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Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Hospitality House “Gaming” Community Block Grant Program?

“Giving Garden” Only “Gives” Dollars To Administration

The Hospitality House has quite a scam going — one that needs an AUDIT pronto!

And it appears only a few Fort Bragg watchdogs on city social media pages give a hoot about it.

Instead of raising nutritious food for those in need, it's merely become a funding pump to line the pockets of the administrators of Hospitality House courtesy of the block grant through outrageous charges.

The "non-profit" Hospitality House received from the City of Fort Bragg a three-year $186,047 Community Block Grant for a "Giving Garden." But a review of the money (just) for the MONTH of December 2015 found funding didn't go to the garden construction and maintenance — but to top-heavy administration salaries — to the tune of $9,537.11!

The actual amount listed for "garden construction" was $2.09 — yes, two dollars and nine cents.

There are FIVE raised boxes in the "Giving Garden" — they must be expecting a miracle similar to the one Jesus performed with the "fish & loaves" to feed the multitudes of Fort Bragg's homeless.

The Hospitality House also listed $451.31 for "Tools/supplies." Huh? For seeds and a hoe? One has to wonder what tools Executive Director Anna Shaw used during her "alleged" 87 "working" hours she listed on the invoice for working on the garden in December?

And that is in addition to the 100-plus hours the "Vocational Services Coordinator" worked — as well as an "Operations Manager" who logged 84 hours during the month — for FIVE raised beds of LETTUCE.

And how does the garden grow?

Apparently, it can't grow without a $245.24 internet connection for the MONTH and nearly $1,000 for "utilities" ($921.97). Are they pumping the water from Lake Mendocino? We didn't see any "grow lights" over the raised beds.

A quick look on the internet found the Hospitality House could get a "Comcast Business" account (16 mbps) for $69.00, but there were other options: $99.95 for 25 mbps and $249.95 for 150 mbps.

Why don't they use the FREE internet the city provides? How much internet connectivity do you need to raise lettuce and — maybe in the future — vegetables & herbs ?

Can someone explain what in the wide, wide world of sports, a overpriced internet hookup has to do with a vegetable/herb garden meant to feed the less fortunate in the community?

Somehow, we don't think these are items the grant was intended for and we wonder where the OVERSIGHT by the City of Fort Bragg is for this grant?

Every single "Giving Garden" we researched (except Fort Bragg) was committed to producing organic, sustainably grown vegetables/herbs for "people in need" in the community — in a "cost efficient" manner.

According to Jim Britt at the Monday night City Council meeting, not too much attention is being given to the garden itself from his observation — the lettuce in the raised boxes wasn't picked in time — it bolted — so now is useless.

It will be interesting to see what the notoriously secretive Hospitality House puts in its "Grantee Performance Reports" they have to give to the City of Fort Bragg on the "Giving Garden" project.

Why the city councilors are "good with this" is a mystery — and hats off to the "whistleblowers" who keep bringing this to the public's attention.

It is an absolute disgrace and the US Department of Housing & Urban Development needs to be made aware of the scam — and we just sent them an email alerting them to this "con job" utilizing the well-intentioned Community Block Grant Program.

We hope an audit exposes what has been going on with Hospitality House and these outrageous charges and incredible waste of taxpayers money.

Helping the homeless? No, the Hospitality House is gorging themselves from a pile of taxpayer money under the guise of helping those less fortunate and it needs to stop. NOW.

And what, pray tell, will happen if HUD determines the "Giving Garden" community block grant funds were misused by Hospitality House?

Why the city will have to repay it (not Hospitality House) so it will come out of the pockets of Fort Bragg residents.

In the past, most grants that had to be repaid to HUD was because they "couldn't find documentation showing how the money was spent."

Below: An invoice from the Hospitality House "Giving Garden" program for the month of December courtesy of the "Fort Bragg Wellness" page.


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INGRID FEDJE, a woman in her early 50s from Contra Costa County, riding a motorcycle, was killed Saturday on Highway 20 near Ukiah when a drunk driver crossed into her lane. He's identified as Jesse Bourdeaux, a young man from Covelo.


