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Damin Pashilk’s Facebook Page


Suspected arsonist Damin Pashilk's FB page…. Well, there’s three of them. One dead page from 2011, another almost dead page from 2016, and this one, featuring Nazi SS signs on the top of the page, with posts from 2015:

Reading the posts on the page is an interesting exercise. Pashilk is clearly a low-life, not really apparently a Nazi or white supremacist, but my takeaway is that he was “bored” after he became, ahem, “self-employed” in May 2015.

As per Lake County News: “A brief review of Lake County arrest records showed that Pashilk had numerous previous arrests from 2005 to 2015 for charges related to drugs and firearms, evading a peace officer, driving on a suspended license, bench warrants and parole violations.”

LA Times has Pashilk being investigated by authorities for arsons for a year, but I’m not entirely sure the Times has it right. They have:

It’s unclear how arson investigators linked Pashilk to the blaze, or how the fire ignited. Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott said Pashilk had been under investigation for about a year.

But Lake County News has it this way:

Chief Ken Pimlott, Cal Fire's director, said Pashilk is believed to be responsible not just for the Clayton fire but a series of fires in Lake County over the past year.

And Record-Bee doesn’t have anything about authorities investigating him for a year. If they HAVE been investigating Pashilk for a year, of course, the question is: Why did it take so long? Did they get new evidence after Saturday’s fire? Here’s an interesting FB post from Ken Wells, “correspondent” with Record-Bee, from Saturday evening:

Ken R. Wells‎ to Lake County Record-Bee
August 13 at 9:42pm

Just got back from four hours on the front line of the Clayton Fire east of Lower Lake. The fire moved towards Morgan Valley Road but around 6 p.m. the wind reversed direction pushing flames back towards Clayton Creek Road. Fire is out of control right now, multiple structures are threatened. Dozens of people and pets evacuated, many with no notice. I saw several houses near the start of the fire with doors open, the occupants left so fast.

I did about 5 miles of hiking to go back off the main road to get closer to the flames. Walked through a half dozen separate marijuana grows, some actively on fire, others smoldering.

I talked with a half-dozen law enforcement and fire personnel who said on the record the cause is under investigation but several said off the record it appears to be arson.

The ignition point appears to be along Clayton Creek Road, about a quarter-mile in from Hwy. 29. loads of law enforcement and fire officials were gathered around that sight with about 50 small colored flags in the ground marking points of evidence or interest.

And here’s a link to the booking log:



  1. Angel Dander August 17, 2016

    Don’t sound like they have much evidence they keep talking about his criminal history so he sounds like a bad guy. I’d like to see some real evidence.

  2. Dale Kerr August 17, 2016

    To many liberals making decisions out there send him to TEXAS ! We will show you how to handle that piece of shit.

  3. Jessica Armstrong August 17, 2016

    Yes, That is the first question that came to my mind, WHY so long?
    Is this guy is a very clever arsonist, or, is the FBI completely inept?
    Or were they simply waiting for him to burn down enough stuff to meet the seven million bucks required to charge him with a crime that carries ten to life?

  4. Jill September 1, 2016

    That’s my friend you guys are talking about. If you don’t no him shut the fuck up. He may have a bad record but who don’t. He’s human! I don’t want to believe he did this to all are people here in lake county. If he’s found guilty then he deserves whatever they give him. I know this man very well I’d like to believe. He’s always been a great friend who would bring out the best in you and make you laugh. He’s well known and loved by many. This shocked all of us. It threw everyone for a loop that’s for sure, but we wanna see the evidence these piece of shit cops have on him. And why did it take them so many fires before they arrested him if they knew that was the case?!… Sounds purdy out there if you ask me. Everyone needs to stop accusing him of all this awful shit until they’ve heard if he’s convicted or not. Thats my friend for life regardless. I pray for him and his family.

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