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Off the Record (May 17, 2017)

GEORGEANN CROSKEY has been appointed by Governor Brown to fill the 3rd District Supervisor's seat vacated by Tom Woodhouse when Woodhouse, who’d stopped showing up for meetings in August of 2015, was forced to resign to cope with his mental illness. His seat has been vacant for nearly a year. Mrs. Croskey is a veterinarian and has served on the Willits School Board. (Boonville people will know Mrs. Croskey from her work as veterinarian for the Boonville Fair.)

PS. The last Governor-appointed Supervisor was the late Marilyn Butcher, the first woman appointed as Mendocino County Supervisor. Butcher was appointed by Governor George Deukmejian back in 1983 to fill a slot vacated by Potter Valley Supervisor Tom Crofoot, who had been appointed to the state’s Administration of Justice Committee of the County Supervisors Association.

A WILLITS READER comments on the Croskey appointment:

Such a slap in the face. One young woman is as good as another, apparently.

Doctor’s daughter (Dr. Tedd Dawson is her father) gets appointed again. Appointed to school board at the end of 2015, now appointed again. No experience running for office at all. Talk about privilege.

Changed voter reg from (what?) to “no party affiliation” in mid-October, as per voter database. She was already looking to get appointed as a supervisor; why would she change her voter registration from Democratic to “no party affiliation” when she was looking to get appointed by a Democratic governor? Pinches was a real independent.

She must be capable and intelligent: served as an officer in the Air Force, a horse vet.

Mother of three young children. Has lived much of her adult life outside of Mendocino County, family returned a few years ago, so it would be hard to believe she’s up to speed on recent issues.

Is she going to try to be a horse doctor, a mom and Third District Supervisor all at once? Seems like that might scant the taxpayers some.

FROM the excitement from local media over the appointment of Georgeanne Croskey you'd think they paid attention to the Supervisors. They don't. No one does except, cough-cough, us here at Boonville's beloved weekly and Jim Shields at the Mendocino County Observer, Laytonville. From our Boonville bunker, we watch the County leadership gavel-to-gavel, and a most dispiriting experience it is, mostly. The average number of people looking in on the Supes when they go live a couple of Tuesdays a month is 7, which is also about the average number of persons sitting in the audience at the meetings, most of them paid to be there as they wait for their turn at the input mike (i.e., local media: a dozen mice whispering to themselves).

IT'S TYPICAL Mendo that a person with no history of local engagement gets the appointment, a person who has no opinions about local politics, has never attended a meeting — a literal blank slate.

THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE, aka anonymous young persons, perhaps even “interns,” made the pick based on whatever — a Tarot toss? — because Mendo, viewed from Sacramento, can't be trusted to govern itself.

HAPPENS everywhere in the county at all levels of government, from school boards to supervisor, with people unknown or known only to a few other strangers already in place, get themselves appointed to this or that public board and wind up making decisions that affect the lives of all of us. And then they disappear, and a few of us wonder, “Who made all those bad decisions, who obligated us to, for instance, big pay for all these CEOs and department heads and their fat, life pensions?"

CYNICISM aside, the selection of Mrs. Croskey, based on her bona fides, seems to be a good one, so count us among the many applauding the Governor's appointment of Mrs. Croskey to the Third District Supervisor seat. What made John Pinches such a standout supervisor was his sole focus on the welfare of Mendocino County. He also opposed crazy spending and was generally a voice for commonsense. Given Mrs. Croskey's varied background, reinforced by her bracing military tour, we get a supervisor outside of, but not necessarily unreasonably hostile to, the flabby, big think, cash and carry, neo-hippie "liberalism" dominant in much of the Mendo population, especially the 4th and 5th districts. We're already thinking of Croskey as Pinches squared, the new improved model.

STAFFERS at Mendocino College are understandably unhappy that college president Arturo Reyes apparently wants to build himself a "presidential suite" in the college library. Appalled faculty point out that if the voters who approved the bond to build the library had known construction would include a pasha-like retreat for the lavishly compensated college leader, it is unlikely that they would have approved it.

BE THERE! Bill Bradd will read from “New Continent of Ghosts,” his latest book, at the Caspar Community Center, Thursday May 25th, 4-6pm. A lively writer with a unique perspective on his adopted land — Bill may still technically be a Canadian — Bradd’s a guy worth listening to.