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Former billionaire Vijay Mallya had been a white knight for California's Mendocino Brewing Company. Not anymore. The beleaguered businessman's legal and financial troubles in India have now come to haunt the US craft beer maker which is pressing Mallya for a $1 million bridge loan promised by his holding company United Breweries. In the 1990s, Mallya bought a sprawling mansion in California's Sausalito wine country filled with paintings by Picasso, Renoir, Chagall and Turner. He also bought two yachts, American vintage cars along with other expensive baubles. In 1997, he then poured money into Michael Laybourn and Norman Franks' Californian brewing company Mendocino for a 68 percent stake. At the time, Michael Laybourn, one of the founders of Mendocino Brewing Co., said Mallya helped "save his firm"; giving it an infusion of capital, acquiring other companies, and providing great synergy by putting it in charge of Kingfisher's American operations. However, times have changed. Mendocino doesn't appear to be doing well financially and has requested funds from the parent company. Options are being explored, including a merger or asset sale. Mendocino, which brews Red Tail Ale, Blue Heron Pale Ale, Black Hawk Stout, Peregrine Golden Ale, and seasonals for the US craft beer market, is struggling. It is now a penny stock traded over the counter with a market cap of just over $3 million. "Vijay Mallya, the company's chairman and indirect majority shareholder, is presently subject to certain legal proceedings in India, which may impair the company's ability to obtain financing from United Breweries Holding Limited (UBHL) and other potential funding sources," Mendocino Brewing Co. said in a regulatory filing. "If UBHL does not consummate such debt financing, it would have a material adverse effect on the company's financial condition and the company's ability to continue to operate." Mallya serves as chairman of the Board of directors of Mendocino, which has an exclusive license to brew and distribute Kingfisher Premium Lager in various countries. Mallya got paid a package of $256,900 (about Rs 1.71 crore) in 2015 from Mendocino, according to the Californian brewer's annual Form 10-K filing. Mendocino's North American operations primarily consist of brewing and marketing proprietary craft beers. Its foreign operations are conducted through wholly-owned subsidiary United Breweries International UK Ltd (UBIK) and a step-down unit Kingfisher Beer Europe Ltd.

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YOU PROBABLY KNOW by now that the high school exit exam is a thing of the past, effective last January. The math portion of the exam was pegged to a sixth grade level, English vaguely about 9th grade.

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Reflections on My Turn, Doug Henwood’s Political Portrait of Hillary Clinton

by Jonah Raskin

I’ve never really liked Hillary, whom I still think of as Bill’s wife, and, while I would rejoice if a genuine feminist finally moved into the White House, I don’t cotton to the idea of yet another Clinton as the chief executive. Doug Henwood’s book My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency (OR Books; $15) didn’t persuade me to dislike her any the less, but that wasn’t the author’s intention. You might call My Turn a hatchet job. Indeed, Henwood aims to show that Hillary Clinton is a hawk, a friend of Wall Street, and a foe of poor and working people, though to hear her speak over the last few weeks you might conclude that she was a long time advocate for the downtrodden, the persecuted and the oppressed. Bernie has pushed her to the left, but for how long? That’s the question. Henwood, a political economist who writes for The Nation, suggests that she’ll do almost anything, and say most anything, too, to win the 2016 election. She’ll even contradict herself. But as Henwood knows, that’s nothing new for a politician. Hillary is cut from much the same cloth as the guys she has been running against ever since she and Bill made their marks in Arkansas ages ago.

My Turn offers plenty of grist for the anti-Hillary mill. Ambitious, opportunistic, compulsively secretive and a front woman for American corporations, the Hillary that Henwood depicts is a relentless campaigner. In fact, as he sees her, she’s always running for office, whether it’s the senate or the presidency, or to clean up and polish her own image. She’s the permanent candidate. On June 7, 2016, the day of the California primary, we’ll all know a lot better than we do now where she stands with voters in the Golden State, and whether or not she’s running neck-to-neck with Bernie Sanders, Henwood’s personal choice — and clearly the peoples’ choice as well.

