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Please Call The Station And Support Me!


If you believe that our "community" "Public" radio station should not block any voices of people in our communities, especially someone who helped midwife the station 29 years ago, is a Voting Rights Activist and a Progressive Cultural Worker, I ask you for your support. I was a Programmer/Host on kzyx/z for many years, did some very wonderful, radical and intelligent programs, such as DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (each and every year!), Paul Robeson, Leonnard Peltier,  Malcolm X, Women's Herstory, Black Farmers, Black History, Women In Prison, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Indigenous Peoples Day, and so many more educational, informative programs, as well as playing hundreds (thousands?) of hours of Sweet Reggae Music, interviews with hundreds of Reggae Artists and many activists, raised thousands of dollars on pledge drives, was a Team Player, and have supported OUR station financially for 29 years, although admittedly, pledging at the "Low Income Membership Rate" of $25.00, (Yes, they have one!), as I am a Low Income person, but pledging none-the-less at every drive, contributing to The Discussion with thoughtful, intelligent commentary and positive insights.

Now, because they are mad at me, they have blocked my phone number, the 2nd time in the past 6 weeks, so that I am prevented from calling any of their phone numbers, including the pledge drive number, and their Comment Line. Wow.

I feel that this is a Freedom Of Speech issue as well as a Discrimination Issue. If you agree that my voice should be allowed over our Community Radio Station airwaves, I ask you to please support me by emailing Jeff Parker at and Alice W. at, and/or phoning them at 707-894-2324. I have apologized to them for my "sins", whatever they may be, and have requested Mediation with them. I have also attempted to contact the Board of Directors ( to no avail. Is this Democracy and Public Access? I think not. I have been a Mendocino County resident for almost 50 years, so know the history of our region, as well as knowledge about the history of our radio station, since I was there from Day One.

Thank you for your support, if you can offer it. I am glad to speak with anyone on the phone (only a Land Line), at 707-884-4703, let it ring 5 times for my voicemail.

Peace, Love and JUSTICE,



  1. Pat Kittle November 5, 2018

    DJ Sister Yasmin:

    Given the urgency of your appeal (“Support Me!”), I’m guessing you’ve been checking for comments today.

    So far I’m the only one who’s responded. Maybe you’ve seen my previous comment, and choose not to respond. Maybe you’re Black, and are not particularly fond of Whites, especially pale stale males.

    Just guessing.

    Anyway, how’d you manage to piss off the KZYX SJW’s? That must really take some doing. You say you “apologized to them for my ‘sins’, whatever they may be.”

    If that’s an apology it’s a microapology.

  2. Pat Kittle November 5, 2018

    Before I support you I got a question for you.

    Is it OK to say “It’s OK to be White”?

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