WHAT’S WRONG at Coast Hospital? This guy for one thing: “… For an update on the status of maternity care, the ICO turned to MCDH CEO Bob Edwards. He seemed the obvious choice, but he refused to be interviewed for this article without being given the opportunity to approve or disapprove the article in advance….”

DOC DOO’S many fans are wondering where the Doc went when he disappeared from the ava’s tumultuous pages. The talented artist, who sometimes goes by Fred Sternkopf, is at home in Caspar, fighting off cancer. All of us who know and admire him are confident Doc can beat it.

THE SAGA of the San Juan continues. It's owner, Rex Gressett, has promised the Noyo Harbor Commission that the legendary, multi-purpose boat will soon be re-floated. (Only two of the unique vessels were built in the 1920s, the other was recently sold for $80,000.) Rex had lived on the San Juan for 15 years when it sank the stormy night of February 16th. For years, the boat has been tied to a dock owned by Paul Katzeff, the entrepreneurial wizard who grew Thanksgiving Coffee from its modest beginnings in the early 1970s as a mom and pop, to a significant Fort Bragg employer and widely distributed quality coffee company. Katzeff and Gressett are presently at loggerheads, but everyone monitoring the San Juan situation is hoping that somehow the boat can be retrieved from the Noyo, and that Gressett will resume amicable relations with his long-time padrone, Katzeff.

ATTENTION PARANOIDS! It's worse than you thought. Have a look at the excellent, two-part Dutch documentary (in English) on Trump’s Russian connections — money laundering, bankruptcy, shady New York real estate deals, blood diamonds, Netanyahu and more. Produced by Dutch TV outlet ZEMBLA. Both are available via youtube. Google “The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump” and look for parts 1 and 2.

Williams, Alcantar

THURSDAY MORNING last week, one Matthew Stephen Williams was charged with 13 counts of interstate gun-running, illegal assault weapons with outlawed banana clips in exchange for Mendocino County’s renowned marijuana. The case also involved one Christian Alfredo Alcantar, who drove an imported British vehicle, a Jaguar, which was to allegedly intended for payment on a cocaine shipment the Mendo growers were supposed to provide… however, it was the Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force – not growers and the two men from Reno were taken into custody. Judge Ann Moorman had set bail at $710,000 for Mr. Williams, and Jonathan Opet of the Office of the Public Defender thought this was excessive. He asked Judge John Behnke to reduce it down to $240,000 which his client could more readily afford so the young scholar of 20 could get back to his studies at a Nevada college where he maintains his 3.0 grade average. Mr. Opet implied that DA David Eyster had “stacked” the bail, and wasn’t being “fair” to his client. “Your honor, the court has the discretion to depart from the bail schedule, and $240,000 is more than enough.” DA Eyster, having pointed out that Mr. Williams was on bail in Reno for a cocaine peddling charge, countered that the safety of our community, against the incursions of interstate gun-runners, was worth more than that, and Judge John Behnke agreed. His Honor reduced the bail to $500,000 and added a search and seizure clause. Attorney Phillip DeJong, for Mr. Alcantar, asked to have his client released on his own recognizance, arguing that he was Mr. William’s “patsy,” but this was not granted; mainly because Eyster pointed out that he, the supposed patsy, had a AR-15 assault rifle and a Glock in the car with him and knew exactly what was going down, his role in it , and the payment he could expect. Alcantar’s bail was reduced to $100,000 and a prelim was set for May 18th at 9:30. (Bruce McEwen)

THE PRESS DEMOCRAT published an omni-outrageous front pager last week about a child suicide, kicking it off with a weasel-lipped, but revealing aside that explains, at least partly, why the kid did it: “Press Democrat Editor’s note: In identifying Sage Schmitt, the Press Democrat has chosen to use feminine pronouns after discussions with Sage’s parents, who used both "they" and feminine pronouns to describe the gender-fluid teen, and to avoid confusion while referring to Sage.” 

Anna 'Sage' Schmitt

THIS DOOMED 14-year-old had clearly been permitted (indulged) to spend unhealthy amounts of time with neurotic, sex-obsessed adults who encouraged her "gender fluidity" at a time of life very few young persons have any idea of their destined sexuality, hence the new fashionable talk about “gender fluidity.” Young people now get way too much third rail sexual input before they can rationally handle it. Given the givens of this lunatic society, children are no longer permitted to be children, and when’s the last time you met a bona fide adult?

