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More Hamburg Endorsements

Dan Hamburg is the outstanding candidate for 5th District Supervisor.
He has hands-on experience in local government as a Mendocino County Supervisor and Ukiah Planning Commissioner, as well as nationally as a US Congressman.
Dan's work as an environmentalist over decades has prepared him for working knowledgeably to safeguard the ocean and forests from corporate and federal intrusion.
His work as an educator is well-known, having founded and taught at Mariposa School for 14 years.
This carries over to his interest in national and international politics,
as he offers a free daily email subscription service of informative articles on request.
Dan's grasp of the marijuana issue is far more comprehensive than the other candidates and stems from his assessment that it is good for the county,
both economically and medicinally.
He has special insight into its therapeutic value, having gone through the experience of his wife's survival from cancer and chemotherapy with the help of cannabis, as well as the wrongful arrest and prosecution of his daughter for legally growing a small garden for her mother.
He supports small medical gardens, organized in collectives of close family and friends, carefully following state law under the authority of the Attorney General Guidelines (August 2008).
He co-wrote a Ukiah Daily Journal article in 2009 supporting a land use impacts approach to regulating medical marijuana.
Dan's ultimate perspective includes a regulatory system that incorporates marijuana production into the fabric of the economy, for the express purpose of benefiting the county economically.
Dan Hamburg as Supervisor will give marijuana a fair shake and its rightful place in the county. That is important.
We, the undersigned, support him wholeheartedly.
Dr William Courtney * Maria Brook * Tim Blake * Garnish Daly * Tom Davenport * Kate Magruder *Janie Sheppard* Pebbles Trippet*

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