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Letters (July 30, 2014)

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Mr. Boudoures referred to the alternative workweek schedule in his letter last week. Several years ago I researched this for a local employer and found out that an employer could use this alternate system only after a majority of the employees had voted, in secret, to do so and the employer must submit the results to the state’s labor statistic research group where they are kept on record.

Maybe things have changed. Call and ask: 576-2362, or consult the local labor lawyer, Andrea LaCampagne.

Best wishes,

Nancy Mayer, Philo

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My doctor is Mark Apfel, wherever he may be practicing. If he is denied residency at the Boonville Clinic, I will no longer attend or support that institution and would encourage others to do the same.

Daniel Myers, Philo

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I support Tom Woodhouse for Third District Supervisor. Tom and his wife Carlyn have been residents of our area for many years, raising a family, developing and opening a business, and paying close attention to local government. These are each very important elements in entering local politics.

I feel that Tom will well-represent the entire Third District while keeping jobs, road infrastructure, and public safety as top priorities. He will face additional challenges such as representing a diverse population and keeping the county reserves at an acceptable level on stagnant revenue, but I believe that Tom is up to the task. Please give him your vote.


John Pinches, Third District supervisor


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Dear Editor:

It is now three times Israel has invaded Gaza to “destroy” Hamas. Each time Hamas comes back stronger. Israel also invaded Lebanon to “destroy” Hezbollah. Hezbollah now has over 80,000 missiles, many of them state of the art from Iran. Each invasion resulted in the mass destruction of buildings and a large number of citizens killed or wounded but little affect on the capabilities of Hamas. Israel leaders should remember the definition of insanity: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Killing innocents is a good way of turning a population against occupiers. Israel needs to remember demographics are at work. About a third of the Gaza population is under 18. These young people have watched the deaths and wounding of their friends and relatives. They naturally would have a hatred of Israel and in particular the IDF soldiers. They will provide a ready source of recruits for Hamas.

Israel is on a suicide trip with their current policies of blockading Gaza and the apartheid cantonization of the West Bank. Given the rapid growth of the Arab population in Gaza, West Bank and Israel, Israel will find itself in the same situation as South Africa ultimately did with their apartheid policy.

In peace,

James G. Updegraff, Sacramento

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To the Editor:

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat had a front page piece Friday, July 18 describing efforts being made by some Mendocino County citizens to convince the State to require Sonoma County Water Agency to reduce the outflow from Lake Mendocino due to the dangerously low amount of water left in the Lake.

Water flow requirements are complicated and difficult to understand, and some figures in the article are inaccurate; this is somewhat acceptable. But one observation made by Ms. Anderson [PD reporter] should be immediately corrected. She says that the excessive releases from Lake Mendocino are mandated “largely for fish.” That is patently untrue. The fish don't need these large flows at this time of year. These releases are for water recreation purposes in Sonoma County.

To put this into perspective compare the releases from Lake Pillsbury down the Eel River at 9 cubic feet per second to the releases from Lake Mendocino today at 160 cubic feet per second. This is a massive abuse of power by the Water Agency and a culpable wasting of water.

Guinness McFadden, Potter Valley

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Dear Mr. Anderson:

It's time for the annual check. I know you promised to keep the print ed going as long as possible (and it looks so much better now!). I always get it in my PO box on Friday, so I have no delivery issues. Just wondering if another year of print is happening?

No matter how nice your online version, I just can't relate. I DO scan a lot of online info but don't actually READ a lot of it (except Counterpunch). I remember when I lived in Ann Arbor and got the City edition of the New York Times every day and how much I enjoyed it. Also the WSJ when I got the East Coast version in SF every day. I'm too old (69) to rewire my brain for experiencing print (which has been the major pastime of my whole life) as digital text.

I read nearly all of the AVA every week and would miss it a lot!

Will Davis, Covelo

ED REPLY: Yes, Mr. Davis, we're good for another year. Beyond that, well, we won't make any promises. Brace yourself for a generalization: Few people under the age of, say, 60, are reading print newspapers. Print seems doomed. Like you, I prefer print. I don't like reading on-line and seldom do it, not even the ava website. I refuse to own a cell phone. If someone ever catches me twitting or selfing, shoot me on the spot. As soon as I'm out of the newspaper biz I'm getting rid of my computer.

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Letter to the Editor

A letter to the Editor in a recent issue of Wyoming Wildlife from a self-declared old codger admonishes us that Republican politicians used to be whole-hearted advocates for clean water and clean air, protection of wildlife and habitats. Today’s politicians (my addition, Republicrats and Democrapubs both) vote against these core values.

Consider the cases of our local politicians. If you were to measure their voting stances against a stupidity quotient with 10 being the most stupid, how would you rate your local politicians? 1-10.