FORMER SUPERVISOR NORMAN DEVALL hit the Coast List Serve with this message last week:

"The County is going to bring back the infraction ordinance, hire a “hearing officer” (an attorney or judge), and attempt to bring compliance for all building and zoning violations. This was initiated with the passage of Prop. 64 enabling the County to see an opportunity to clear out hundreds of violations. The Amnesty Program is now over and the County will not consider Clean Slate II.

Who else cares?

This is all going on and will be implemented sometime later in May or June when they hire the Hearing Officer. KZYX news is not paying any attention.

Full compliance means that non-compliant dwellings will be red-tagged and cause a most likely increase in homelessness.

I/We need to bring this to the public’s attention, but thus far, the 4th estate has totally missed the most critical issue of the year in Mendocino County."

ACTUALLY, NORMAN, as you know, the mighty AVA not only cares we asked Supervisor John McCowen to clarify:

"Several things are running together here.

1) The County has adopted a cannabis cultivation ordinance.

2) The County has approved an amnesty program for building code violations so that those who built without permits may come forward, apply, and be approved, without paying the usual penalty of double the normal application fee.

3) Cannabis growers who apply for cultivation permits will be required to address any other code violations, such as structures built without permits, but will be eligible for amnesty and will be able to get a permit to cultivate as long as they are diligently working to resolve the code compliance issues.

4)The County has said it will make enforcement of cannabis regulations a high priority and has adopted new ordinances, hired a consultant experienced in code enforcement and dedicated a deputy county counsel to work on code enforcement full time.

5) The new ordinances provide for an expedited administrative process, utilizing Hearing Officers (attorneys hired on contract, not judges) to make a decision.

6) Violations could be misdemeanors, but that is not new.

7) This has nothing to do with the passage of Prop. 64.

I believe the concern is that there are many non-permitted structures, but also, in many cases they exceed density — that is, only one or two dwelling units may be allowed in certain zoning but there may be four or more hippie shacks and trailers tucked away in the brush. They provide low income housing but also may be health and safety hazards. But no one is going out to hunt these places down. The real issue may be that dope growers who are slumlords will be discouraged from applying for cultivation permits if it also means an end to renting out unpermitted structures. I think what he is getting at is that Clean Slate II would be a way to gain approval for all the currently unpermitted structures that exceed density and could not be otherwise legalized. The amnesty program runs through June 30."

PUBLIC BUREAUCRACIES talk a lot about "strategic thinking,” but I wonder about the command abilities, the strategic thinking of a couple of the police agencies I've seen in action lately.

TWO WEEKS AGO, a suicidal young man hurled himself in front of a bus on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in San Anselmo. Sir Francis Drake is a country lane widened in the 1950s to two lanes each direction to accommodate increasing traffic to go with an increasing population density that soon overwhelmed that one road leading in and out to much of it. (Ironically, Sir Francis Drake himself is lately assumed to have waded ashore about where San Quentin is now located, well to the east of his boulevard.)

THE TRAFFIC on the Sir Francis Drake of today rationally exceeded the carrying capacity of the road years ago as Marin’s 'burbs grew far beyond all reason, its once golden hills becoming a warren of crisscrossing pavement and cul de sacs with thousands of homes sitting like giant boxes of inflammables just waiting for the inevitable summer match. A Marin fireman from the station just down my street told me, "We worry about it all the time. Big fire, narrow roads; it'll be worse here than that big one in Oakland."

ANYWAY, when the kid threw himself into oblivion the other afternoon, it looked like every police car, every fire truck, every emergency services district vehicle from miles around descended on the area where the kid died. The emergency turnout constituted a traffic jam of its own. Traffic was backed up for three hours because the police blocked off all four lanes, which seemed to me unnecessary when the tragedy was confined to two lanes and, not to be harsh about it, the event was not a mystery requiring lengthy detective work, and even the two lanes where the suicide occurred could have been cleared a lot faster. Why the massive turnout of cops, firemen and EMT's? It was nuts and probably an inadvertent dress rehearsal for the mega-confusion certain to occur with a quake or a big fire.

THEN, THURSDAY, just as I happened to be southbound on 101, traffic was halted at Lytton Springs, which began life in the late 19th century as a rural orphanage and is now, I believe, devoted to drug rehab. Thursday, it was to the west of a massive traffic back-up darn near to Cloverdale.

