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FireScape Workshop In Willits

A two-day FireScape Mendocino workshop will start Wednesday, September 3 at the Willits Community Center, 299 East Commercial St. in Willits. The workshop is part of a collaborative approach to develop resilient, fire-adapted ecosystems and communities across the landscape. The workshop is free and open to the public, with lunch provided both days. However, pre-registration is required before Thursday, August 28. To register, please contact Marilyn Perham at 530-897-6370 ext. 200 or email<>. The workshop is anticipated to start with a brief fieldtrip, followed by indoor group exercises focused on land and resource management. Discussions to date have focused on shared visions, values, proposed targets and perceived threats and opportunities on state federal and participating privately owned lands in and around the Mendocino National Forest. This workshop is intended to determine which strategies will be pursued in order to boost the health and viability of the group's shared vision, as well as introduce the next step - developing the activity plan that will guide work on the ground. FireScape Mendocino invites partners and interested public to come to the table and actively engage and participate in growing a strategy to manage this unique and diverse landscape. For more information on FireScape Mendocino, please contact Rick Mowery at 530-934-1175 or Don Amador at 925-625-6287.

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