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Chaney’s Previous Arrests

Ricardo Antoino Chaney (Lane County Booking Photo, March 6, 2014)
Ricardo Antoino Chaney
(Lane County Booking Photo, March 6, 2014)

Local records show that Eugene police arrested Chaney on March 6 on charges of unlawful possession of the drug ecstasy and unlawful possession or concealment of firearms. Chaney was booked and released that same day from the Lane County Jail.

According to a Eugene police online report, officers had stopped Chaney that day after being dispatched to the Monroe Park area regarding the possible location of stolen property.

Upon stopping Chaney in his vehicle, they found he had no vehicle insurance; during an impound search, they discovered several firearms, including a modified AR-15, as well as body armor located in the vehicle’s glove box and trunk, according to the report.

Chaney had no felony convictions in Oregon, records show. He was charged with felony domestic assault in Lane County in 2006, but the charge was later dismissed, records indicate. He was convicted on a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct in Lane County in 2003, records show.

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  1. thomas davis March 20, 2014

    law enforcement arrests a person sitting in a tree protecting the wetlands and lets a person with body armor and firearms go . . and police want to be respected? umm sure. how does this type of situation come about? is this inappropriate laws enacted? is this a corrupt judicial system? is this a perceived computer error? is this karmic action? no such thing as coincidence. whew.

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