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Letters (Feb. 15, 2017)

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Quick comment on the note about the high school teacher accused of inappropriate behavior (AVA, 1/18/2017): You said the teacher should be in jail, but you might want to reconsider. I seem to remember something about the presumption of innocence, due process, and “beyond a reasonable doubt.” You know, all that stuff.

With the current campus rape hysteria young women are being taught that they are in constant danger, even though American schools and universities are actually the safest places in the world for women, and are told that “feeling uncomfortable” equals some kind of assault.

Let’s not forget the Satanic ritual abuse hysteria, and the “recovered memories of sexual abuse” hysteria. How many people’s lives were destroyed by these baseless accusations (made primarily by young women)? Wasn’t there a ritual abuse scare right there in Mendo a while back? How about the guy who got 45-to-life because some teenage girls took off their clothes in his car? Let’s go further back and review the Salem witch trials. Again, hysteria caused by baseless accusations by young girls. Twenty people were executed and five others died in prison.

Check out the sexual assault trial of Jian Ghomeshi in Canada in which the three accusers were proven to have colluded and lied in court, yet there were no consequences for their perjury. Civil rights activist Diana Davison has done a series of YouTube videos detailing this.

We can’t let our instinctive drive to protect women and girls override the foundations of our justice system and the protections of the rights of the accused. No hard evidence? Go home girls, and don’t come back without hard evidence — video recordings showing the incident or equivalent. Eighteen reports does not equal proof — you think teenage girls don’t talk among themselves? If I had to work around teenage girls, I’d be wearing a body cam at all times. We absolutely cannot destroy a man’s life or jail him solely on the basis of “some teenage girls said.” If there is proof, let’s see it. Till then, how about everyone take a deep breath and calm down?

Anyway, re-read To Kill A Mockingbird. Think about the consequences of “listen and believe.” And remember, anyone could be next.

Best Wishes

Name Withheld

La Honda

PS. Please withhold my name. I don’t want to be next!

Ed note: Yeah, of course, but the Point Arena guy seemed more socially handicapped than he was an active perv, and it seems he was fired for that, not criminal misbehavior. In our porn-drenched psycho-society, young people move way too fast for their years, and there are some vicious parents out there who raise vicious children. The Fort Bragg case you refer to was the persecution of a pair of sisters, one of them the mother of a pre-teen female. They were anti-abortion Catholics. Their persecution was instigated and led by mostly female hysterics aided and abetted by some truly stupid police work. (A cop  and some Mendo social workers, morons every one of them, were being bundled off to seminars on the non-existent phenom of Satanist-inspired child molestation. The Orr sisters might well have been killed. The community animus towards them was that intense. As it was, their lives were ruined and the one sister lost custody of her 10-year-old daughter who was placed with older, criminally-oriented children at Trinity School in Ukiah where, of course, she was sexually abused. No one stood up for the Orr sisters. What happened to them was shocking and disgusting, but a perfect example of what can happen when intelligent civil authority takes a hike. I still resent one male Fort Bragg wacko who threatened me over what I wrote about the case. He bought the whole Beelzebub package. (I'm going to dust that story off and reprint it one of these days. It's not only "liberal" Mendoland that's perpetually a beat away from the rattling of chicken bones and voodoo dolls.

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In the Jan 25 AVA I read "Why The Dems Lost," by Clancy Sigal. This blather is typical of the current parroted narrative that over-psychoanalyze, without mentioning the 2,900,000 "popular" vote win of Clinton. That's not a small number. It's huge. To say their votes don’t matter is a theft. Where is their representation? Who speaks for them?

I feel every last one of you "lying news media," who say Trump won the election are complicit in the killing of truth and the covering up of a crime.

A basic bedrock principle of any fair contest, sporting or political, is highest score wins. Why even bother voting, if highest score loses? Then insult to injury, the real winner is then blamed ala, The Big Lie Technique, and truth dies.

Greg Palast reported 75,000 ballots in Michigan, not counted in mainly poor black areas and the "crosscheck" system of legal voter disenfranchisement. Not reported in the mainstream press, or even the AVA.

Wow, in all my 51 years, except for that Bush-Supreme Court ruling, never seen this amount of lies, deceit, treachery and ignorance.

Honesty demands transparency. Legitimate questions remain unanswered. I was not a Clinton supporter, but the Electoral College, constitutionally, failed and we need answers, not stupidity.

Best Regards,

Rob Mahon


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Black-clad thugs smash windows, beat people with sticks, set fires, etc. in an effort to keep somone from speaking at the free speech place. What? No armbands?

Oh no! Someone call the Irony Police! Calling someone a nazi while engaging in nazi-like behavior is a bit much.

Likewise, calling someone fascist, racist, sexist (insert lefty buzzword here), when the guy is evidently a Jewish gay man with a black partner is noteworthy. This effort needs a bit of work to say the least.

Paul Hedges

San Francisco

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Bruce -

This is exactly what I meant by clueless! I didn't expect you to agree with the lawsuit, only that you have a clue about what it's for. Being taxed is not the reason for the lawsuit. I already signed on to taxes as a proponent of Heritage.

The county cheated -- that is the reason for the lawsuit. AI is not a general tax, requiring only a majority; it is a special tax, requiring a 2/3 super-majority. They are jiving us in hopes that nobody will notice and that people like you will not care about constitutional compliance.

You pulled out the standard mantra and didn't look further...perhaps your bias is the problem.

