Mendocino County Today: Friday, Oct 9, 2015

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GONNA BE A WHOPPER: Federal forecasters on Thursday reinforced expectations of a strong El Niño this winter, saying there’s a 95 percent chance the burly weather phenomenon, often linked to rain in California, sticks around until spring.

Equatorial waters in the Pacific remain extraordinarily warm and trade winds that typically push balmy seas away from the Americas remain weak. The conditions portend an El Niño on par with the giants in 1997-98 and 1982-83, according to the U.S. Climate Prediction Center.

In the past, strong El Niños have correlated with above-average rain in the southern United States, with Southern California often a landing pad for major storms and floods. Northern California has historically been less affected by El Niño, though the stronger the system, the higher the chances of rain.

During the 1997-98 winter, San Francisco saw a whopping 47 inches of rain, more than double the average.

California is wrestling with four years of punishing drought. Wet weather would be welcomed, particularly in the northern reaches of the state, where residents get most of their water from reservoirs and snowpack.

The monthly El Niño forecast released Thursday mirrors last month’s projections, which also offered a 95 percent chance that the weather system would be strong and hang around through California’s wet season.

Federal officials warn that the pattern brings no guarantee of precipitation and that even if the winter months are wet, California would need roughly 2½ times its average rainfall, depending on the area, to patch its drought deficit.

— Kurtis Alexander, SF Chron

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KEEP YOUR EYES SEAWARD. Hurricane Ohio is traveling a path from Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest toward Alaska and NWS Eureka alerts ocean lovers that we could experience 13 to 16 foot breakers starting Friday afternoon and into Saturday.


Although weatherunderground reports that the storm will track mostly northward toward Alaska as it weakens and that most of the winds will be to the east of the storm track.


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Mendocino County HHSA/Mental Health

For the past two weeks I’ve been studying the current ASO [Administrative Service Organizations: Ortner Management Group and Redwood Quality Management Group] mental health agreements in great detail. Page 7, provision 7, (Utilization Management) on both ASO agreements is where the breakdown is. That is most likely why Angelo wants to get Tom Pinizzotto’s signature off of things, especially in light of the grand jury’s “Appearance of a Conflict of Interest” report. The process of managing the under or over utilization of services is paramount to having an effective mental health billing system. Currently Tom P is basically writing blank checks to OMG and RQMC. As for the LPS conservatorship clients placed in OMG/RQMC facilities, Bryan Lowery (Public Guardian/Director of Social Services) is basically signing a blank check to OMG and RQMC/RCS/RCCC as well. His placement decisions as public guardian are based on the ASO’s and Tom P’s recommendations. In his role as Director of Department of Social Services, he is also signing a blank check to RQMC/RCS/RCCC for intensive foster care placements as well.

His [Lowery’s] department (FCS social workers) make their placement determinations based on RQMC/RCS/RCCC’s recommendations. Unfortunately, due to Mr. Lowery’s inability to hire qualified staff, it is the culture of Family and Children’s Services to approve all of RQMC/RCS/RCCC’s recommendations for specialized and intensive care rates. The RQMC/RCS/RCCC employees are seen as the experts, and newly hired Social Worker I’s have no idea if a recommendation is valid or not, so therefore, they just sign off and avoid a confrontation. However, by law, the social worker assigned to the case is required to act as the child’s advocate and assure that his client is getting the right care at the least restrictive level possible. More services are not better, the right services are more important. You do not put a child in intensive treatment just because you can. Matching the child to the right level of care is a must because you can really screw up a kid fast by placing them at too high of a level. A trained and qualified social worker would take this task seriously and critique the process. Unfortunately when I did this I was called argumentative and accused of not being a team player.

While I’ve always believed that OMG was under utilizing their service delivery responsibilities, I have also always believed that RQMC/RCS/RCCC has been over utilizing their service delivery. There are lots of things that can go wrong there. Medical Necessity is the key to making the proper determination in which services to meet a client’s needs at the right time, the right length of time, and at the right level. It is important to make sure that the there is not a practice of over serving clients, and/or making them look needier or sicker than they really are. I’ve worked in group homes and I observed good kids becoming bad kids after being placed in group homes. If over restricted they rebel and and resist treatment, which can result in a downward spiral for the child.

In Camille’s Schraeder’s September 1, 2015, letter to Bruce Anderson in the AVA, she tried to dispel my allegations regarding her or RQMC/RCS/RCCC’s influence over placement decisions. She explained that there are team meetings where those decisions are made. That makes me laugh out loud. Before the privatization of mental health services I could rely on the group process to a certain degree. Mental Health was independent from the foster care system and they at least appeared to be as interested in making the right placement decision as I was. They really tried not to overspend or make inappropriate placement decisions. Now, there are no checks and balances. RQMC/RCS/RCCC dominates the meetings and heavily influence all results. They are out of control, money is flowing everywhere and there is no one with the brains or guts enough to stop it.

Checks and Balances Definition (just a refresher)

“…a system in which the different parts of an organization (such as a government) have powers that affect and control the other parts so that no part can become too powerful.”

Groupthink exists in these meetings folks. As a FCS social worker’s participation in these meetings it is nothing more than being a document signee. “All decisions and recommendations are that of the agency, not an individual social worker opinion.” The social worker assigned to a case is also expected to play a spectator-“only” role as well. This is probably for the best right now since they don’t have the qualified staffing. BUT, it is not right. The Agency’s Dedicated Placement Unit (DPU) and RQMC/RCS/RCCC usually have already worked things out among themselves, and they just need the assigned social worker’s signature. The meetings are nothing more than a formality. When AJ Barrett was program manager of DPU, he informed me that it was the Agency’s policy and practice to place children, especially teenagers, at the highest level possible and have them work their way down to a family setting. This practice is still in effect, and highly illegal.