“Hillary understands how power works, even if she’s systematically on the wrong side of it,” the author writes in one of his most hard-hitting sentences.

For all its feistiness, the book is a disappointment, though it’s fun to learn that Hillary’s emails show that “she suffered serious status anxiety." There are no new, dazzling facts that might turn the undecided American electorate against Hillary and no new, shocking disclosures about her connections to Wall Street and the Pentagon. At one point, Henwood offers a long quotation from Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, who wrote of Bill and Hillary, “We cannot ultimately know what goes on in their minds and ultimately prove the links between the money they took in and the benefits that subsequently accrued to themselves, their friends and their associates.”

Henwood adds, “In other words, a mere journalist can’t uncover the smoking gun. You need someone with subpoena power to get to the bottom of it all.” And, at another crucial juncture in his book, when he might have gone for the kill, Henwood pulls back. First he offers a long quotation from Hillary herself who said in August 2015, “I don’t believe you change hearts, you change allocations of resources, you change the way systems operate.”

Henwood adds, “It’s hard for me to write, but this is a rare occasion where Hillary is absolutely right.” What he might have gone on to say explicitly, then and there, and that he doesn’t, is that no matter what she has said, she’s never aimed to change the fundamental ways in which the American system operates, unless it’s to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and at the expense of the poor and the powerless.

Henwood ends his book on a note of tentative hope. Indeed, the author wonders if the “wave of activism that began with Occupy Wall Street” and that “manifested itself most recently in Black Lives Matter” might be “taking this electoral form now” and if “the future could eventually hold the possibility of something better than merely a second Clinton presidency.”

Now, eight months after Henwood wrapped up his book, it seems more likely than ever before that Hillary will be the first woman in the White House, and that the United States as a nation will be more deeply divided than ever before. With Obama we’ve had a black man in charge of the empire. With Hillary we’ll have a woman in charge. Hip, hip hurray and two cheers for imperial democracy.

“Based on her time in the senate,” Henwood writes, a Hillary administration “would be more likely to bomb and invade abroad” than the current administration. No matter what the gender or the ethnicity of the president, it seems inevitable that the empire will continue to decline slowly and that as it declines it will become more sinister and more corrupt, with perhaps an occasional rebellion from the slaves inside and outside, and now and then a handout and a speech meant to uplift the downtrodden — an Obama specialty.


Finally, a word about the graphic cover of the book. According to Henwood, it has generated a great deal of hostile comment. That’s because it depicts Hillary with a gun in her hand, as she takes aim at the reader. Indeed, Hillary supporters have called it misogynist. Maybe it is. But the cover would have been far more controversial, and far more provocative, if it had depicted Hillary pointing the gun at herself. And it would have been downright subversive if it showed her on the ground, a gun in her hand, a pool of blood around her. Wisely, the artist, Sarah Sole, and the publisher OR Books didn’t go there. If they had, they all would be in "deep doo-doo," as Bush I called it.

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TERRY GUERRERO, David Wright and Randy Vann have been rubber-stamped to serve on the Mendocino County Fish and Game Commission.

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CATCH OF THE DAY, May20-23 (Batch2)

Neeley, Palacios-Saavedra, Perera
Neeley, Palacios-Saavedra, Perera

SHERRI NEELEY, Ukiah. Meth for sale, paraphernalia, probation revocation.

JOSE PALACIOS-SAAVEDRA, Geyserville/Ukiah. DUI, probation revocation.

MARGOT PERERA, San Diego/Ukiah. DUI.

Rea, Roberts, Robles-Mendoza
Rea, Roberts, Robles-Mendoza

CRUZ REA, Bakersfield/Ukiah. Drunk in public. (Frequent flyer.)

IAN ROBERTS, Talmage. Drunk in public, vandalism.

LUIS ROBLES-MENDOZA, Ukiah. Domestic Assault.

