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Macdonald Reading

I will be reading from Outlaw Ford and signing books at Four-Eyed Frog Books in Gualala at 4 pm Saturday, February 6, 2016. Four-Eyed Frog Books is located in the Cypress Village center (39138 Ocean Drive, Gualala). Cypress Village is almost directly across Highway One from the “Bones” restaurant, noted for its barbecue recipes. There should be ample parking within Cypress Village, either just above or below the book store itself.

Along with the author's brilliant, yet humble storytelling, there might well be prizes.

If you are making a full afternoon of it there are many edible eateries along the way and in Gualala. If traveling from the north don't miss a chance to stop at Franny's Bakery in Point Arena, usually open until four on Saturdays.

For those too far away to attend, Outlaw Ford remains on sale at bookstores throughout Mendocino County. Perhaps the easiest place to order copies is at Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino. Simply go to their website: If you are still unnerved by new-fangled contraptions like computers, go to the phone and call 707-937-BOOK. If you want a signed copy, let 'em know, and the Gallery Bookshop people will try to locate me on the open range in order to get you a personalized copy of Outlaw Ford.

If you prefer the feel good sound of buying from a store called Four-Eyed Frog Books, check them out at (That's right, no hyphen!) or call 707-884-1333.

--Malcolm Macdonald

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