Based my education, training, and experience in the Mental Health field I knew the right questions to ask as the FCS social worker assigned to case. In Lake and Del Norte Counties I testified numerous times in court as a “expert” witness regarding mental health. My MSW concentration was in mental health, I fulfilled my master level field placement internship in the mental health field, and I worked several years as a mental health specialist. That is why I couldn’t help but to ask questions at times at some of these meetings. Unfortunately that practice proved to be fatal to me in the long run, so far.

Tom P. and Lowery are not doing their jobs honestly or efficiently, and they both need to be replaced fast. They are both legally mandated to protect taxpayers dollars and that is not happening. Instead they have left the money door wide open and are using their positions to funnel in millions of dollars to these two ASOs.

Our politicians see it as a boost to the local economy and welcome as much state and federal dollars coming in the county as possible. Unfortunately, this practice may cost Mendocino County in the future and they will not be able to provide mental health consumers with mandated treatment without compromising other HHSA department’s ability to provide their services. That is already the case unfortunately.

Bryan Lowery’s control of who gets the money for these people as the Public Guardian and as the Director of Social Services is an extremely scary. Just like Tom P., do we really want him having that much power? Tom P. and Lowery both come from the “group home industry” and that is their expertise. Their focus is to keep those beds full and assure as much funding flowing into the county as possible, both at the adult and children levels.

My Dad always had a saying, “if you’ll lie, you’ll steal.” I guarantee you that the truth is being stretched.

I’ve always been a proponent of the group process, but only if the group is functioning properly and opposing views are welcomed. A proper group process can be extremely beneficial and a needed safeguard against the practice of faulty decision making. STOP FAULTY DECISION MAKING!

I can’t believe that all Camille’s Schraeder’s competitors have stood still for all this. Are you content with having scraps thrown your way just to keep your mouths shut? What about the treatment community? Are you happy with being fed scraps as well? I’ve known many of you the past 22 years or longer, and I can’t believe how you as a community have allowed this to happen.

Stacy Cryer and Carmel Angelo should be held accountable as well. They hired these two characters.

Like Lemmings to the sea.

James Marmon, MSW

(aka Mr. Negative, and/or the conspiracy theorist).

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On 10-07-2015 Sheriff's Detectives identified the unidentified deceased Adult Male as being 43-year-old Marcos Bautista from Cloverdale. The forensic autopsy conducted on 09-29-2015 determined Bautista had died as the result of multiple gunshot wounds.


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ON THURSDAY, August 8, 2015 at 4:43 PM Sheriff's Detectives booked Edgar Fidel Contreras, 25, of Windsor, into the Mendocino County Jail on charges of murder and robbery in connection with this case. Contreras was the 25-year-old Adult Male that had been located by Deputies on 09-27-2015 after the shooting incident was reported. Had been hospitalized in Santa Rosa for treatment of gunshot wounds. Contreras is expected to be held in lieu of $500,000.00 bail.

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CATCH OF THE DAY, October 8, 2015

Anderson, Barajas, Brice
Anderson, Barajas, Brice

ROBERT ANDERSON, Clearlake/Ukiah. Petty theft.

JAIME BARAJAS, Ukiah. Possession of meth for sale.

ROBERT BRICE JR., Redwood Valley. Failure to appear.

Brown, Contreras, Dantes
Brown, Contreras, Dantes

JAMES BROWN, Redwood Valley. Vandalism.

EDGAR CONTRERAS, Windsor/Santa Rosa. Murder, robbery.

DANIEL DANTES, Bay Point/Fort Bragg. DUI.

Davidson, Evans, Fletcher
Davidson, Evans, Fletcher

JOY DAVIDSON, Fort Bragg. Under influence of controlled substance, probation revocation.

WILLIAM EVANS, Fort Bragg. Shoplifting, loitering, trespassing, drunk in public, failure to appear. (Frequent flyer.)

JASON FLETCHER, Ukiah. Criminal threats, resisting, failure to appear.

Fuentes, Holt, B.Martin
Fuentes, Holt, B.Martin

DAVID FUENTES, Clearlake/Hopland. Under influence of controlled substance.

WILLIAM HOLT, Ukiah. Probation revocation.

BRYAN MARTIN, Branscomb. Paraphernalia, probatioin revocation.

N.Martin, McMurphy, Peters, Pierce
N.Martin, McMurphy, Peters, Pierce

NICKOLAS MARTIN, Willits. Drunk in public.

JEROME MCMURPHY, Ukiah. Drunk in public, parole violation.

CHRISTOPHER PETERS, Stockton/Willits. Under influence of controlled substance.

LONNIE PIERCE, Fort Bragg. Drunk in public. (Frequent flyer.)

Rupert, Sarimento, Steadman, Tinajero
Rupert, Sarimento, Steadman, Tinajero

LEE RUPERT, Fort Bragg. Drunk in public.

JESUS SARIMENTO, Ukiah. Domestic battery, child endangerment.

JAIME STEADMAN, Laytonville. Pot sale, transport, furnish; ex-felon with firearm.

JUAN TINAJERO, Ukiah. Paraphernalia, drunk in public.

Tomczynski, VanMeter, Ware
Tomczynski, VanMeter, Ware

PIOTR TOMCZYNSKI, Willits. Saps/similar, failure to appear.


TIFFANY WARE, Willits. Under influence of controlled substance, loud, obnoxious, offensive language, resisting.

