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Rarely do I get personal emails any more, the medium is nearly obsolete already. And I naturally have given up on real letters, in the mail. Now my email inbox contains mostly notices from facebook. Had I not signed up, communication by written words would be almost nil. Of course, facebook is, as a young friend noted, "an advertising medium," and it's only getting worse. Zuckerberg, you see, needs the money - just like Bill Gates and the Waltons. Every day I get new right wing propaganda notices, right down to the sales pitch for George H.W. Bush socks. I guess he needs the money, too.

Yesterday facebook reminded me that Jews have written the popular Christmas songs, this is presented as a revelation, and a question - Why, how? Cant' help myself, I must comment: For the same reason that Jews wrote so many classic rock and roll songs, the ones that weren't written by black musicians. The average Anglo-Saxon 'white' person is conditioned to regard music as trivial precisely because he has no talent for it.

For the most part everyone has accepted mass media. And popular entertainment as well, since the quality has been consistently as good as it gets (whatever that means to you). If anyone wants to be prejudiced against Jews and gays, they better turn off the TV and quit going to shows and movies.

Speaking of white people, facebook is rife with liberals "protesting" this and that, random harmless squeaks about republican hypocrites and bad guys. Such people must be monitoring fb and laughing their rich fat asses off. All is well for them, as these complaints go no further, mean little or nothing. Alex Cockburn appeared on C-Span once. The interviewer took a phone call. The caller started in with such preposterous stock-in-trade right wing bullshit, all the great journalist could do was look shocked at the stupidity of it and say "…Oh"

But he had been interrupted, the point made. the dialog ruined. Such is the power of propaganda.

A recent facebook post was about how historically, many disreputable characters have caused good things to happen. Okay. Somebody needs to write the other half of the story, how all the "good, respectable, admired" people have done the most evil and caused the worst damage.

Facebook, having hijacked the communications of millions worldwide, may fall into this category. But we seem stuck with it, almost as much as we are stuck with computers in general, motor vehicles, and "elected" government.

Spoke with a friend back east on the phone the other day. Said he stays away from facebook, fed up with pictures of food "that looks like puke."

I've seen a few of those.


  1. Jim Updegraff December 27, 2014

    Facebook is primarily a vehicle for the developmentally challenged.

  2. Jeff Costello Post author | December 27, 2014

    My, such a nice way to say “retarded.”

  3. Jim Updegraff December 27, 2014

    True, but I always like to be politically correct. Do not want the rabble throwing stones at me for being insensitive,

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