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Cheney In A Pants Suit?

I don't suppose there'll ever be a time when female politicians aren't judged by their appearance. Now, Hillary is "Cheney in a pants suit." Wait a minute. Cheney is in a pants suit. In fact, every man in government is in a pants suit. Usually blue or grey. With a little flag pin on the lapel (when did that become required?). How is this different from "1984" where members of The Party all wear the same outfit? It isn't.

So we can't judge male congressmen, senators and all the other government drones by their appearance because they all look the same. Mostly. So we have to look at their faces. If people can say HRC does or does not look good depending on her hair or clothing choice, why can't we say, "Mitch McConnell — wow, that guy is ugly." The mirror cannot be his friend under any circumstances. I'm no prize but I'm not on TV telling everyone what's good for them. Politics, show business for ugly people. And to perform in public is to invite judgment, criticism, the occasional tomato.

If you can't tell, for instance, that Paul Ryan is a phony bullshitting creep by his face, well I guess that's why he's there. And if you can't tell Cheney is a mean-ass duplicitous son of a bitch, you're not really looking at him. I had a brief look at the Hillary-Bengazi hearing, and Trey Gowdy, the retarded southern cracker, was pathetic — no match for HRC, who, no matter how she chooses to apply it, has a brain.

I'm so sick of hearing about the rich and the middle class. What about the rest of us?

"Tin soldiers and Nixon comin', we're finally on our own" — Neil Young

The rest of us, well, prisons are overcrowded, and the military is booming. Two ways for the lower classes to become properly institutionalized. But we learn to live by our wits if we're fortunate enough to have them.

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