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Standing Rock Supplies

[Nov 19]

We will be in the parking lot of the community center of Mendocino on Sat. The 19th from 12:30 - 2:30 to collect items. If this time doesn't work for you let us know and we will try to make other arrangements. If you have questions about the supply list call me at 562-882-7709 and I will do my best to answer you. Once you have reviewed the list and gather your items please email me so we know about how much to expect. Also, we found our camper shell - good news yes. But now we need snow chain. It's starting to snow there. So if anyone here has a pair to lend us for the journey. Well let us know. I have a Toyota Tacoma truck 4 wheel drive.

Thank you,

Ricci and Tiffany

Scared Stone Camp Supply List.

  • Batteries aaa and aa
  • Battery packs for charging phones
  • Banners they love to receive banners already made. Ready to go up.
  • Long burning beeswax
  • Winter tents
  • Sub zero sleeping bags
  • Winter coats for very cold weather, good condition only.
  • Long range walker talkies with batteries
  • Cb radios
  • Canvas heavy duty only
  • Heavy duty tarps
  • Tow straps
  • Rope and tie downs
  • Solar charges
  • Fur blankets
  • Cartharts insulated coveralls
  • Gift cards for Lowes, Menards, Amazon, Version, Tesoro gas
  • Fire extinguishers

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