits or seeds. Bio-diverse plantings in hedgerows (rows/clumps of perennials and annuals planted in or near fields) can help support native bee and honeybee populations, providing a reliable source of nectar and pollen throughout the year to nourish pollinators. Hedgerow areas can also provide nesting sites for pollinators, and safe forage areas free of pesticides. Our speakers at the workshop will explain about bees, their needs, and how hedgerows can be built to support these important pollinators.

"More Than Honey" is a documentary film by the Swiss filmmaker Marcus Imhoof. The documentary explores the fascinating world of bees from California to Australia. The film shows small family, beekeepers as well as large commercial scale honey farms, all the while considering the relationship between people and honeybees, and our future if bees continue to decline. The filmmaker uses parallels in honeybees and nature at large, in a thought provoking assessment. “Eye-popping photography should draw viewers to this thoughtful, revealing documentary.” [John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter.]

Funding for this fun, educational event in Anderson Valley is provided by the Clif Bar Family Foundation.

The NCRC&DC is a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization working in Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties. The NCRC&DC’s overall goal is to protect water, soil, and air resources while promoting economic growth in our area. Its all-volunteer Council works to protect pollinator habitat, eliminate invasive species, promote agricultural tourism, support new and expanding farm operations, and encourage alternative energy from biomass. The Mendocino County Resource Conservation District (MCRCD) is a non-regulatory local agency supporting voluntary stewardship of natural resources on wild and working landscapes. Serving landowners since 1945, the MCRCD collaborates with private and public landowners to address natural resource concerns on their property. Utilizing Best Management Practices, MCRCD develops projects and pursues funding to assist landowners with meeting conservation objectives and/or regulatory compliance. The Navarro River Resource Center offers outreach, education and technical information resources to the local community and general public in the interest of furthering restoration in the Navarro River watershed.

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