Jail Mail


A blessing in disguise!

Do I have any friends? I’d like to know. / Because the friends that I have they hurt me so. They lie and steal, they stab me in the back. / If these are true friends, then where is the love at? My wife, she cheats, a slut you might say. / I haven't touched her in months but she has sex every day. My kids have my eyes, but not my smile. / They curse like sailors and that's not my style. My father disowned me because I had to be fed. / I think I'm adopted — well that's what I read. I was sentenced to five years for something I didn't do. / They showed me a mug shot of someone who looks like you. My life has been shattered and I'm falling apart. / It's hard to be humble with malice in your heart. Well, my mother loves me at least that's what she will say. / It was for my own good, that's why she went away. I'm telling you folks that my life is a mess. / But the chaplain says, man you are blessed.

Larry Wilson

One Response to "Jail Mail"

  1. Trent Foster   March 8, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    You know we all have to carry our crosses, As far as the chaplian I would ask for a second opinion!
    Just dont pay a retainer fee!


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