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Sounds to me like Oaky Joe was mostly in the right. The problem is that sometimes all of our best assumptions about medical marijuana regulations are rebuked by one swift action. The Sonoma County sheriff seem to be a bit conservative in their decision to prioritize this raid when it was not a criminal grow in any genuine sense of the term. Why did the sheriff not visit the farm and keep it on the up and up with Joe? I know in Butte county this year they radically limited the permitted amount to cultivate by close to 90 percent. This came down when conservative initiatives to limit pot were successful with voters. Honestly speaking the big clamp usually comes down in the summer leading up to a presidential election meaning 2016 is gonna be a hot one!

Why wasn't Joe given any heads up when that is the general precedent of law enforcement for most of northern California? In the case of Oaky Joe's collective (which appears to be a true one thus far) it is especially disrespectful to take everyones medicine right at the time of harvest. This medicine was maturing to be harvested and prepared for a lot of people and I am sure that a lot of people put a lot of hard work and dedication over the past six months. I could feel the anguish like a lump of dough in my chest when I first read the story. One could gather from experience or even from the accounts printed in this superior newspaper, that the level of depravity and crime present at thousands of existing grows across California absolutely negate any legitimacy of a raid on Joe Munsons collective. As Joe stated, "There was no trespassing, no environmental damage, no diverting of water, no trees cut, no neighbors complained." So what's the deal?

I heard Steve DeAngelo the other day on KCBS and I liked when he said whatever ends up being written into law in 2017 to legalize marijuana it WILL INSIST on the expungement of ALL PAST MARIJUANA CHARGES as patently unfair. A truth and reconciliation if you will.

My advice to law enforcement is to chill out on the good guys especially so close to full legalization. Sheriff Tom Allman on the other hand seems like a good dude, he makes friends with the good guys. I really liked when he said, "It's not always size but if you have 200 plants instead of 25 you're a flat out crook and you won't have the luxury of removing your 175 crappiest plants while police politely watch". We'll dub that one 'law enforcement straight dope statement of the year for 2015'. Oh well one last note, the fact that the raid stemmed from guards at the Bohemian Grove is a clear indication that the Trilateral Commission has their paws all over this thing.

Global economic planning for elite world domination.

This is some pretty psychedelic shit, man.

Happy harvest smoking!!! And don't forget to give to those poor or in need!

Nate Collins in the fields

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Dear Editor,

There is an effort to make Mendocino a Charter County, with more autonomy to put laws into the Charter. These laws have the force and effect as laws made by the State Legislature, as long as they don't conflict with the California Constitution. However, it would give us the freedom to choose the laws we want included in the Charter. Fourteen other counties have charters that are designed by them to give their counties unique laws to fit their needs. We could have instant runoff voting, which would save the county money. Also we could protect environmental and financial resources from exploitation by Wall Street. A Charter is a form of Home Rule authority which would gives us greater control over county finances. The initiative goes on the ballot In June, 2016. Be sure to vote YES on the Mendocino County Charter. Go to


Susie de Castro

Fort Bragg

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Funeral Practices 65 Years Ago

by Katy M. Tahja

Sometimes the museum where I docent gets a donation that opens my eyes with amazement. The “Family Worksheets” for six months from late 1949 into 1950 from a local funeral home came into the museum’s possession and while no one would share personal private information on the deceased, as a researcher I was fascinated at the details collected.

Names, residence, sex, color, race and marital status were expected, as was birthplace (city, state, country) and date of birth. Age at death was listed in years, months and days and if a baby lived less than a day it was listed in hours.

The dead person’s trade, profession or industry in which he worked was listed along with the total years in that occupation. The person’s father’s name and birthplace was listed as well as the mother’s maiden name. How long the deceased had lived in the local area was listed and if foreign born how long they had lived in the USA.

Cause of death and attending physician were listed. The informant who had answered all these previous questions was noted with his address, and all survivors were listed along with the deceased person’s lodge or church affiliations and military record.

Then the nuts and bolts of the burial were noted. Was it going to be a burial or a cremation? Was there to be a memorial service (date, time, place) and would clergyman be needed? If a burial who would the pallbearers be? Was there to be music? In a time when not all families had telephones the funeral home would (for free) make telephone calls or send telegrams about the services.

While it is to be expected there would be fees for caskets, services, flowers, transportation and burial plots 65 years ago the funeral home would dress the deceased. A suit or a dress, a shirt, collar and tie, and underclothing could be bought. A union-suit of underwear cost $2.50 in 1950 and socks were 50 cents.

Causes of death were what you’d expect. The problems of old age, alcoholism, dementia, tuberculosis, senility, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, cirrhosis of the liver, melancholia, diabetes, and the like were common. There were babies that died of heart problems, accident victims and suicides. Homeless unknowns were given a paupers burial for $100 if I understood what was written on the forms.

Often the choice of music for services was very precise, including whether one or two voices should sing a hymn. Popular songs were “Someday I’ll Call Your Name & You Won’t Be There”, “In the Garden”, “Crossing the Bar”, “Does Jesus Care”, “Somewhere a Voice Is Singing”, and “Lay My Head Beneath a Rose”. Some worksheets specified no music.

Fraternal organizations played a big part in the social life of local towns back then. The deceased were part of the Eagles, Fisherman’s Union, Kalevala Lodge, VFW, American Legion, Masons, Rebekah’s, Order of the Eastern Star, and Ancient Order of Foresters. Sometimes the dead had no one to speak for them. A 62 year old dead man from Rockport had a name, an age, and the fact he was from Yugoslavia but all other questions were answered “unknown” and there were no relatives.

The funeral home family worksheets provided an interesting look at end of life issues 65 years ago. People doing genealogy research might wonder if every funeral home at that time kept such detailed records of the their deceased and might want to inquire. People might learn new things about their deceased family member’s lifestyle.

