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Nader: Bernie Set Hillary Up


  1. LouisBedrock July 21, 2016

    Interesting analysis.

    However, I am so sick of Sanders, Clinton, and Trump I wish they’d all perish from Ebola. I never wish to hear any of their voices again. Listening to Hillary is like listening to chalk squeak agains the blackboard.

    Nader I would vote for

  2. Jim Updegraff July 21, 2016

    Does anyone seriously read Nader’s continuing ranting?

    • LouisBedrock July 22, 2016

      I do.
      But no one takes me seriously either.

  3. Jim Updegraff July 22, 2016

    Louis, we all have flaws – Nader is one of yours.

  4. Pierre LeJean July 22, 2016

    Hey, Jim U,
    What in hell have you done for humanity lately? Other than dispensing insults that reflect rather genuinely on what type of person you apparently are — a low-life — do you have anything to offer. At least Nader’s “rants” always have some substance and a lot of truth to them. Yours? Insipid, vacuous tripe. You aren’t worthy of licking Nader’s underwear.

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