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Valley People 7/08/2009

HUNTER JOHN BLOYD, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Bloyd, Navarro, died suddenly in his sleep last week. Graveside services were held for little Hunter at the Studebaker Cemetery, Philo, this morning, Wednesday, July 8th.

LOCAL INTERNET Pioneer Scott Pratt has discontinued his attempts to expand services much beyond the Farrer Building, downtown Boonville. Pratt suggests that persons interested in wireless internet connections check out “This is going to be an incredible service to the Valley,” Pratt says. “They use a system by Motorola called Canopy, far superior technology to anything we now have. I urge everyone to call Seth and get moving on your installation. You will be much happier with their service and I will be relieved to know that you are getting the best service available. If you currently have email addresses feel welcome to continue to use them. Those will not be interrupted.”

A NEW AUTO detailing business has just sprang up in Boonville, started by Quentin Dillman and Willy Schmitt. The new shop is located behind Zub-Zub Ice Cream parlor, where you will see a Boonville Auto Detail sign (BAD for short). The detailers will pick up your car and deliver it anywhere within five miles of Boonville. Presently there is a menu of different varieties of clean your car can be, all ranging from $15-$75. Boonville Auto Detail can be reached at (707) 489-0838 (J.I.)

PETE BOUDOURES of Philo and Ukiah reports that he'll be in court on Friday the 17th of July to begin to answer to charges that he punched Billy Offill, the head basketball coach at Mendocino College, following a heated men's league basketball game at the Shodakai gym north of Ukiah. Boudoures, who was arrested and charged with assault with bail set at $30,000 is represented by attorney Tom Mason of Ukiah. The 25-year-old carpenter says the Sheriff's Department report on the episode failed to include either his or his witnesses versions of events, including an ally of Offill's who took repeated swings at Boudoures.

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at 7, the great blues harmonica man, Curtis Salgado, appears on Maestro Dave Evans' always lively stage at the Navarro Store. Mr. Salgado has played with Carlos Santana and was with the Robert Cray Band for eight years. The following weekend, the Navarro Store presents perennial fave Guitar Shorty on Friday night the 17th and then, ta-da, the next night, Saturday the 18th, the Sub-Dudes, and Maestro Dave advises locals to get their tickets for that one, now, because Sub-Dudes draws dudes and dudettes from far and wide. Dave's afraid locals, if they don't buy tickets in advance, won't be able to squeeze in.

JUST OPENED in Point Arena, Fogeater's Market whose name is inspired by our very own Boontling to identify residents of the Mendocino Coast. Fogeaters Market is located in the old Record Building in the heart of Mendocino County's most attractive little town.

JUSTIN JOHNSTON has been named to the first team small school all-star team, with Jordan Bright garnering second team honors. Player of the Year is Mitch Delfino of Cloverdale who is headed to Cal Berkeley on a baseball scholarship. Delfino is considered a major league prospect, and the best baseball player to come out of Cloverdale since the great TJ Bird and, before Bird, who played with the Colorado Rockies, Rich Rowland who went from Cloverdale to the Detroit Tigers.

ANYONE? On Monday, a 5x8 print rug fell from the back of pick-up on 128 between Boonville and the Brego Winery. Its owner would like to get it back. Please call Fran at (707) 360-8522 if know where it went.

GRANGE GROOVE. The first dance jam was held at the Philo Grange on May 8th to great acclaim. Everyone enjoyed it, and enjoyed it so much the next one will also be at the Grange on Friday night July 17th. According to Bruce Hering, "Dance jam is pretty simple. There's a big room, a DJ playing music, in this case DJ Pete from Philo, and all you have to do is take off your shoes and commence moving around the room any way you want."

LOTS OF POT was pulled up from gardens on deep Mountain View Road last week. The raid team was made up of agents from four different police units, including BLM's narco-squad, COMMET and CAMP and the Department of Justice. In a week of raids, these boys confiscated 97,630 plants from gardens at Cow Mountain east of Ukiah; Feliz and Sheldon Creeks, Hopland; Willits; and Boonville. In the words of Sheriff Allman, "It's literally everywhere."

THE NUT of the prob at KZYX, apart from the nuts besieging the Philo radio station from within and without, is its failure to draw listeners outside its improbable demographic of sedate NPR libs and, and, and whatever the more wild-eyed types are calling themselves these days. The wild-eyes aren't radicals in any traditional sense of that elastic term; they behave more like fascists in that they attempt to shut down the slightest diversion from their inflexible catechisms, which translates as radio as waterboard but seems to pacify them. NPR is basically an audio version of the New York Times, much too conservative for the screechers, but with 24 hours a day of on-air time to fill one would think both groups could be accommodated without cutting either off from their political soma. For years KMFB, with the affable Ed Kowas and the just as affable Lindy Peters acting as hosts, ran a very popular morning call-in show tuned in by people as far from Mendocino as Covelo. KUKI out of Ukiah did the same thing with Tom Waters at the mike. KC Meadows of the Ukiah Daily Journal is an excellent talk show hostess. (Her background is in radio.) She's smart, funny, well-informed, and she knows how to move the nuts and the chronophages along without being rude. Naturally, KZYX managed to alienate her. Mendo people want to talk about local issues and personalities. KZYX needs that kind of daily call-in show if its ever going to grow beyond a small group of wealthy, and insufferably smug liberals — i.e., its present board of directors — and their other bloc of politically active mental cases. Paul Hanson, the remaining news guy at Mendo Public Radio, can talk and even seems to have a sense of humor, historically absent at KZYX. Get him to open up the phone lines every morning with the stipulation that the nut pies get exactly 90 seconds and that's it, which is what the commercial talk shows do, on the off chance the screwballs get past the screener. As a tax-exempt public entity, KZYX belongs to everyone because we all pay for it, and it ought to act like a public entity not some kind of on-air outpatient clinic.

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