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SEA & SKY, from Annapolis to North Beach


We hope this finds you well and we enjoy your paper.

We invite you to Lori's show, titled "Sea & Sky" with an opening Friday night, October 9, 2015, at the Telegraph Hill Gallery in North Beach. Here is a photo of the gallery just below Coit Tower at the intersection of Greenwhich & Grant.


Also we've included the poster for the show.

Sea and Sky Poster v1

Happy autumn from us here in Annapolis and we hope you can make it by sometime!

Best, Andrew Pursell

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by Katy Pye

It’s not unusual, however unfair, for people to look askance at outsiders who dress, talk, or act differently, especially if they come in groups. One such group, commonly known as Gypsies, have been maligned, even systematically murdered over the centuries, particularly in Europe.

The term “Gypsy” originally referred only to ethnic Gypsies, as opposed to other “travelers.” Although the term has derogatory implications, it may have originated among Gypsies themselves, believing they were a lost tribe of Egyptians. Ethnic Gypsies are not one people, rather multiple groups of similar cultures but different languages and country origin. The Romani originated in Northern India and by 1100 CE had migrated throughout Europe.

Thousands of ethnic Gypsies came to the US, primarily after 1880, to settle in the East and South. Eventually they migrated into numerous states, including California. Many, though not all, were wanderers, a lifestyle unacceptable to the sedentary communities where they stopped, camped, and sometimes created unlawful mischief.

The April 17, 1915 issue of the Mendocino Beacon ran two front-page articles about the new “Gipsy” gentry in town. The first piece, “Unwelcome Visitors” poked a finger at a few locals — “our E.Z. Marks” — who turned their dollars over to “a couple of Gipsy wenches.” Constable Patton gave the entire group the “hurry up signal” to beat their way up the road.


Article two, “Gypsy Man At Caspar Claims Camp Was Attacked At Night,” relates a 1am raid on a Caspar Gypsy camp by three young Caspar men: Billy Wilson, Carl Johnson, and Alfred Olson. When asked to leave, they refused. One of the camp men, Peter Mitchell, took up a shotgun and seriously wounded Wilson, a 29 year-old worker at the Caspar Mill. Billy would later die from blood loss through a severed artery in his leg. His friends either didn’t or couldn’t help stop the bleeding. By the time they brought him to the hospital in Fort Bragg later that day, Wilson’s condition turned from grave to fatal. Billy Wilson, “well-known on this coast,” was buried at Fish Rock, former home of the Wilson family.

The Sheriff held the campers until an inquest into the death could determine whether criminal charges were warranted against Mitchell. A week later, the coroner’s inquest jury verdict accused him of “intent to kill” — murder. District Attorney McCowan would prepare for the preliminary hearing, according to a piece in the April 23 issue of the Ukiah Dispatch Democrat. The same article relayed word from Mendocino that Mitchell and the two families grouped at the campsite were Greek. They were mistaken for the Gypsies that used the site, but had moved on several days before the fateful encounter. More details about the confrontation surfaced. Billy Wilson, according to Peter Mitchell’s testimony, entered the tent where Peter’s wife and month-old baby lay in bed. Wilson grabbed the child away from its mother, flinging it to the ground. He then tried to get into the bed. Mitchell grabbed a shotgun, later saying he only shot at the floor to scare Wilson off. He claimed to be unaware the shot hit anyone.

The original murder charge was soon dropped to manslaughter. The May 8 edition of the Beacon reported the District Attorney’s decision that a conviction “could not be made on such a charge.” Mitchell was released.

Without reading witness statements, the testimony from the preliminary hearing, or entering the jurors’ minds and hearts, we can’t know if Gypsy prejudice colored the verdict. The two remaining boys admitted to drinking that night, but that they never meant anyone harm. Confused testimony on the part of the witnesses, even among family members, may have led to the District Attorney’s decision not to prosecute. There is no follow-up to the Mitchell story.

A current resurgence of violence against European Gypsies drove small numbers to flee to Canada, which offered asylum until recently. Groups are again passing through California, now via Mexico with its open acceptance policy. A few groups have tried scam operations in the Bay Area. Perhaps most only camp and move on, looking for a better life.


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ACCORDING TO THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, world-wide Google searches on mobile phones surpassed those on desktop computers over the summer, marking the first time that has ever happened. The findings came via Amit Singhal, head of search at Google's parent company Alphabet. This shift is going to impact the search giant's business model as mobile searches mean smaller advertisements, among other consequences.

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Mr. Huffman,

The station's recent license renewal which had been pending for over 18 months was recently announced in writing to the AVA by Meg Courtney, President, MCPB. The AVA printed your staffer, Heather Gurewitz's email announcing the gleeful event in the AVA after the fact. I don't know if Meg and Heather are friends, but I understand that Heather represents you and your office. Therefore, I would think you are in support of her actions and her involvement with KZYX.

I would now like to draw your attention to a different sort of article that was printed in the AVA due to events from yesterday, Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

One of the recommendations made to the FCC was that the GM resign before the station license was renewed. The GM, John Coate, resigned one day after a Board Member and station members/donors issued a letter to inspect the financial records plus election and membership information. An attempt to do so yesterday (a scheduled inspection) was met with a police detail at the Philo studio (See letters below.)

If you have followed the crux of the issues at KZYX, you would not only call for your own inspection of the station's financials, you would further investigate how KZYX is not fully operating under FCC and CPB policies and regulations. You would also learn that the Board is systematically and intentionally circumventing one of its own Board Members who asked to see the financial documents of the station. Yes, for that reason a Board Member has been isolated with the hope he will just resign. This effort is lead by the new interim GM, Stuart Campbell. By the way, Mr. Campbell was the former President, before he and 2-3 other Board Members, made him the paid Interim GM without the knowledge of the FULL Board and the donor members. Finally, you would understand that the infrastructure of the station has the Staff leading the Board which is not how a not-for-profit should conduct the business of its members and the funds they contribute.

