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Sanders Won The Votes, Satan Gets The Nomination


  1. Jim Updegraff August 4, 2016

    Sounds good, but it is real?

    • Mike August 4, 2016

      Of course it isnt real. For starters, check out snopes.

      • Rick Weddle August 5, 2016


  2. Jim Updegraff August 6, 2016

    Yes, snopes.

  3. Pat Kittle January 31, 2017

    Bernie Sanders’ soul revealed in 30 seconds flat
    (as he demands Trump be responsible for supporters)…
    (CNN, jookosnews, Facebook) — 3-16-2016

    — [ ]

    “Trump has gotta get on the TV and tell his supporters that violence in the political process in America is not acceptable, end of discussion.

    “Some of your supporters in Chicago were acting violently as well, and I have to say, the guy who rushed the stage yesterday at Donald Trump voted for you.

    “…people voted for me, if I have to take responsibility for everybody who voted for me it will be a very difficult life…”

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