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Jail Mail


A blessing in disguise!

Do I have any friends? I’d like to know. / Because the friends that I have they hurt me so. They lie and steal, they stab me in the back. / If these are true friends, then where is the love at? My wife, she cheats, a slut you might say. / I haven't touched her in months but she has sex every day. My kids have my eyes, but not my smile. / They curse like sailors and that's not my style. My father disowned me because I had to be fed. / I think I'm adopted — well that's what I read. I was sentenced to five years for something I didn't do. / They showed me a mug shot of someone who looks like you. My life has been shattered and I'm falling apart. / It's hard to be humble with malice in your heart. Well, my mother loves me at least that's what she will say. / It was for my own good, that's why she went away. I'm telling you folks that my life is a mess. / But the chaplain says, man you are blessed.

Larry Wilson

One Comment

  1. Trent Foster March 8, 2010

    You know we all have to carry our crosses, As far as the chaplian I would ask for a second opinion!
    Just dont pay a retainer fee!

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