I urge you to review the serious nature of supporting a non-profit that is not operating as such.


Mary K Massey Mendocino, CA

* * *



Last week I sent email to the MCPB (KZYX) board of directors' account. I got no reply from any of them -- not even a "Got your email, thanks, I'm thinking about it." And then it occurred to me...

Stuart Campbell, as chairman of the MCPB board, used to stand between the public and the board members and decide what information to pass along to the board, what to angrily bark back about, and what to simply ignore and delete. Now that Stuart is not only not on the board anymore but general manager, actually answerable to the board that sets his rate of pay, I hope he's not still in control of that account, opening and filtering email that listeners and paying members send to the board's account thinking it's going straight from there to each of the board members.

And why was there ever such an obfuscatory wall in the first place? Why aren't the directors'/trustees' email addresses posted on KZYX' web page?

Also -- was the KZYX so-called news department on the story of Stuart Campbell ringing the station with law enforcement officers to block members of MCPB from seeing station paper records they're entitled by law to read and copy? Because that's news.

Marco McClean

* * *



Re: KZYX lock out

I saw the email Doug McKenty sent and wanted to give the info that Campbell told me the reason for the lockout was due to an email sent by John Sakowicz calling for a "storming of the station." He added that the Sheriffs Department also believed it was a credible threat.

I thought showing up was successful on a number of levels. First, it gave our group credibility that we walk our talk which will give more credence to our promise to litigate.

Second, I believe it acts as a curb to the arrogance and misinformation that is part of securing the FCC license.

Third, we were given a concession by Campbell when McKenty and I talked about the Programmer’s Handbook that was not included in the station documents that I received from Coate years ago. Campbell said he would put it on the station's website.

I believe keeping the pressure high for transparency will eventually break the confidentiality stance of the Board. At the last Board meeting, one of the agenda items was to have all Board members agree to sign non-disclosure agreements to which Campbell admitted having doubts as to its enforceability. To my mind, they are trying to restrict the minority dissenting voice of future Board members with the nightmare that Sakowicz has come to signify specifically in mind. King Collins mentioned that on his term on the Board in 2004, the minority opinion was as much as three Directors. Now they are attacking the lone voice, hoping to eradicate any semblance of dissent.

Unfortunately for them, we will not be silenced and we will get our day in court.

Sheila Dawn Tracy, Mendocino

* * *

ON LINE COMMENTS OF THE DAY RE THE FAIRFAX TRAIL MURDER: When I go hiking in remote areas, or areas where I am a little unfamiliar/apprehensive, I whip out my cell phone and take a quick video sweep of the parking lot. This way, in less than 10 seconds, I get a record of each car's license plate. You never know when you might need it. Also, didn't someone take a snapshot of one of these characters around the trailhead? Photographer had a bad feeling, I guess, and it turned out to be a valuable clue in identifying one of the three suspects. Cell phones are great tools; more than just "omg" and "lol".

* * *

If Carter was carrying a concealed weapon he might have had a chance. But like most people he was just hoping nothing would happen every time he steps out in public, more so off the beaten path. @sleepy

* * *

As someone who will move to a concealed carry state when I retire, and someone who has trained quite a bit in various hand to hand styles, I have to say that you're full of it. If a perp just pulls and fires, the chances of doing much about it are pretty small. Unless of course you are already set up and can beat the draw. This guy was kind and gentle. Not that type of person. Both a strength and a weakness. He is a real loss. The losers who killed him will not be. You've been watching too many movies. Give ya a hint. The script isn't reality.

* * *


The murder of the Tantric guru near Fairfax prompted an Only In Marin comment from his best friend. In a reference to the guru's killers, Best Friend said, “I hope they get the help they need.”

* * *


* * *


* * *


by Dan Bacher

As Jerry Brown continues to support the expansion of environmentally destructive fracking in California, the Governor on October 7 joined government, climate, business, environmental justice and community leaders in Los Angeles as he signed renewably energy legislation, SB 350, by Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles),

This bill, amended under heavy political pressure by the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), the most powerful corporate lobbying group in Sacramento, "bolsters California’s nation-leading commitment to energy efficiency, renewable energy and the fight against climate change," according to a press advisory from the Governor's Office.

“California has taken groundbreaking steps to increase the efficiency of our cars, buildings and appliances and provide ever more renewable energy,” said Governor Brown. “With SB 350, we deepen our commitment.”

Before being amended, Senate Bill 350 called for a 50 percent percent reduction in petroleum use in cars and trucks, a 50 percent increase in energy efficiency in buildings, and a goal of 50 percent of state utilities’ power coming from renewable energy, all by 2030.

On September 9, Governor Brown and legislative leaders held a press conference on September 9 to announce the removal of the provision in the bill calling for a 50 percent reduction in petroleum use in cars and trucks, under pressure from Big Oil. However, the other two provisions remain.

"SB 350 codifies goals Governor Brown laid out in his January 2015 inaugural address to double the rate of energy efficiency savings in California buildings and generate half of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030," according to the Governor's Office.

The signing event took place at 10:30 a.m. at the Griffith Observatory, East Terrace, in Los Angeles.

Senate President pro Tempore De León said, "Today, California is laying the groundwork for a healthier and sustainable future for all of our families. We are showing the world through innovation how we can transition and increase access to renewable energy while cleaning up the air we breathe, especially in our most polluted communities.”

