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  1. Zack Anderson Post author | May 29, 2015

    Does that make Joe Biden the Everlasting Gobstopper?

    • BB Grace May 29, 2015

      No Zach, It makes Biden the Zero bar (now owned by Hershey of the child labor chocolate and big sugar industry).

  2. Nate Collins May 30, 2015

    BB, that commentary was so classic I’ve got to transcribe it…
    “Is he insane?
    Climate change is their number one security threat?!?
    He’s on drugs.
    It doesn’t make sense.
    What did you expect from an affirmative action president?
    This guy has never served in the military and never worked a day in his life.
    What do you expect?
    I disagree.
    Have you seen his wife?
    Who do you think makes the decisions?
    He does what she says its that simple.
    Did you see that video of him working out?
    My eight year old daughter has bigger biceps than him.
    (laughs)… I saw that video. It’s true.
    Ha ha ha.
    No no no… I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for what he is doing.
    I’m sure he is deliberately trying to destroy his country.
    Of course he is.
    Of course he is.
    There has to be another explanation.
    Look what he did in Libya.
    It’s part of his plan.
    This is a man who ignore the evidence of his own eyes.
    He is too afraid.
    He does not want to admit the truth.
    Look how he deals with ISIS and their friends
    He thinks that if he is nice to Muslims then ISIS will stop trying
    to kill them and give them a big hug.
    You don’t think it’s deliberate.
    You people need to wake up.
    America is getting weaker by the day with this president.
    Your enemies no longer fear you.
    And your allies no longer trust you.
    How do you fix it?
    You start dealing with the problem.
    You start focusing on what it is.
    Like Egypt you get rid of this ISIS loving president
    And start defending America.”

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