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Mark Scaramella for Supervisor?

That's what Dave Smith over at Ukiah Community Blog is proposing:

If you’ve been reading Mark Scaramella’s insightful weekly reports on the County Board of Supervisors for the past few years in the Anderson Valley Advertiser, or gone to any of their meetings, you realize how utterly ineffective the Supervisors and CEO have become. With county budget deficits growing by the day, it is now alarming. Isn’t there somebody around in the 5th District who has the history, experience, smarts and toughness to ask hard questions, demand real answers, and help make reasonable decisions?

How about Mark?

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry/Enology from Fresno State University. Ten years as USAF officer in aircraft maintenance management, defense acquisition and contract management, and logistics engineering. 15 years in defense and commercial contract engineering management, computer programming and consulting, technical writing, and part-time community college instructor.

Nephew (and political student) of the late former 5th District Supervisor Joe Scaramella, the best and most popular supervisor Mendocino County has ever had. Almost 20 years at the Anderson Valley Advertiser following county issues and politics in depth. 15 years as public rep on the Anderson Valley Fire Department Budget committee.

I asked him if he were a candidate for Supervisor in the 5th District what he would do about our looming problems…

"The only real county issue at this point given the badly declining revenues and state gridlock is how to introduce staff and contracting efficiencies, particularly in general fund departments," Scaramella told Smith. Were he a supervisor, he'd turn over half his salary for "specialists, auditors and attorneys to develop proposals for cost savings, workload decreases, and reasonable new revenues." He'd enlist retirees and volunteers to audit larger departments with the purpose of providing clear information--"instead of the governmental mush now referred to as a 'budget.'"

An interesting discussion Dan Hamburg wondering if Mendo government is as "totally incompetent" as Scaramella says. (Scaramella's response: "I’m not saying anyone is 'totally incompetent.' I’m saying there needs to be basic management and reporting. I’ve tried describing it but obviously it doesn’t sink in.)

Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt then Mendo-fied what began as a reasonable back-and-forth, declaring that no one with a background in the military industrial complex is suitable to be a supervisor in Mendoland.

Thanks for clearing that up, Brandon.

I mean, like, duh. Mr. S. is obviously a Pentagon toadie who couldn't give two turds about the county he spent the last two decades reporting on.


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  1. Pebbles Trippet March 20, 2010

    I’d support Scaramella in a heartbeat if he weren’t running against DanHamburg who like Mark is willing to put up a good fight against entrenched interests.
    *Last week, de Vall surprised us all by jumping into the race for Supe, after Colfax called it quits. Norman’s political positions are not significantly different than Dan’s, so we get down to personality differences in deciding who to vote for.
    *John Sakowicz was the first to explain de Vall’s supposed advantage over Dan, i.e., that Dan’s “too nice”, too gentile for the job and belongs in Congress with Senators and their ilk who write visionary policy on war & peace. “Dan is the right guy for a big stage”.
    *DeVall on the other hand is the right guy for the local stage. “For the 5th District, we need a hard-as-nails, can’t be fooled again, kick-ass, piss-and-vinegar guy like Norman de Vall.”
    *It gets down to macho v mellow, according to Sakowicz.
    I think not. It gets down once again to splitting the progressive vote to our detriment. It happened in the DA race, as well. Meredith Lintott is the result of Bert Schlosser running against Keith Faulder and siphoning off in the vicinity of 15%, leaving Keith with 42%, and the least capable person the winner.
    Judging from the past, there is no future to this approach.
    *When Els Cooperider ran against David Colfax in the 5th District without a single policy difference, her campaign lacked seriousness and she was not elected. Likewise with Norman de Vall, the new spoiler.

    I would support de Vall for Supervisor under other circumstances. He has much to offer. But I am dumbfounded that he would make an important decision like running for public office without benefit of public input, especially because Norman is such a naturally public person.

    Since he didn’t take the issue of splitting the community to the ListServes–where a smart coast community tunes in every day and would help him think this out — it is a strike against his candidacy on transparency grounds alone. Being accountable is what the public needs and craves and de Vall has failed to score.
    There are no policy differences to speak of. The inevitable result will be to siphon off coast votes from Hamburg but not enough to have a serious chance of winning. Whether thoughtless or with intent, de Vall is risking community good will if he continues.
    In my disappointment and disbelief, I am calling on de Vall to rethink his plan to run for Supervisor — unless a thorough ListServe discussion with his constituency gives him the green light. pt

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