Ruddock, Sanders, Schenck
Ruddock, Sanders, Schenck

ROGER RUDDOCK, Nice/Ukiah. Harrassing/threatening phone calls, interference with civil rights.

THOMAS SANDERS, Willits. Drunk in public, probation revocation. (Frequent flyer.)

JEREMY SCHENCK, Ukiah. Domestic assault, aggravated with intent to commit mayham, rape, sodomy, oral copulation, etc.

Shea, Shively, H.Smith
Shea, Shively, H.Smith

JEFFREY SHEA, Fort Bragg. Drunk in public.

TYLER SHIVELY, Willits. Dog theft, under influence, smoking-injecting device, controlled substance, vandalism.

HUNTER SMITH, Fort Bragg. Loitering, false ID.

T.Smith, Szczepanek, Tompkins
T.Smith, Szczepanek, Tompkins

TERESA SMITH, Ukiah. Trespassing, paraphernalia.

TINA SZCZEPANEK, Fort Bragg. Failure to appear.

KELSEY TOMPKINS, Ukiah. Arson of structure or forestland.

Tupper, Tveitlodge, Varney
Tupper, Tveitlodge, Varney

KRISTINE TUPPER, Ukiah. Failure to appear, probation revocation.

JOSHUA TVEITLODGE, Redwood Valley. DUI, no license.

JOHN VARNEY, Ukiah. Probation revocation.

Vazquez, Viale, Waggoner
Vazquez, Viale, Waggoner

RIGOBERTO VAZQUEZ, Ukiah. Pot cultivation.

ROBERT VIALE, Fort Bragg. Shoplifting, controlled substance, probation revocation.

JACOB WAGGONER, Boonville. Suspended license, failure to appear, court order violation, probation revocation.

Wagner, White, Williams
Wagner, White, Williams

ADELE WAGNER, Hopland. Domesic assault, assault with deadly weapon not a gun.

RANDE WHITE, Kelseyville/Ukiah. Vandalism.

ERIC WILLIAMS, Redwood Valley. Failure to appear, probation revocation.

* * *


by Ted Rall

Hillary Clinton’s coronation at the Democratic national convention is likely but not a foregone conclusion. Since the superdelegates won’t vote until July, and neither she nor Bernie Sanders will arrive in Philadelphia with the requisite number of pledged delegates to clinch the nomination, there is still the possibility that the party bosses will see sense, internalize the polls that show she’s weaker than him against Trump, and push the superdelegates to support the populist senator from Vermont.

But sense is in short supply in American politics, especially this year. So I’m preparing for the worst: Hillary versus Trump.

It’s one hell of a choice. The more I delve into Donald Trump and his past (to research my biography, which comes out in June), the more scared I get. Nevertheless, there is no way I’ll vote for Hillary. I won’t vote for her if she stops shaking down rich right-wing Republicans for donations. I won’t vote for her if she adopts Bernie’s platform. I won’t vote for her if she names Bernie her vice president. I won’t even vote for her if Bernie invites me to spend the summer with him and Jane in Vermont.

#NeverHillary. That’s me.

There are millions of us.

Many progressives are baffled by this stance. Trump is a threat to democracy, decency, peace and the economy. He acts and talks like a nut. Why not suck it up and vote for Hillary? She’s experienced, steady and presentable.

Unlike Trump, she understands the issues. Plus: first woman president! That’s 225 years overdue!

Here is my reasoning.

First, a vote is an endorsement. A vote tells a candidate: “I mostly agree with what you have done.”

I agree with nothing she has done. Most egregiously, she voted to invade Iraq. At the time, everyone knew there were no WMDs. She knew. More than a million Iraqis are dead because of that war of choice, a war no one but especially no Democrat should have supported. I will not, cannot, betray those dead. Casting a vote for Hillary says: “I love that a million Iraqis got murdered.” Or, at minimum it says: “I’m cool with it.” Well, I’m not.

For me, that’s enough. What she did was monstrous. She should be in prison for life.

Do you need more? Really?