Issue: Caltrans has habitually violated the federal Clean Water Act which mandates protection of all remaining wetlands in the USA. The Board of Supes votes 4-1 for Caltrans to break the law. Only Dan Hamburg voted to halt the destruction. 1-10.

Our migratory birds are dying off rapidly. The primary reason: Habitat destruction. Caltrans has clearcut and bulldozed the nest and feeding station woodlands of the Willits Pacific Flyway. Willits City Council voted all for habitat destruction. 1-10.

Go Caltrans.

Wild and migratory songbirds are the insect eaters necessary for healthy agriculture and ecosystems. All the above politicians. Vote 1-10.

Caltrans kowtows to big monied contractors and the national mega-trucking industry. Has CalTransportation ever considered public transportation, even a rural bus system as in the French countryside? The money squandered on this unnecessary bypass would pay for this and much more. Do we want to develop local self-sufficiency or open development to national and transnational industries which bleed local economies to fatten corporate coffers.

These politicos call themselves lawmakers. How can they justify Caltrans’ repeated violations of federal law and procedures? Examine the so-called mitigations which amount to pseudo-science, squandering enormous amounts of taxpayer money while local needs are unmet. Costs for implementation of bad plans continue to rise. 1-10.

Our so-called lawmakers are elected to represent the best interest of the people, their communities, as well as our natural and cultural heritage. Should lawmakers support lawbreakers, even if they epitomize big money or power? 1-10.

Is it wise decision making to acquiesce to Caltrans’ wickdraining a seasonal wetland in the worst drought in California history? Does Caltrans know where the underground water goes? Has an underground watershed ever been mapped? Will draining the marsh also destroy the water sources of adjoining farms and ranches? Is this massive waste of our precious water in times of predicted continuous drought wise decision-making?

Caltrans has deliberately bulldozed the federally and state protected original Pomo village sites, mapped as protected sites with the original Caltrans plans. Then to add to the cultural genocide, they covered up their crime sites with three feet of toxic fill? 1-10.

1-10 on the stupidity-wickedness, quotient.

Why do we elect lawbreaker as lawmakers?


Dorothy M. Dorman, Redwood Valley

* * *



My name is Billy Doak. I am currently being held at Mendocino County Jail under an impossible bail amount of $300,000 and some trumped up charges and allegations. District Attorney Kevin Davenport is trying to accuse me of assault with a deadly weapon and mayhem charges for a firearm accident involving my former fiancé, Lorrie. She had been drinking and she was out on the front porch of our home when she picked up my father's .45 pistol I had set there. She cocked it back (I assume to check if it was loaded) when it accidentally discharged into her finger.

I have been through one jury trial already and it was a hung jury, 6-6, on the mayhem charge and 8-4 on the lesser charge. All the evidence and witnesses in the case have already been brought before the judge and jury at Ten Mile Justice Court. My fiancé, her eight-year-old son who was taken by CPS as a result of all this, and myself have all testified saying it wasn't my fault, that it was a terrible accident due in part to drinking, not being familiar with the handgun in her lap, and her left hand slipping off the gun and in front of the barrel when the slide went forward and the pistol accidentally discharged. Her eight-year-old son testified that he saw the pistol in his mother's hand while she was sitting on the front porch that night. Lorrie has testified on the witness stand that the gun was in her hand and she slipped while working the slide and the gun accidentally went off shooting herself in the finger. She has repeatedly testified that it was her fault, her doing, and it was just a terrible accident. I testified under oath that I saw her holding a pistol, working the slide and I hollered, “Lorrie, no.” And saw her slip and the gun went off almost simultaneously as if her finger was on the trigger by mistake. I reached for the pistol. She looked towards me. And boom! The only people who say any different are Officer Guyden who was caught lying on the stand three or four different times; an elderly woman named Linda Schart who has a totally different off-the-wall story of a struggle over a gun in the house causing the gun to go off. She says that Lorrie told her this over the phone while Lorrie was in the hospital shortly after her surgery. Linda was also the lady with temporary custody of the children at the time of the court case and she also stated that she was getting paid by the state for the children and she didn't want to give the children back to their mother because she didn't think their mother was a good and honest person. Recently Linda Schart has had the children removed from her custody for mistreating them, physically and mentally.

