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Sports Notes

Sports Notes

The SF 49ers are loaded and should win the weak NFC West Division. They are the odds-on favorite to win the NFC West and have a reasonable shot at winning their conference and reaching the Super Bowl. But they’re a 50-1 shot to win the Super Bowl, which means the pros believe that the AFC is the stronger league for the season.

49er Coach Mike Singletary had a very good draft but I think it could have been a great draft had the 49ers chosen W.R. Dez Bryant with their second pick in the first round of the draft. It is an awkward statement to make now because O.G. Lupati appears to be a road grader lineman who is a wonderful asset to the team. Still, Lupati is a guard and Dez Bryant (of the Dallas Cowboys) is one of the super athlete wide receivers like Randy Moss of the Patriots, Larry Fitzgerald of the Car­dinals, and Andre Johnson of the Texans who only seem to drop in from space every six or seven years. Plus Alan Fonaca, a seven-time all-Pro guard was a free agent.

If the 49ers had chosen Dez Bryant, he would have paired with Crabtree as wide outs with Vernon Davis at tight end to form the greatest receiving corps in the pre­sent game. Especially if the 49ers offense became the spread offense in which QB Alex Smith's talents seem best suited. It is also my opinion that Nate Davis, the 49ers third string QB, is the most physically talented young QB in the entire NFL.

Nate Davis is dyslexic and has a special difficulty learning the playbook and expressing the plays to his team in the huddle. If Mike Singletary were Bill Walsh in his brain, he would have a specialist in dyslexia to aid Nate Davis in learning and expressing his knowledge of the pro game to his team.

My ideas about the 49ers draft that are in conflict with the 49er draft are minor nit-picking because they did get Taylor Mays at safety out of USC in the second round who will be terrific, as is R.B. Dixon. But, I would feel an outrageous blunder occurred if they dump Nate Davis without giving him a third year to learn and to play.

Before Viking wide receiver W.R. Sidney Rice went down to hip surgery, I thought the top three NFC teams were the Saints, the 49ers and the Vikings. But now I think the Packers take the place of the Vikings.

I love the way Singletary has brought fire and opti­mism and organization back to the 49ers. But, I hope he stays away from the offensive skill position players. Screaming fire and brimstone at a kick or punt returner is going to cause a fumble. And Ted Ginn may fumble anyway.

Let the season begin!

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