Women’s March, Fort Bragg

On January 20, 2018, cities across California and the United States will unite to reaffirm our commitment to building a positive and just future for all, and to celebrate the spirit of resistance efforts over the past year. This day of action is designed to engage and empower all people to support women’s rights, human rights, social and environmental justice, and to encourage participation in 2018 midterm elections. HEAR OUR VOTE!

We will be marching concurrently with the student-led March for Our Future. Everyone is welcome at these marches.

Route: Gather at Fort Bragg Town Hall and march through downtown, with a rally and program at Bainbridge Park, rain or shine. Start time is 11:00 am.

Hosted by Christie Olson Day and Vicki Conrad:

One Response to "Women’s March, Fort Bragg"

  1. Pat Kittle   January 7, 2018 at 11:34 am

    You’d think “environmental justice” would mean “justice for the environment.”

    But it doesn’t. SJW’s long ago co-opted the environmental movement to the point where “environmental justice” means “justice for (a given group of) humans.”

    Let’s say the proposed site for a new toxic waste dump is near a “community of color.” “Community organizers” vehemently denounce it as a genocidal racist elitist violation of environmental justice.

    If the same proposed dump is then relocated in the heart of an ancient redwood forest, the same protesters would consider that a righteous victory for “environmental justice.”

    Whatever else it may be, it is NOT “environmental justice.”


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