Last but not least District Attorney Kevin Davenport who several miscellaneous older gentleman in the courtroom during trial told my father that “Man, that DA really has it out for you son; he's trying to hang him whether he's guilty or not.” I have also seen this as well as my father, my mother and my fiancé and who knows how many others who have witnessed this hostile behavior. He has yelled at me, called me a liar and outright accused me of shooting my fiancé on the stand in front of the courtroom and jury. I don't understand his behavior or hatred towards me. I have never met the man nor do I know anything about him, good or bad, except what he shown me in the courtroom and how he treated my mother when she was trying to get one of my medical passes in order for me to get a much needed surgery. He was rude and aloof like he was better than the rest of us when he laughed and said to my mother, “This isn't ever going to happen.”

I have had several other previous passes for miscellaneous medical and dental procedures that he raised a stink about also. I have also asked for bail reduction or supervised release and he has refused with animosity and and prejudice towards me. He has treated me this way through the whole trial and court process like he's prejudiced against me or my name. I feel he is not being fair or neutral in any way when it comes to me or my case. Judge Brennan on the other hand strikes me as a fair and just man and I'm sure it's because of him I was able to keep doctor's appointments for my health. Thank you, your honor. I do appreciate all you've done for me.

I would also like to thank my attorney Ron Britt. He was a great attorney who worked with me on price and was a significant help in helping prove my innocence and getting me through the first jury trial. However, I don't have funds to keep him on as my attorney and he is forced to let me go into the hands of a public defender against a district attorney like Davenport who is extremely prejudiced against me and my case.

I pray to God and beg for the mercy of the court to once again see my innocence and set an innocent man free so he can begin to put his life back together. If there are any attorneys wanting to work pro bono and help me with my case you can reach my mother at 707-972-3493 or reach me, Bill Doak A#11106, Mendocino County Jail, 951 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA 95482. I need all the help I can get. My trial is set for August 11, 2014 through to its finish. I'm still being held unjustly, being held guilty until proven innocent.

Billy Doak Jr., Ukiah

* * *



Why says the Sea

that embraces the anguished Sand

that holds the Blood of these Children

that played on the Summer Beach

before the Hellfire missile killed them.

Deborah Snow, Ukiah

* * *



It is said and no one disagrees with the statement that we spend more money on defense than all other major nations together. That seems unbelievable, but it's apparently true. During World War II we were fighting two nations at that time that apparently wanted to conquer the world and we built a mighty military establishment. Since then we have become the world's police force, telling people how they should run their governments with no success. For those people who think we should try to run the world, let's take a look.

In Korea, the first squabble we got into after World War II, it cost thousands of American and Korean lives. Many veterans who were wounded are still suffering 60 years later. We still have a large amount of troops there supposedly protecting one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Two separate countries, with the North keeping a big military but the people are some of the poorest in the world. I might add that North Korea with all its military fanfare has not expanded out of its borders of 60 years ago.

Then came Vietnam. Again we spent billions of dollars, caused high casualties to us and the Vietnamese people, and solved nothing.

Again in Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The latest blunder is how we got involved in all the Islamic world from North Africa to the Middle East and put the whole area into civil war.

My point is our military is way too big; half that size would have been sufficient to protect our shores and keep out of other nations' problems which are unsolvable by us.

Once we create something in government is unbelievably hard to keep it in check. In the private world competition keeps it in bounds. The biggest culprit is campaign contributions making efficient government impossible. We hear nothing from those who give or those who receive these contributions. My solution is we take three or four each from the Army, the Navy, the Marines and the Air Force — no politicians — put them in a big room, close the door, and tell them here is half the military budget we now spend; you people figure out how the amount is to be spent by each. They don't come out until they have an agreement. Maybe this sounds silly, but as we listen to each of the services' arguments, they are really silly and mine makes a lot of sense. If this can be done we can use similar methods for other parts of government and bring that word competition to the government. Oh yes! If any of these cannot keep from overruns we cut their retirements in half or more.

Emil Rossi, Boonville

* * *


Editor & Publisher Anderson:

Cellphone cancer is killing thousands of people. My landlord of ten and a half years kept his cellphone in his pants pocket and now he's dead. Cellphone cancer is killing thousands of people.


Diana Vance, Deadtree, Mendocino

PS. Farina bangs her dish and screams: Radiation. Testicular death.

* * *


To Don MacQueen and friends:

Sorry to mark the passing of a fine critic and a true communicator. We loved to twit him for his virtues and chide him for his virtues. We regret causing any cessation in his flow, but the devil's advocates do love to play in the field of dreams: Long live Don MacQueen's spirit and cause.

When I think of the tonic the AVA letters provide, when I relish the wit of real people, I am constantly reminded that the Palestinian cause(s) would profit mightily if they brought back the Philistines.

Ignatzio Hephalumpe and all the twerps at Amalgamated Voorhee send condolences.

Bonzai! Pax Amalgamated Voorhee. Benitzio Notocord Claude V Whorribly.

Ignatzio Hephalumpe, Bellingham, Washington

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