ALL US trapped lemmings inched forward to the Dry Creek turnoff which, even at 6am on a normal weekday morning when I get there every Wednesday to retrieve the AVA from Healdsburg Printing, traffic can back up at what is essentially a three-way junction. If all southbound traffic is diverted on to it on a workday afternoon……?

AT DRY CREEK THURSDAY, 101 southbound was totally shut down and traffic diverted on to Dry Creek, resulting in a nightmarish Healdsburg-wide traffic jam that lasted, according to the news, well into the night. It would have been tactically wiser to simply keep people on 101 until the highway was clear.

AND WHY was southbound 101 closed? Because a couple of murderous remedial readers had driven up on two men driving south on 101 and opened fire on them. The four of them had gotten into some kind of beef at the taco truck parked near Lytton Springs. The gunmen followed their adversaries out onto the highway and bang-bang, wounded two. If the shooting had commenced in the stretch of 101 that transects urbanized Santa Rosa, given the times, it would just be one more chaotic interlude in THE WAY WE LIVE NOW, but drive-bys and the tidy bourgie bastion of Healdsburg have not heretofore computed.

THE CHP had closed down the southbound stretch of 101 from Dry Creek Road to the Westside off-ramp, just about the entire length of adjoining Healdsburg. When I got to Dry Creek I could see uniformed officers in a skirmish line looking for shell casings. But just as I got there, the road was re-opened. Off to the west, I could see cars and diverted big rigs backed up going nowhere on all the side roads in Healdsburg proper.

EMERGENCY RESPONSES should be re-thought. These kinds of endless shut-downs are not, in most cases, necessary. The two I've described didn't require the equivalent of a military company to sort out.


On May 5th, 2017 Jonathan Michael Hoppner, a 24 year old white male from Santa Rosa, arrived at the Mendocino County Sheriff's office to register as a sex offender pursuant to section 290 of the California Penal Code. Hoppner, who is on parole through the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, advised he was moving to an address in Willits. Hoppner was registered as a sex offender on that date. The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office was not notified prior to Hoppner relocating to Mendocino County. Over the days following his initial registration, the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office has learned more about Hoppner and his past convictions. Hoppner is determined to be a "High Risk" sexual offender and the Sheriff's Office wishes to notify the public as a public service announcement. Hoppner's physical address is not releasable based on the crimes he is convicted of, thus only city and zip code is released. (Sheriff’s press release)


ACCORDING to on-line reports, Hoppner, described as “developmentally disabled,” and was sentenced to two years in prison last December for falsely imprisoning and groping two of his mental health monitors in a Santa Rosa motel in April of 2016. Hoppner was involved in this “altercation” with the two women who were monitoring his release as a high-risk sex offender on parole in Sonoma County. The incident occurred at America’s Best Value Inn on Santa Rosa Avenue on April 27, according to prosecutors. Hoppner had been incarcerated for annoying or molesting a child under age 18 and sexual battery, and his past victims included girls and women between 15 and 50. Hoppner was initially located in Petaluma after his release from prison on March 1, 2016. Petaluma police objected to his presence in Petaluma and notified the public of his release. Court records show his sexual offenses date back to 2013. A misdemeanor count of battery related to the motel incident was dismissed in Sonoma County Superior Court in May of 2016.

THIS GUY is not a chomo. His prob seems to be what might be called "unwanted sexual advances pursued on into fondling." Acquaintances and strangers alike. Hoppner’s been in prison for groping woman ages 15-50.

WOMEN he knows have also had to repel Hoppner. They include the pair of female social workers described above who visited the priapic parolee at his motel in Santa Rosa to evaluate his "progress." I know it's inappropriate to laugh at social workers being groped, or whatever it was that Hoppner did to them, but I laughed. If he can't control himself in the presence of female social workers, why wasn't a man dispatched to check him out? And if he groped the man, well, the Press Democrat could write a story about how Hoppner’s dealing with his “fluid sexuality.”

OR WAS HOPPY being tested by dangling female social workers as experimental sex bait before the sex-starved lummox? Unless social service agencies have suddenly acquired a daring and a subtlety heretofore not known among them, it seems the ladies were on the job, and the lust-crazed Hoppner simply couldn't contain himself.