OK. Here’s more:

Running a close second behind Iraq are Hillary’s vote to invade Afghanistan (another mistake, unjustified, illegal fiasco that left hundreds of thousands of innocents maimed or dead), and encouraging Obama, as secretary of state, to arm and fund crazy Islamist insurgencies in Libya and Syria, reducing two modern countries to failed states. I can’t let those go.

Voting for a politician also tells them: “I agree with what you promise to do.” There is no indication — none, zero, nada — that Hillary wouldn’t continue her every-war-a-good-war philosophy were she to become president. Unlike Trump, she has never questioned the usefulness, legality or ethics of use of force as America’s go-to approach to foreign policy.

I refuse to throw good blood after bad.

She’s sleazy — a cheater and a liar. I can’t forget how she willfully misrepresented her own take on the minimum wage: she wants $12/hour, but since Bernie’s $15/hour is more popular, she claimed she wanted $15/hour too, but it would be up to the states and cities. Pressed, she conceded she’d “like” $15/hour, but wouldn’t lift a finger to make it happen federally. Incredibly, she still does this.

Then there’s her lie about the auto bailout. Factcheckers call her claim that Bernie voted against it untrue; he voted against bailouts for Wall Street, some of which was attached to aid for automobile companies. Despite being called on this whopper, she still uses it on the campaign trail.

The primary fight against Bernie saw Hillary deploy tactics that went way beyond political hardball. Her allies in the Democratic National Committee schemed to deny Bernie media coverage or a decent debate schedule. They rigged the superdelegate process. They made sure votes and caucusgoers weren’t counted and that voter registrations in Bernie strongholds mysteriously disappeared. Can’t let that go.

I am highly sympathetic with the argument that we need, and that women and girls deserve, to see a woman in the White House. We do; they do. If Hillary Clinton were merely a flawed candidate, the woman thing would be enough for me.

But Hillary is not flawed. She is a monster. A mass murderer. A warmonger.

The fact that she wears bright-colored Doctor Evil suits and has a silly laugh and twinkly eyes and is kinda smart can’t change the fact she has never voted against a war, or apologized for voting for one, or promised not to start any new ones. Her resume can’t cover up for her record: zero sponsorships or votes for a major anti-poverty proposal, and only one vote against a job-killing free trade agreement.

I don’t vote for monsters.

Let Hillary or Trump destroy the world without the endorsement that would be my vote.

(Ted Rall, syndicated writer and the cartoonist for, is the author of the book “Snowden,” the biography of the NSA whistleblower.)

* * *

NEW WORK, May 28, 29

Dear friend, Art Lover, Studio Visitor,

gallery 2016 copy

I value your interest in art and hope you find the time to visit my studio this coming weekend, May 28 and 29, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. The exchange between artist and art observer is a relationship I value, you are an important part of my inspiration and the dissemination and sharing of ideas. Your visit brings information to the palette.   My studio will be open again in July after a trip to the East Coast to a dune shack residency in Cape Cod, a place where poets ee cummings, Mary Oliver and artists Robert Motherwell and Hans Hoffman where drawn to the light and beauty of the Cape.  For more info about the dune shacks: If you are not able to attend this weekend's OPEN STUDIO I hope you are able to visit in the near future.

Very best,

Rebecca Johnson, Navarro

* * *


Yep - No Community 'Posting' At Mendo Post Office —

For Now At Least

MendocinoSportsPlus was alerted to the fact people are no longer allowed to post community announcements (deaths, community events, etc.) at the Mendocino Post Office - where they had been kind of a tradition.

MSP called and spoke to a pleasant woman this afternoon at the MENDO Post Office who verified that yes, in fact, no community posts were being allowed but she was "calling her boss" to see if it is allowable under US Post Office rules. We asked when she would receive an answer and she said as soon as "a couple hours."

She "didn't know" when this new policy went into effect and recommended we call the postal inspectors about it. Huh?

We don't know if there has been a change in personnel at the Mendo P O, but this is certainly not a way to win friends & create loyal customers.

File this under, "Bah, Humbug."