Californians Against Fracking cautiously applauded this step, but warned that the bill "does nothing to address oil and gas drilling in California, which remains the third largest oil producer in the country."

"There’s no question that increasing the amount of power California gets from renewable sources is good for our state, but cutting emissions and increasing clean energy use only gets us part of the way," said Rebecca Claassen, Santa Barbara County organizer at Food & Water Watch, in a statement on behalf of Californians Against Fracking.

"Climate change affects us globally and to continue to lead, California must also reduce oil and gas production. Gov. Brown should immediately stop the worst drilling practices including all forms of fracking to further protect not just California communities, but natural resources worldwide," concluded Claasen.

While Jerry Brown grandstands about "green energy" and "climate change" in conferences and photo opportunities in California and across the globe, he has promoted the expansion of fracking in the state.

And fracking is just one of the many environmentally devastating policies of the Brown administration. Governor Brown has relentlessly pushed the salmon-killing Delta Tunnels under the Bay Delta Conservation Plan/California Water Fix; has promoted water policies that have driven salmon, steelhead, Delta smelt and other fish to the edge of extinction; presided over record water exports out of the Delta in 2011; backs the clearcutting of forests in the Sierra Nevada; and is a strong supporter of neo-liberal carbon trading policies that routinely promote environmentally ineffective and socially unjust projects across the globe.

For a complete discussion of Brown’s tainted environmental policies, go to

For an in-depth discussion of how the oil industry was able to remove a significant provision of SB 350 and defeat other environmental legislation, go to:

* * *

THE BROADBAND COMMITTEE MET RECENTLY and reported out these developments:

  1. US Cellular - On Sept. 17th US Cellular announced that they are expanding to 4G in 11 communities including Laytonville, Leggett, Old Hopland, Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Manchester, Boonville, Cleone, Noyo, Melbourne and Ramsey. BAMC met with US Cellular last year and tried to persuade them to apply for CASF funding. They didn’t want to deal with the requirements but said they would use their own funds to expand. This is the result of their work. (Note: Ramsey is on the Eel River in the mountains north and west of Covelo and Melbourne is close to the coast on the Comptche Rd.)
  2. Central Valley Cable -In June, Central Valley Cable (CVC) made some improvements to their service in Gualala and The Sea Ranch (TSR), which has impacted TSR’s CASF application. CVC announced their upgrade 90 days after TSR’s project application comment period had closed. The CPUC then accepted those upgrades as a part of their review of the project and is declaring TSR already served. TSR has submitted a letter to the CPUC challenging this decision, as they believe that the CPUC didn’t follow their own procedures. C. Comcast - Comcast helped during the Valley Fire by providing temporary Wi-Fi services and a cable box for evacuees.
  3. North Coast Internet had a back-up plan and its service was not impacted. They are now offering low-cost back-up plans for businesses that would kick-in and keep them connected if AT&T has another outage.
  4. Further Reach was also not impacted by the outage. They have expanded their coastal service to a variety of areas south of Point Arena and are now servicing Iverson, Roseman Creeks, parts of Fish-Rock Road, much of Ten Mile Cut-off, Callaway, Moat Creek and Curley Lane. They are also developing some new relays including one on Eureka Hill and improving the one on Ten Mile Ridge. Subscribers have been added in the north area in Albion’s Middle Ridge and Navarro Ridge, and slowly starting to penetrate the woods towards Albion Ridge Road. They hope to serve Greenwood ridge above Elk before the year’s end.
  5. SeaKay has a fiber connection in Lake that was still running during the outage so their customers didn’t lose service. They were not impacted by the fires as they don’t have service in those areas.
  6. County Updates

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is very concerned about how vulnerable our county is when the network has problems. On Sept. 22nd they approved a letter to The Utility Reform Network (TURN) asking them file a Quality of Service petition with the CPUC, on behalf of the County. The hoped for outcome would be the CPUC requiring AT&T to create diversity in their system to avoid future outages and emergency services loss.

Mendocino Community College: David Pai said that the college is expanding into the old College of the Redwoods site in Fort Bragg and that he thinks the broadband connection is not good. Trish is interested in conversations between the college, Coast District Hospital and other Anchor Institutions, to form a group for new service through the California Telehealth Network and CENIC.

Access Sonoma Broadband Update - Mike Nicholls: ASB may have a provider who would be willing to submit a CASF application for Joy Road, although it is not final.

Outreach and future agenda items

Nov 6th Comcast presentation on Internet Essentials: We hope to make sure that a representative from schools in the Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg areas (Comcast franchise areas) will attend to learn more about this program that could benefit their students.

Trish had a meeting this week with the California Telehealth Network and the Coast District Hospital. The hospital needs better broadband and we think that the CTN can help them. They discussed the possibility of CTN bringing in new broadband infrastructure for the hospital and creating a network that can include other local Anchor Institutions.

  1. We are hearing that Congressman Huffman is taking the lead in the state to work at the federal level on the lack of broadband. Trish has mentioned to Huffman staff that it would be good to involve NBNCBC.
  2. The BAMC Facebook page is not currently getting many hits. Please check it out, click “get notifications” and always click “like” and then share with others, to increase its reach.
  3. Mike submitted 3 comments to the FCC about expanding Lifeline benefits to include broadband. The BAMC also filed comments when we signed onto the Rural Broadband Policy Group letter to the FCC. This letter will be posted to the BAMC website soon.

Final comments

Harold asked if BAMC has information about how many local families are utilizing Comcasts’s Internet Essentials (No). Comcast is scheduled to present at our next meeting on November 6th and hopefully we can get questions answered at that meeting.

Please send any new agenda items to Trish for the November and December meetings.