HOW DANGEROUS is the guy? Well, how dangerous are helping professionals? They've evaluated Hoppner and have determined he can live in a non-lock-up home, which I presume is a kind of halfway house located in Willits. But if he has such precarious impulse control that he sexually grabs his social workers, obviously he should be locked up until he can control himself.

ACTUAL CHILD MOLESTERS are a very small percentage of the perv community. Like most people, I think they should be permanently sequestered. As it presently stands, when convicted child molesters are paroled, they're tightly regulated. At least that's what we're told. And, fortunately, there aren't many of them.

CALIFORNIA has taken a sensible stance on sex offenders, mostly out of necessity when authorities realized that the laws regulating them post-release were so tight that too many pervs, unable to find housing because prospective neighbors were alerted to their presence, became homeless, resulting in a large population of free range sex offenders wandering around without the fixed addresses where police could monitor them.

HOPPNER is a large, active young man. And he’s real dumb. Or, if you prefer, “developmentally disabled.” If he hasn't got a total grip on himself he should not be loose in the community. I doubt that he is loose in Willits. Not totally loose anyway. He's probably in a psych facility, but one that operates more like a non-lock-up adult group home.

THE NEXT STEP UP from groping strangers is raping them. I hope we don't find out how dangerous Hoppner is the hard way.

REMINDS ME of a story from my youth. Hey! Don’t run away. I’ll keep it short. So, way, way back as a kid, maybe age 12, I ran errands and pulled weeds for a little old lady down the street. Her name was Mrs. Nahl. I never saw Mr. Nahl, if there was a Mr. Nahl. Mrs. Nahl was always talking about her son, “Jackie,” and how I reminded her of Jackie “when he was your age.” Mrs. Nahl was perpetually looking forward to Jackie’s homecoming. “Jackie will be home any day now.” One day I heard sirens coming from Mrs. Nahl’s area of the neighborhood. I hurried out to see what was going on. A small crowd was watching a half-dozen large cops fighting to restrain this huge, snarling, biting wild man. Mrs. Nahl was standing off to the side, weeping. “Please don’t hurt him,” she pleaded, “Jackie doesn’t mean any harm.” She never told me, but we all soon knew that Jackie was confined to Napa State Hospital. Occasionally, he was permitted a visit home, but he never got past the first day of a two-day weekend before Mrs. Nahl called the police to take him back.

JUST WHEN you thought the pot regulation picture was coming into focus as Mendo wrapped up its bureaucratically absurd cultivation regs, the pot brigades are now faced with a whole new set of state regs that will overlap and perhaps supersede the County rule book.

A HEARING on the state regs is set for Thursday, May 25 from 1 to 3 PM in the Ukiah Conference Center at 200 South School Street. Up for discussion will be 56 pages of draft regulations with only a 45 day public comment period. It will be interesting to watch county officials meld their unenforceable rules with the state’s equivalently unenforceable regs. The deadline for comments on the Ag Department’s draft regs is Wednesday, June 14, 5 PM.

BOTTOM LINE? Local pot growers will not pay, or be able to pay, the $30-40,000 mordida payoffs to buy themselves bust exemptions. The people who can pay will be outside mega-pot businesses.

SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE Jeanine Nadel has issued another call for grand jurors. Perhaps the largest disincentive for performing this thankless task — doubly thankless in Mendocino County — is the Superior Court itself. Year after year the GJ conscientiously goes about its investigative job only to have this or that department of local government ignore their work, and ignore it in the most cursorily insulting fashion. It might revive the GJ process if the judges themselves didn't tolerate pro forma responses from targeted departments of government. And how about an occasional subpoena to compel answers to legitimate GJ questions?


(1) HOW DID ALL THIS HAPPEN? In many respects, globalization has turned out to be more destructive to the status quo than communism ever was. In its name, nationalism was discarded and derided by ruling elites who had an economically respectable reason to distance themselves from the rest of society and did not see that they were cutting through the branch on which they were sitting. The left never much liked nationalism, suspecting it of being a mask for racism and a diversion from more important social and economic issues. Populist nationalists came to power in country after country as others retreated from nationalism and they filled the vacuum. — Patrick Cockburn