(Courtesy, MendocinoSportsPlus)

* * *


Big River Beach in Mendocino, CA, June 11, 2016.

Supported by Bay Area Disc Association and our local sponsors, Mendocino Coast Ultimate Frisbee is hosting our 2nd Annual Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament! What: 2nd Annual Mendo Blendo – Beach Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament Where: Mendocino Headlands State Park Big River Beach, River Side 10066 N. Highway 1 Mendocino, California 95460 When: June 11, 2016 8a.m.-10p.m. Tournament Time: 11a-6p Part Time: 2p-9p Ultimate is a self-officiated, non-contact sport that combines soccer, football, and basketball together, but with a frisbee! Local pick-up games have been played every Sunday afternoon at Big River Beach, river side. This tournament is "hat" style, meaning draw names from a hat and create teams. This is a great way to learn a new sport, meet new people, share skills, and just have an amazing time in Mendocino! everyone is welcome to sign up for this tournament, beginners, advanced, and anything in between. This year, we are adding something never done before on a Mendocino Beach... a Big Beach Dance Party! Co-Necatr Productions will have 7 hours of 4 Dj's spinning Music for the whole coast to enjoy. Minimum $5 donation. Don't want to play, but want to check it out? Please Come! Watch! Heckle! Cheer and Dance! Come for the Ultimate, stay for the vacation!

For more information on the tournament:

* * *


Boromir is a friendly, orange tabby who enjoys attention and affection. He's likes wandering around and exploring his surroundings when visitors, volunteers, or staff have a chance to play with him. Boromir is patiently waiting at the Ukiah Shelter--please come meet him today! Boromir is 4 years old and neutered, and he's ready to go home with you ASAP. Call the shelter Adoption Coordinator for information--707-467-6453. And make sure to check out the shelter's webpage for the latest updates on Boromir and all dog and cat guests:



Miles is a shy dog, and we are hoping he will gain confidence once he gets settled in his new home. We think Miles did not get much socialization as a pup--something so critical for young dogs, and he will therefore need a home dedicated to helping him feel safe and ready to trust and learn. The rewards of helping a shy dog are many, and we know that special, patient person is there for this guy. Miles likes other dogs, and a friendly canine in his new home might help him blossom. Miles is a Shepherd mix, 47 pounds and about 7 months old. Call the shelter Adoption Coordinator for information--707-467-6453. And make sure to check out the shelter's webpage for the latest updates onMIles  and all dog and cat guests:

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The working classes are not as stupid as the elite yuppie class supposes. They are well aware that the Democratic party abandoned them years ago. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are speaking to them but they think Bernie is a commie and will not vote for him. That leaves Hillary and Donald Trump. Just her arrogant superior attitude alone turns us off, not to mention all the other baggage she brings to her. That leaves Donald Trump. They may not like some of the things he says but they are desperate for change of any kind and Donald is the only candidate they think speaks to them. It doesn’t matter what is true. It is what people think is true that matters. They also see the Democrats launching attacks on their very culture and way of life. Now it is payback time for them.

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Beer, like wine, is spoiled food that contains alcohol (evidence of spoilage) that's immensely more toxic, in quantities actually consumed, than every selective plant killing poison and every pesticide on the market. It's infinitely more toxic than smoking weed: zero overdose fatalities for weed, ever, unless you count a loading pallet of weed falling on a dockworker's head. ("Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost each year in the United States, shortening the lives of those who died by an average of 30 years," says the CDC. And that's not even counting vehicle-and-domestic-violence-related deaths. Nor gun deaths. Nor /hold my beer and watch this/ deaths.)      Also beer smells and tastes terrible. And its production makes a square mile (or more) of whatever city the brewery is in smell like a giant sink full of sodden, rancid breakfast cereal, which is exactly what a brewery is. --

Marco McClean

* * *

“TO BE GOVERNED is to be noted, registered, enumerated, accounted for, stamped, measured, classified, audited, patented, licensed, authorized, endorsed, reprimanded, prevented, reformed, rectified, and corrected, in every operation, every transaction, every movement.”

— Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

* * *


A Fort Bragg Reader writes: Thought this info might be a help in fighting the wind turbines over in the valley. We have a similar noise problem, I suspect from honey oil extraction, that torments me at times.

* * *



Artwork by Vince Packard

Dear Friends of the Kent State Truth Tribunal,

2016 is already a year of great transition. We remain engaged in creating greater affinity for peace and a coming together to support the ‘voice of the people’.

Here are our top stories and actions so far this year and at the 46th anniversary of the May 4, 1970 Kent State massacre:

1) On January 17, 2016 Doris Krause, mother of Allison, peacefully crossed over. Here is her eulogy:

2) Over the 46th anniversary of the Kent State massacre on May 4th and on behalf of those harmed at Kent State, a FOIA lawsuit was filed by attorney Michael Kuzma:

  1. a) May 2, 2016 Wisconsin Gazette article on the Kent State FOIA lawsuit:
  2. b) Article in the Buffalo News on the new Kent State FOIA lawsuit:
  3. c) On May 6, 2016 Project Censored radio a this show on War and Peace; First half with David Swanson, writer of ‘War is a Lie’ and the second half with Michael Kuzma on his FOIA lawsuit filed May 4, 2016 and Laurel Krause of the Kent State Truth Tribunal. Have a listen:
  4. d) Read the FOIA lawsuit that was filed on May 4, 2016:

3) At Kent State on May 4, 2016, Samaria Rice keynoted for her son Tamir Rice accompanied by a contingent of Black Lives Matter attendees:

4) During the 46th Kent State commemoration, Jennifer Schwartz spoke for her cousin Allison Krause. Read her speech:

5) On May 11, 2016, friend and advisor to the Kent State Truth Tribunal, Michael Ratner, passed away:

6) Follow our activities at the 46th Kent State and for Truth, Accountability and Justice at MendoCoastCurrent:

7) Beverly March, a student at Mohawk Valley Community College, interviewed me for a college term paper:

8) WATCH this TeleSUR short on the Kent State massacre:

In 2016 we are completing our body of work in the Kent State Truth Tribunal archive and will continue to fight against the US government's state-sanctioned use of targeted assassinations worldwide … and for accountability, credible investigation and the making of amends when governments kill citizens without legal cause or right.

Peace to all,

Laurel Krause

"What's the matter with PEACE? Flowers are better than bullets." ~ Allison Krause, May 3, 1970




  1. Bruce McEwen May 25, 2016

    Ingrid was one of my dearest friends — this is horrid news!

  2. Bruce McEwen May 25, 2016

    I used to crash parties at the hotel, and this one would have been a sweet gate-crasher; but, no. Mr. Boss, having buried his poppa and collected the fortune, paid his way out of the pot bust, and became a winetreapunere, eh? How lovely are the rich? Rich enough to put an end to my gate crashing!

  3. BB Grace May 25, 2016

    RE: Giving Garden “…and hats off to the “whistleblowers” who keep bringing this to the public’s attention”.

    Hear here.

    • Mike May 25, 2016

      No one’s really interesting in the facts anymore. They’re more and more latching on to literary products that resonate with their turbulent psychological states.

      Hillary Clinton will do just fine imo. I think the most radical poltical act for this season will be to remain calm and relatively uninterested in the psychodrama so many are intensly playing out.

      Already mailed in my darkened oval to the left of Hillary Clinton’s name. Erasing my history that my Greenie Party friends chastised me for the other night: “still calling her horrible names like back in 08?” BTW, in line with the VA story link, those two folks work in VA psych and are fully aware of Bernie’s failings here. Very embarrassing gullibility believing the VA beuracrats while Obama and the House Republican led VA cmt were laying down the boom boom. (Bernie on that day Obama went boom boom was actually holding a press conference saying we need to give the fine folks at the VA the benefit of the doubt until the data could be doublechecked).

      Bernie Sanders is a deluded fantacist.