"Millions of tax-free dollars all these years and you want it untaxed on the claim the business is somehow different and the tax laws that apply to everyone else don't apply to you,"

1) We are not saying there should be no taxes for cannabis activity. We're saying it should follow the rules, especially constitutional rules, since they apply to everyone.

2) We do not claim cannabis businesses are "different" and therefore taxes don't apply. We're saying cannabis businesses are the same as every other business & taxes should follow the same rules.

3) We are saying every other tax has passed the 2/3 super-majority voter rule and cannabis taxes should have to do the same.

4) We are saying by the very definition of special taxes being specific -- fixing roads, mental health, fire and emergency medical services, specified by McCowen, Gjerde and Elliott -- that the intent is to pass a special tax that goes into the general fund and must win 66 2/3 of the vote.

5) We are saying come back with a cannabis tax law that applies to the cannabis community and is not in violation of the CA Constitution; only then is the victory yours.

6) There is nothing in the lawsuit that claims or even implies we should not pay our "fair share" of taxes, only that they should be applied constitutionally, equally and fairly. That means following the California Constitution on taxation requirements at the ballot.

Pebs Trippet


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Why does President Tweety Bird frequently display his erect thumbs in public? Is he looking for someone to goose?

And why two thumbs? Is there such a thing as a multiple goose right-left combo?

A word to the wise is sufficient. Don't turn your back on Tweety Bird.

He's the funniest president we've ever had, and his FDR-styled "Fireside Tweets" are looney to the max.

Saturday Night Live's master mimic, Alec Baldwin, is now guaranteed full employment for the next eight years — the only private sector job that President Tweety Bird has created.


Don Morris,


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Dear Editor:

The Sacramento Bee published an article about the spiraling costs of diabetes. Over the past 20 years the cost of insulin has increased 450% after accounting for inflation. There are two types of diabetes: diabetes 1, which is the inability of the body to produce insulin. It occurs in early childhood and daily insulin injections will be required for the life of the patient. Diabetes 2, the most common form of diabetes, typically occurs in adults and is primarily caused by age, obesity, physical inactivity or family history. It can be controlled with diet, exercise and medications to lower blood-glucose levels, but often progresses to require daily insulin injections. The Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012 estimated 30 million Americans had diabetes and another 86 million have pre-diabetes. If current trends continue the CDC estimates by 2050 1 in 3 Americans could have diabetes. In California, 55% of adults either have diagnosed diabetes or blood sugar levels that put them at risk of developing diabetes. These figures include 1 in every 3 adults age 18 to 39. Diabetes tops the nation's list of 155 chronic conditions at $101.4 billion.

A number of reasons are cited for the spiraling costs of diabetes. Supply and demand, health plans do not disclose set prices negotiated with the insulin manufacturers, and prices vary as what insurance you have and the results are different for Medicaid, Medicare, or on private insurance. I would recommend to the readers of this letter, if you have not, you should check your Body Mass Index, BMI, to see if you are overweight or obese. Either way, if you do not want. to develop diabetes 2 get off sugary drinks, junk food and eating on a regular basis at fast food places and chain restaurants and get an exercise regimen. As a sidebar, I would mention President Trump's BMI is obese, stage 2. He is a prime candidate for diabetes 2.

In peace and love,

Jim Updegraff


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Dear Mendo Residents and Readers,

As you can imagine I was repulsed and nauseated to see Noah Lurenhatt rear his ugly head in the January 25 edition of the AVA considering I am two years into a six-year prison sentence Lurenhatt gave me for taking his Volkswagen back in 2015.

Many of you may recall how I was able to provide extensive documentation exposing Lurenhatt as a predatory homosexual police informant that is. I confiscated his car after he offered me $100 to perform a certain sex act on me. Devastated and humiliated at my rejection he dialed 911 and fabricated a story to Ukiah police saying I stole his car at gunpoint.

After a brief investigation by Ukiah police and my legal team it was proved that he was fabricating his story. I eventually agreed to a plea and was sentenced to six years for the short chase I took officers on.

Horrified at the prospect of almost serving life in prison I was scared straight, not wanting anyone else in Mendocino to fall victim to Lurenhatt. I circulated the paperwork in my court case to dozens of residents in both Humboldt and Mendocino Counties.

What almost happened to me was real and horrifying. The whole scenario substantiated through the paperwork I circulated.

Two years later Lurenhatt now lashes out at me in the AVA where he in typically cowardly fashion calls me names. This comes from him in state prison where he once again finds himself. Not at all surprised if there. You know what they say about karma.

Noah Lurenhatt claims he cannot go to Soledad because I put him on my enemy list. This is of course absurd due to the fact that I am not at Soledad, I am in Salinas Valley.!

And in response to his claim that I was Fred arrested in fishnet stockings and a wig, I'm assuming is referring to the transgender disco clothes he left behind in his fannyback in his car. Please take comfort in knowing that part of my plea agreement was a $3 restitution fee I am ordered to reimburse you for what Ukiah police detectives described as your ""work clothes."

In closing I want to thank Mr. Lurenhatt for reaching out to me in the AVA. You are a harsh reminder that I need to enter rehab on release from prison. And if you are in need of a hug when you're released from prison feel free to come see me. And bring your $100 with you. You'll find me driving down State Street in your future girlfriend’s car. Again!

Alan Crow

Salinas Valley State prison

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