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Sheriff’s Log

11/7 12:45am A passerby said he'd seen a bloodied man standing on 128 near Navarro. When an officer arrived to check the man out there was indeed a 36 year old man standing by the road with a gash in his head. The man with the bloody head was from out of the area, and he turned out to be a man with a lengthy arrest history, a Norteño gang guy. Mr. Norteño told the responding officer that he'd been driving alone through The Valley when he spotted a bleeding man standing by the side of 128 near Flynn Creek Road. When Mr. Norteño pulled over to see if he could help the poor fellow darned if the ingrate didn't smack him in the face with a handgun and take Mr. Norteño's car away from him! The responding officer speculated what really happened was Mr. Norteño and his fellow traveler, another gang banger, got in a fight. Mr. Norteño lost the fight and his ride home, and was now stranded somewhere in the middle of wherever, the loser of a dope deal gone bad. He has since disappeared.

11/7 12:24pm A Yorkville resident thought a brown horse visible from the road looked malnourished.

11/7 9:42pm A 33 year old Philo driver was ticketed for speeding.

11/8 Matthew Wayne Griggs, 38, of Navarro was arrested in Boonville for evading a police officer, driving on a suspended license, presenting false registration and violation of probation. Bail was set at $27,500.

11/13 7:45am Jerry Julian Anaya, 18, Navarro, was booked into the County Jail for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Bail was set at $2,500.

11/15 2:12pm Billy Joe Rickman, 37, of Philo, was booked into the County Jail on charges of under the influence, conspiracy of some sort with a gun enhancement. Bail totaled $35,000. (Note: I've known Billy since he was a toddler, and I'm here to say he's a good guy, another good guy enslaved by the speed drug. Everyone who knows him, likes him, and we're all hoping all the time he turns it around for himself.)

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