    • Mike May 25, 2016

      Barack Obama’s daily Gallup job approval numbers suggest that when he goes out on the trail soon things will get mighty interesting: today, he’s plus 8%. :-)

      When Bernie Sanders hits the trail with Hillary Clinton, how are the #BernieorBust folks going to fare?

      “I’m so disappointed in Bernie”. I can hear it now.

  4. Alice Chouteau May 25, 2016

    Thanks to MSP for publicizing the huge scam being perpetrated by HC using HUD CDBG grant money for a bogus Giving Garden, to pay for anything but. Since HUD is a federal program, all taxpayers have the right, perhaps an obligation, to file a complaint of fraud with HUD. The City of Fort Bragg boasts of having received “tens of millions of dollars in grant money” , yet they have failed to hire a full time grant monitor as required, , and they refuse to answer questions asked repeatedly at CC meetings about this matter. They have done no audits on the Giving Garden, and there are no receipts to back up expenses claimed.
    The email address to file a complaint is
    The specific Project # for the Giving Garden is CDG-05017.


  5. james marmon May 25, 2016

    They should rename the whole county “Mental-cino State Hospital” once Sheriff Tom’s mental health crisis facility is built. I swear the patients are running the asylm right now and they will need our help. The Board of Supervisors should be the first to be declared “a danger to self and others,” followed by the Behavioral Health Advisory Board.

  6. Jim Updegraff May 25, 2016

    If you are convinced Billary will win the election then increase your investments in big banks and military industrial complex companies since they will be the winners.

    If you are convinced El Trumpo will win then gold is probably the only safe investment

    • LouisBedrock May 25, 2016

      Waves of depression inundate me at the mere thought of another President Clinton or that crooked, lying, failed real estate huckster in The White House.

    • Stephen Rosenthal May 25, 2016

      Yeah, I catch your drift. You mean this New York Times?

      The Iraqi WMD Stories (New York Times) – The New York Times conceded in its pages that some of its prewar and early occupation coverage of Iraq had not been “as rigorous as it should have been.” The paper criticized itself for relying too heavily on Iraqi defectors provided by Ahmad Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress as sources; it named the deficient stories; and it berated itself for not re-examining the defectors’ claims as new information surfaced. Source:, “Previously thought to be true,” June 4, 2004.

      Jayson Blair (New York Times) – Jayson Blair resigned May 1, 2003 after the New York Times began an internal review of an article he wrote about the family of an American soldier then missing in action in Iraq and since confirmed dead. The article incorporated passages from one published earlier by The San Antonio Express-News. Further investigation revealed many more instances of plagiarism. Spot checks of Blair’s previous stories also found errors in fact and possible fabrications. Sources: New York Times, May 2 and 11, 2003; Washington Post, May 8, 2003.

      • LouisBedrock May 25, 2016


        If Hillary does win the Presidential election, she could be the second Clinton to be impeached.

        The irregularities and failures to comply with the laws of many countries is being investigated.

        You probably have more interesting things to do, but if you want to find out more about the crimes and misdemeanors of the Clintons, check out the articles written by Charles Ortell.

        Or follow this link:

        Utrice Leid used to be the editor of The Amsterdam News when it was a serious newspaper–except for the AVA, there are no serious newspapers anymore. However, before sneering at your sources, Ms. de Castro, who’ve I’ve come to almost like personally, should ask herself about the sources that are telling her that Hillary cares about her. The Clintons care about money.

        • LouisBedrock May 25, 2016

          That second paragraph should read,

          “The irregularities and failures to comply with the laws of many countries by then Clinton Foundation is being investigated.

          Mr. Anderson, Lazarus is right. We need an edit button.

  7. Rick Weddle May 25, 2016

    The GOP is disintegrating from ingesting the Reagan coolaid…the Democrats likewise helped themselves and are plummeting like the Other Shoe hitting the floor. Sayonara, you Lying, Corrupt, Gasbag blockheads!

    • LouisBedrock May 25, 2016


      Permit me to add vile, parasitic, flatulent, bloodsucking spawn of a three legged syphilitic camel.

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