Next meeting: Friday, Nov. 6th, 2015

December 4th, 2015

January 8th, 2016

* * *


From Tuesday October 20th to Saturday October 24th the Mendocino County Library, Fort Bragg Branch is hosting Teen Read Week.

Join us at the library for a whole week celebrating teens. Take our Teen Library Survey and be entered to win prizes. Join us Wednesday October 21st from 1:30 to 3 pm for crafts in the Teen Area. Give the United States of YA contest a try and win prizes. Vote for your favorites in the Battle of the Books. Please contact Elizabeth at the library with any questions.

* * *

Is This Thing Even On – Help With Your Tablets and E-Readers

On every Tuesday from 1-3 PM, the Mendocino County Library, Fort Bragg Branch is hosting Is This Thing Even On.

Need help getting started downloading books and audiobooks from the library? Need a hand figuring out how to use Hoopla? Drop by the library on Tuesdays from 1 pm to 3 pm to get one on one help with your tablet or e-reader. If you forgot your device that day, don’t worry; we have a handful that we can do demonstrations on.

* * *

Teen Read Week (October 18-24, 2015) All Week Long!

Teens are invited to the following special events:

Book Selfies – Tues., Oct. 20th 3-4 pm

Crafternoon in the Teen Room (Upcycled Books) – Wed., Oct. 21st 2-5 pm

Teen Storytime – Wed., Oct. 21st 4-5 pm

Snak & Yak Book Chats – Fri., Oct. 23rd 3:30-5 pm

Book Playlists: A Reader’s Salon – Sat., Oct. 24th 3-5 pm

These special events and programs are aimed at encouraging teens around the area to read for the fun of it. Thousands of libraries, schools and bookstores across the country will hold similar events centered on this year’s theme, Get Away @ your library.

Teen Read Week is a time to celebrate reading for fun while encouraging teens to take advantage of reading in all its forms —books, magazines, e-books, audiobooks and more! It’s a great opportunity for teens and their families to learn about all the free services and resources the library offers. The library also offers a safe and supervised space for adolescents to engage in creative, educational activities with caring adults and mentors.

Moreover, according to Melissa Carr, Teen Librarian, strong reading skills are more critical than ever because they translate into better performance at school, a better career & college readiness. This is why it is important to take advantage of Teen Read Week and show teens that reading is a fun and relaxing activity they can do for free.

For more information – please contact Melissa at the Ukiah Library: 467-6434 or

Sponsored by the Ukiah Valley Friends of the Library. 105 N. Main St. Ukiah

12 Responses to "Mendocino County Today: Friday, Oct 9, 2015"

  1. Judy Valadao   October 9, 2015 at 6:34 am

    James Marmon, how can this broken system be fixed? I feel that no one is listening while some line their pockets off the misery of others.

  2. BB Grace   October 9, 2015 at 9:41 am

    re: ‘Follow The Money”

    Mr. Marmon, the first part of your article I’m reading thinking, I’m following money, and I see and looked at the unsigned contracts, dated back in April, which the County neglected to renew, and I read page 7 part 7 about Utilization Management, and I’m not getting the ‘follow the money/ blank check writing’ connection. Follow the money would go to the Mental Health Board Treasurer according to the contracts, which is where it’s getting mixed up. Neither Componate Plan or Cultural Plan had any money trail to follow, just figures as bookmark.

    I’ll say this for privatization, before privatization I had no idea that my care provider was treating me for a decade for unspecified bi-polar disorder. So the good thing about privatization was that the new system of providing consumers with patient plans showed me that my care provider was prescribing me medication listed on my medical records under “Allergies”. Sixty five pages of my medical records, which cost me to obtain, had to be amended because within my records my ex-care provider had prescribed several medications listed under “Allergies”. For example, if I went in to have a tick removed from a where I could not see it, the care provider made that a mental health visit.

    Yes, I have reported this last year to the DA, State and Feds. If not for the privatization and change to “Patient Plan” I would have never thought that my care provider was seeing me as a mental health consumer because I would have never gone to my care provider for mental health help if I thought I may need some help. I’ve suffered 6 deaths recently and Mendocino Coast District Hospital Chaplin services, Greif Group, Thursdays, Saint Michael’s on Fir Street, 3 PM, Chaplin Tanya Wyldflower is AWESOME.. I’m good, and I’m sorry that I put so much trust in my care provider, because really, I had no clue they were seeing me as psychotic, but I do understand that mental health pays more than tick removal, and if mental health services is writing blank checks, which those forms claims mental health board is responsible.. that’sa speghetti monster mamamia, without the meatballs no less and why would anyone think that health and human services had to do anything but chase each other when not playing catchup at meetings?

    I find your article makes Pinizotto and Lowery look like The Queen of Heart’s Fat Boys

    • Nancy   October 9, 2015 at 2:21 pm

      Re: ” Follow the money would go to the Mental Health Board Treasurer according to the contracts, which is where it’s getting mixed up”

      For clarification, The Mental Health Board is an advisory board appointed by the Board of Supervisors. We have nothing to do with the preparation or approval of the Mental Health or Mental Health Services Act Budgets. The same is true of the Administrative Service Organization contracts or subcontracts.

      As Treasurer of the Mental Health Board, I merely review the small amount allocated annually to the MHB by the Board of Supervisors. Our budget covers certain travel costs, some training expenses and light snacks provided to the public and members at our monthly meetings.

      While providing vital/mandated, volunteer service to local mental health consumers and County government, historically, the Mental Health Board finishes the year well under budget . The meeting is open to all on the third Wednesday of the month. The agenda, location and previous month’s minutes are posted on the County’s Behavioral Health & Recovery Services website.

