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Immigration Rights

[Jan 17]

Know Your Rights!: a presentation about Immigrant Rights at the Ukiah Library Tuesday, Jan. 17th, 6 pm .

Attorney, Antoinette Gonzalez, about immigration rights & how best to prepare & protect undocumented individuals. She will also share information about potential immigration remedies & about “What’s Next? - Proposed Immigration Relief.” Antoinette Gonzalez is a California licensed attorney & a solo practitioner that enjoys legal advocacy in immigration and nationality law. She is currently a Board Member of the Northern CA Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


  1. Pat Kittle January 15, 2017

    Opposing massively UNSUSTAINABLE immigration is NOT evil.

    Promoting it is supremely hypocritical for anyone with “green” pretenses.

  2. Jim Updegraff January 15, 2017

    What is “UNSUSTAINABLE” immigration? Just what do you mean your comment? NO more people people from Latin America?

  3. Pat Kittle January 15, 2017

    It’s no exaggeration to say AT LEAST a BILLION people would like to move here, AND have lots of kids when they get here.

    Is that OK with you? YES?? Have you thought about what that would mean for the redwood forest, if you even care about such things?

    We’re already seriously over-populated:
    — [ ]

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