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Aaron Vargas’s Letter from San Quentin


Hello friends of the AVA and enemies who love to enquire within. After reading the June 30, AVA, I must wonder how Meredith Lintott received about 38% of the votes? Sure, she has a tough job, but after filing bankruptcy she clearly shows another example of poor management. No wonder the DA's office needs more money. But really, honestly, how can you live here in Mendocino County and file for bankruptcy when making around a total of around $200,000 a year? Poor thing.

Mr. Eyster, if I could vote, you'd get mine, not because you're a man -- some people may argue that. But I don't like men in the sexual aspect. You just seem like you have a good work ethic and more than enough qualifications for the job. I hope Matt Finnegan chooses to back you.

As for Judge Brown, he gets stuck between Rocks and Hard Places, damned-if-you-do,-damned-if-you-don't, situations all the time. I guess it goes with the territory, but he did put more time and consideration into my case than many people would have. For that, I thank you and I give my word to better myself no matter what the results were. I'm doin' it because a man's word is his word and should always mean more than the blabber people carelessly vomit from Century 21. (I refer to the rumor mills.)

As for Mr. Rexrode, a felony? Really? Losing his American rights over a sometimes legal/sometimes not organic medicine the county is trying to figure out how to make money off of legally? Grapes are also legal to grow, and sucking up all the water from the rivers that the fish "used" to live in. Then they turn the grapes into booze which causes more deaths than any other drug. You shoulda been a teacher, Mr. Rexrode.

To Freda Moon: I think you're wonderful, a first-rate journalist, great articles in Sunset. The basis for any aspiring journalist is a good old-fashioned hard-working, down in muck, story-seeking hand. Heck, if detectives were like you, the world would be a better place.

To my family: I love you all. Leo, I owe you a garage, crazy.

Selena, you helped bring me to a place in life that I never thought I'd find. You're one wonderful human being. I thank you. I love you, honey.

Mindy, you're just my hero. That's all I can say about that, ok? Enough emotional stuff. There's no crying in prison. Haha.

Well, prison is way better than county jail. The food, though nothing compared to Selena's cooking, is three times better than County Jail. I get to keep my razor so I can shave whenever I want to and we don't eat breakfast at the Buttcrack Off-down.

Mindy, I know you said I shouldn't write to the paper. But hey, we're Ending the Silence. And the shrinks taught me not to hold things inside.

Anyone out there in the AVA world of readers who wishes to vent anything, I'm here to listen. And believe me, I won't judge you. And I know shame.

And to #6475 on the petition list, we're here for you. I can and will help you if you wish.

Empowering people one step at a time,

Aaron Vargas #AD5532

San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin, CA 94964


* * *

Ed note: The petition list Mr. Vargas refers to is at

The text of #6475 is:

Jun 19, 2010, Katie Whitney, California — Please stop punishing Aaron for something that has been punishing him and his family for years....These situations that happen people don't know how to deal with or talk about, I know this because my family is suffering from the same dark tale...I am living through the same situation right know that Aaron and his family are going through....The Fort Bragg Police won't help us, we are stalked daily, restraining orders don't work when the abuser manages to stay in the gray area of the law, until he strikes! By then it's to late for us do anything. The Fort Bragg PD will believe every word from the abuser as the truth....THEREFORE allowing another man to continue to abuse little boys.....It terrifies me, because I am afraid that history will repeat itself.....And there is no help in Mendocino County for those that have been abused, especially if you do not have the "right last name," or money!!


  1. Leah July 10, 2010

    Aaron, you are a hero in my eyes…stay strong …..and true to yourself and your family!!!
    Much love to you
    The Entire David Family!!!

  2. Lauren Housley July 11, 2010

    I understand the frustration that many people have with the apparent lack of help from the justice system. The friends and family of Katlyn Long (died suspciously while with her exboyfriend present) are still waiting for justice over two years after her death. Garett Matson is the only person of interest in the case and he still has not been questioned by the sheriff’s department. It’s hard to not want to take the law in your own hands when you feel like nobody can do anything to make this guy talk. Yet we still wait and hope. My biggest fear is that the only way we will get justice is when he does this again to some other young women.

    • Wanda Jordan-Hix July 29, 2010

      Aaron; God only knows your apparent suffering at the hands of this animal and I commend you for ending that suffering. Had you not ended it the way you did there is no telling how many more victims there would have been. No telling how many there were before you. I am so sorry that this happened to you; I am also a victim of child sexual abuse and I can relate to the rage,humiliation,degradation and fear that you undoubtably suffered for so long. God will give you the
      grace and peace that you need to get throuhh the next phase of your life which iscompletetion of the jail sentence that was so unfairly given in my opinion. They should have given you a medal and hailed you as a hero for saving so many children fron the same fate that you suffered. God bless you and always keep you!

    • Aaron Mitchell August 2, 2010

      You hit the nail right on the head there Lauren. This county is full of miscarriages of justice because the victims were not connected and the suspects were! Time after time “Mendo Justice” rears it’s head and cases like Kaitlyn Long and the poor girl that Garret Matson killed. I wish my family was wealthy and influential so I could operate with impunity. There are at least three judges in Mendocino that could easily be investigated but this state is broke so until we can afford to – we have to put up with our own local flavor of justice…

    • Lisa August 6, 2010

      Let’s not start blaming the Sheriff’s Office for not interviewing Garrett Matson. You cannot make someone speak. We ALL know he has something to do with this, but LE must follow the law also.

  3. Aaron Mitchell August 2, 2010

    You’ll be out before you know it Aaron. Aside from my deepest heartfelt thanks, I should tell you that not a day goes by without your case and the abuse issue being spoken about!

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