      Nancy Sutherland
      Treasurer, Mental Health Board

      • BB Grace   October 9, 2015 at 5:38 pm

        In my process of researching to understand “what is going on with Mendocino County Mental Health”, I have attended 7 Mental Health Board meetings, one being a special meeting in June, and missed last month’s meeting.

        I have gone over your “treasurer” reports, perhaps you may recall my commenting about transportation? At the June Special meeting I shared my thoughts about the County’s Componate Plan – ‘Following The Money”, one complaint was there was no way to follow the money with the Componate Plan.

        Unlike Fresno County, for one, which is completely transparent and everyone knows exactly who, what, where, when, why, how munch for how long, I appreciate the frustration expressed by the members of the Mental Health Board with the County on issues. You may find it interesting how Fresno and other counties are spending their Prop 63 money (Community gardens and events).

        On the Mendo County/OMG contract Marmon presented (above), you will see Mendocino Mental Health Advisory Board to get statistics, which would IMO include budget since Prop 63 that mandates for a Mental Health Board with a budget from 1% millionaire’s income.

        There was nothing by your Treasury Reports, which basically cover travel and lunch costs for Mental Health Board members.. The County has given the MHAB nothing that any mental health board member could “Follow The Money”.

        The MHB is now going into a open contract for housing. There was no other bids, or even invitations for bids. What exactly is the Mental Health Board advising in housing?

        Maybe if I had a Mental Health Board member copy of the manual I would understand better? I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts Nancy. Thank you. Page 23

    • Lazarus   October 9, 2015 at 8:46 pm

      How’d you attach the picture…?
      As always,

      • BB Grace   October 10, 2015 at 7:12 am

        To share a YouTube on AVA, COPY the https of the YouTube in the menu box, (right now your menu box should have the http), PASTE the YouTube https in the AVA “Leave a Reply Box”.

  3. Jim Armstrong   October 9, 2015 at 10:21 am

    The Broadband folks remain hugely tilted toward coastal Mendocino County, though they are making scant progress even there.
    US Cellular is not broadband, nor would its expansion do anything worthwwile for the struggling dial-up internet user anywhere in the county.
    Have to laugh at their adding Ramsey; I wonder who knows who there.

  4. Harvey Reading   October 9, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    “If Carter was carrying a concealed weapon he might have had a chance. But like most people he was just hoping nothing would happen every time he steps out in public, more so off the beaten path. @sleepy”

    Probably not. Most people can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a handgun, especially in a stressful situation. More likely that a toe might have been shot off the concealed weapons carrier. When people carry concealed weapons, they’re more likely to use them, whether the situation warrants their use not.

    In my observations, people who carry around handguns in public generally have issues having to do with their own self-perceived sense of inferiority, mental or physical. Plus, they look like fools with a handgun on their belts while shopping at Wally World.

  5. Rick Weddle   October 9, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Here’s an idea: An ‘Active Shooter Seminar’ where everybody with a handgun and something to prove is invited and encouraged to bring their arsenal…some minutes into the festivities, somebody lights off a couple rounds and hollers there’s a shooter at work…a couple gatherings like this should pretty much clear out the shallow end of the gene pool, maybe the ranks of the NRA, too…

  6. james marmon   October 9, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Bryan Lowery has to be one of the County’s highest paid administrators with salaries coming in for two of HHSA’s top jobs, Director of social service and Public Guardian. He’s certainly is being taken care of nicely. I’m sure he worships the ground that Camille Schraeder walks on. He would have never been able to get where he’s at without her. Her influence on Mendocino county reaches high and wide. The rest of the stakeholders know what I’m talking about, but are concerned about their survival an/or retaliation. If you are a child therapist you keep your mouth shut if you want any children sent your way. RQMG controls who get these contracts.

  7. Jim Updegraff   October 9, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    For many males guns are a phallic symbol for the macho ones who get their jollies off killing Bambi. They don’t realize how stupid they look wearing a handgun. Think they are on the streets of Dodge City. A little history: Al Updegraff shot it out on the streets of Dodge City with Doc Holliday – during the gun fight Doc’s younger brother shot Updegraff in the back. So much for the heroics of the gunfighters.
    The sheriff fined Doc $10 and told him to catch the next train out of town and never come back.

  8. M Kathryn Massey   October 10, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Sheila, Thank you for your reporting on this.

    Let’s not forget that the inspection was requested back in June 2015. Coate quit the next day, and the self-appointed, paid Interim GM has been throwing up every reason and excuse not to have the inspection by a Board Member and donor members he can think of. The inspection on October 7, 2015, was scheduled for many months. The GM all along has said it won’t happen. Why not? There were many months to prepare documents if in fact there are documents to be inspected.

    What the GM has done is to vilify the community members who respectfully requested to see this non-profit’s records along with a sitting Board Member. In other words, the GM gets to wear the crisp white hat, and those trying to review the station’s records wear the scruffy black hat.

    Remember, this is a 501 (c ) ( 3 ) not for profit. All Board Members are entitled to review and understand all financial records, election records, membership records, and how the day-to-day operations meet or do not meet the policies and regulations of a working non-profit. ALL Board Members are fiscally and legally responsible to know what is in the files.

    One Board Member was denied access over 18 months ago. This has set up a chain reaction that continues to this day. Why did this happen? What was or wasn’t in those records that the former GM and Board did not want another Board Member with a financial background to see or understand?

    It begs the question: Why weren’t the records available to all Board Members when requested nearly two years ago? If one Board Member is interested in knowing what he/she is responsible for, why not all Board Members?

    I hope that the next scheduled inspection won’t panic the GM into calling a police detail to protect himself.

    Get a grip!

    M Kathryn Massey
    Mendocino, CA


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