(2) I CAN ONLY SPEAK for my little corner of the world, but here in New Jersey’s wealthiest county (#3 in the nation) it is all coming apart slowly. Those with school age children awake at the ass-crack of dawn. They enter their SUV’s in the heated garage, and the doors close magically behind them so they never have to actually set foot in the real, outside world. Once they have shuttled little Johnny and Janie off to Pre-Care, Pre-School or real schools they crawl down the interstate to their Corporate Masters. Afterward they crawl back home late in the afternoon to pick up and rush their spawn off to sports practices and events before rushing them back to their heated garages and bed. Weekends are sporting events and entertainment and feeble attempts to “relax” and maintain homes that they cannot afford to pay the mortgages on. Our senior population spends most of its time in front of the television and eating meals. Meals and what they eat are very important events for the elderly here, and since they are mostly too tired and or too infirm to do any work anymore, entertainment is about all they can handle. I do not know what those younger folks who do not have children spend their time at, but there are not many of them here, that is for sure. They cannot afford it. Those whose children have grown and are off on their own (or living in the basement) spend most of their time working as many jobs as they can trying to pay off Johnny and Janie’s college debts because the jobs that they have, if any, are minimum wage and part time at best. People just do not have the time to care, at least around here, and our Township is not doing all that well. Abandoned houses are slowly increasing, foreclosures are growing every week, and our tax base is under assault from Tax Appeals on McMansions that are now considered worthless and unsellable. And it all stays below the radar. It is all hidden from view to those SUV rat racers who cannot allow themselves to see the true light of day. I see this all from a frightening prospective being in the local government and having to deal with the financial issue of the entire Township. My calls take me all over this community and I am developing the picture that none but a few care and none will deal with problems until it is too late to do so. I hope things are better off in many other places across this once Great Nation, because from where I see things, they are not only NOT GOOD, there is NO HOPE of correction.

(3) MICHAEL FLYNN, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone, Jeff Sessions, JD Gordon, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., Michael Cohen, Erik Prince, Alfa Bank, Rex Tillerson, Wilbur Ross, Betsy DeVos, Felix Sater, Vitaly Churkin, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov. … Why does 45 have so many connections with Russia? He was warned several times about hiring Flynn because Flynn could be blackmailed. Then when Trump decided to fire Flynn, why did it take Trump 18 days to finally say “you’re fired”? So much incompetence. Don’t hire a business man golf player to run a government.

(4) IT IS ALL FARCE and has been for many decades now as you do well to point out. There are two main reasons that the system will never recover and cannot ever get any better. The first is that there are NO leaders of character that could ever rise to the level required to make any serious improvements or corrections. The system itself is far too corrupt and degraded to be repaired. The fact that they call themselves “Parties” should tell you all you need to know about their intentions. The second is that there are far too many, and I mean WAY too many Mindless American Idiots that do not vote at all, vote for a candidate based on the color of their tie or the line of happy horseshit that it spews, or vote simply for an “R” or a “D” line because that is the limit of their abilities. Sorry, but Americans are simply no longer able to rule themselves or even smart enough to choose which Sock Puppet will be lifted onto the stage for the next go around at the Show. In the end, what does it matter anyway since the Sock Puppet does not actually rule anyway, the Money Masters do. It may even be in all of our best interests if They simply appoint the next Sock Puppet so that things go smoothly even if in the wrong direction. In the end, slavery for the masses is the final destination and the people will even beg for it I assure you. There is a certain comfort in being subjugated for after all they will never have to think again and it is clear that having to think is something that bothers them anyway. Bring it on, they will embrace it.

(5) WHAT DOES THIS SAY about the level of intelligence and wisdom in our society? The lack of reason, logic and decent character in the body politic means that there is no hope for reform and renewal. We are being entertained to death while the “media” feed on our corpse. Story – Taiwanese went to Nicaragua to teach farmers to grow their new papaya plant. The Taiwanese instructor told a young man to cut each leaf of the plant in half with scissors. At the next stop, he didn’t so instruct the students. When asked why he asked one to cut the leaves and not the second, he answered that the first group was lazy and needed something to do. Now we have a clue as to why the Chinese are taking over.

(6) JUST TO PICK ONE as an example, I find it perfectly acceptable that Bruce Jenner calls himself a woman or identifies as a woman. I would offer that he has the right to his feelings. However, by the same set of standards, I have the right to reject his opinions in favor of my own and to consider him to be not a woman but a horribly disfigured man. So, good on personal identity everywhere – to each her own ~ as long as some twit doesn’t come along and attempt to coerce me into abdicating my goofy position in favor of someone else’s goofy position. I might want to be a tree tomorrow.

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