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Our wonderful friend Victor is in UCSF undergoing chemo for leukemia and bone cancer. We are trying to raise money to keep the business open and help with huge medical bills. Soooo, we are having some fun fundraisers! Please check out the attachment and join us. We are already getting ticket requests so don't wait too long. > > Thanks so much for your help. This is an amazing community! — Keith

I don't really know Victor personally but I do know him by reputation. This man has worked hard to own a family run business in Mendocino and to send his kids to school. Right now his family needs our help and here is a fun way that you can help. VICTOR FEST! — Carol

Victor 3CHEEPER BY THE DOZEN. Another way you can help! Another way to help would be to put in an order for fantastic tamales today. Victor's friends and family will be making chicken, pork and vegetarian tamales with salsa and selling them by the dozen. These scrumptious  tamales usually sell for $3 each but this weekend will sell for $20 per dozen. Please call 937-3140 and put in your order today. Tamales can be frozen so order lots!

For information and tickets call Gallery of the Senses, 937-2021 or Garden Bakery of Mendocino, 937-3140.

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